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The Patent Calculator

You can use out patent calculator to instantly see if you stand to make a big profit. You’ll find our tool is simple and effective and allows you to concentrate on the things that matter, like choosing the correct teams for your bet! You can find it below, so give it a go now!

Try a patent for yourself!

What is a Patent Bet?

A patent bet is a type of system, you can check out our full system bet calculator tool for a deeper understanding. The patent bet uses seven different kinds of bets from three overall events. These consist of three singles, three doubles, and one treble. As you see these combine to make seven overall individual stakes. The beauty of this type of wager is that if one of the seven lets you down, you will still win if the others do too. It’s a great feature and gives you an added layer of security to your bet. However, it does mean things can get complicated when doing the maths.

How to use the Patent Bet Calculator

Using the patent bet calculator is an easy process. However, you have to make sure that you follow the following steps in order to get an accurate prediction of your potential bet. First, you have to be certain the correct bet type is selected, then choose your preferred odds format. As you have three events, you will have three different odds to enter from the corresponding games/races. Then you have to decide what stake you will place per bet. This will then affect your overall return, as the higher the stake the higher your liability. The tool will calculate your potential winnings automatically and you can see your profit in the boxes provided.

A Practical Example

Now we will go into a practical example of using the patent betting calculator. We will use three football games. We have back Tottenham at 1/1, Brighton at 3/1, and Liverpool t 8/11. We decide to put £2 per bet or £14 overall (as there are 7 bets in total). The total return if they all win would be £79.82, for a profit of £65.82. What happens if one bet loses? Let’s say Brighton lost, you’d still win some money, albeit not a lot, with the total return being £14.36, for a profit of £0.36. It demonstrates that this type of bet can still be profitable even if some of the games don’t go as planned. Depending on the odds on offer it represents a great opportunity for the astute gambler.

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Advantages of Using the Calculator

There are innumerable advantages to using the patent returns calculator, none more so than it is quick and easy. What’s more you are able to compare your winnings should one your legs fail. This is a fantastic opportunity to analyse the value of certain selections. You may need to adjust your selections depending on the odds, and this will affect your return. The betting calculator allows you to quickly see what that will be without any hassle of rebuilt your whole bet slip. There are very few disadvantages that arise, the only being you have to manually add the odds from the bookie, but this is a small requirement in comparison to the benefits.

Similar Types of Bet

You may be asking yourself if there are similar ways to the patent to wager, and the short answer is yes. Denominations such as the Trixie system bet are simpler versions, whereas the simplified Yankee bet calculator is more complicated. You have to be pretty knowledgeable to utilise these effectively, and the tools we provide help you on this path.

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