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The Single Calculator

Welcome to our single calculator web application, this is your one-stop shop for calculating payouts and returns on one of the simplest wager types in sports gambling. The returns that you receive from a single are very straight forward, and with this bet type you won’t need much outside of a basic intuition for basic gambling concepts to fully understand it. Check out the application below for a quick breakdown.

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What Is a Single Bet?

This doesn’t really need much explaining but seeing as you’re here already – we may as well go into exactly what a single is. As the name selections, this is a wager that is made on an isolated event, one outcome, a singular selection. Each selection comes with associated odds, if you make an accumulator bet the odds are multiplied together. But in the case of this punt, you just take the odds as they are. The single betting calculator above is a very easy way for you to do that.

How to Use the Single Bet Calculator

The key to using the single returns calculator is knowing the odds levels of the selection that you have in mind. Take the odds from a fractional, decimal or American – and enter them into the calculator. The platform will then calculate your returns and give you a clear overview of exactly what you’re going to get paid. This single returns calculator is a very straight forward piece of math, it takes the stake value and multiplies it by the odds weight. This mechanism is automatic on most quality betting sites, so feel free to go straight over to your bookie and enter the stake amount within the selection you want to calculate.

A Practical Example

Of course, this is a relatively straight forward mechanism that doesn’t require any heavy mathematical machinery. For our calculator, you would simply select the single bet option from the menu and enter your stake amount if you know this already. Then head on over to the sportsbook and choose one market that you want to put a fixed stake on. For example, £15.00 on Team A to beat Team B at odds of (1.75). Copy the odds of the selected market into the calculator. The following calculation will be made by the calculator: stake amount £15.00 multiplied by odds (1.75), and the value returned £26.25 will be your overall payout should the bet win.

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Advantages of Using the Calculator

This single profit calculator is one of the easiest and most effective ways to calculate quickly the amount of money you’ll be due if the single bet you placed is a winner. As we previously mentioned, this is a very simple piece of math. It is the product of the stake and decimal odds. If you are able to complete this calculation in your head, which shouldn’t be too difficult when using powers of 10. But for trickier values, this single bet calculator will be good enough to assist you.

Similar Types of Bet

The single bet is perhaps the most unique that we have available on the bet calculator. It is, of course, the simplest, and the only type that involves one selection.

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