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The Union Jack Trebles Calculator

Welcome to our dedicated union jack trebles calculator. On this page you have the opportunity to work out your profit and compare prices with unparalleled speed. It is a simple and fast way to see what your bet entails. Give it a go now by using our dedicated tool below!

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Try a Union Jack Treble for yourself!

What is a Union Jack Trebles Bet?

A union jack trebles bet is a fantastic little wager. It consists of 8 trebles, from 9 selections. It is named after the union jack due to way these groupings are formed. You lay the bets out from A-I in the form of a 3×3 grid. The grid is used to identify 8 groups by drawing lines horizontally, so that would be ABC, DEF, GHI, vertically, ADG, BEH, CFI, and finally diagonally, AEI, GEC. As you see, depending on where your selection is placed it can appear more often, such as four times in place E, thus it would be astute if your favoured pick was placed here.

How to use the Union Jack Trebles Bet Calculator

Using the union jack trebles bet calculator is very easy. All you need to begin with are your odds of the selections and the stake amount you want to place, everything else is straight forward enough. Add your odds into the appropriate boxes, pay attention to what place on the flag they would be (A-I), as this affects the overall outcome. Finally enter you stake, making sure you have either the total or per bet total depending on which drop-down box you have used. Then, don’t blink, otherwise you’ll miss it! Your total return and total profit should automatically appear for you to see.

A Practical Example

Now, let’s turn our eye to a practical example of using our famed union jack trebles betting calculator. We have 9 selections; we chose football matches for this at odds of 1/1, 4/5, 2/1, 8/11, 4/1, 1/2, 3/1, 6/1 and 2/5. Let’s say we put a stake of £1 per bet, that would be a total stake of £8. Now if all of our selections were to win that would leave us with a massive return of £250.97 and profit of £242.87. However, what happens if a couple of selections lose? Let’s say the 2/1, 4/1, and the 8/11 didn’t come in. We still still be set to win £39.20 with a profit of £31.20, not bad at all, really. This goes to show how useful this tool can be when see the different outcomes.

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  • Live betting supported
  • Great odds on offer
  • Multiple sports markets

Advantages of Using the Calculator

The advantages on offer to using this union jack trebles returns calculator are numerous. From being able to quickly work out your profit without using your brain-power, to being able to change odds and compare prices quickly, it has you covered. All you need are your stake amount and odds levels, and that’s it! Its simplicity is a thing of beauty and it saves so much time you would normally reserve for unwanted mathematics. Check out our highlighted advantages below.

Similar Types of Bet

There are plenty of similar bets to this one, it is made up of a trebles, and there are many other ‘union jack’ bets, depending on the total number of bets and how you form it. It is a complicated one, so you have to be a serious punter to be looking to delve further into it.

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