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The Heinz Flag Calculator

The Heinz Flag calculator you can use below is your ultimate tool for calculating the returns you’ll be due to receive when making a bet of this type. This system bet is not inherently complex and we’ll give you a complete walkthrough of the mechanics going on under the hood when you make a bet of this category at the sportsbook. To jump straight into the action, simply follow our link in the banner below and you’ll have the whole sportsbook at your disposal when planning this Heinz Flag system bet.

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What Is a Heinz Flag Bet?

Using the Heinz Flag returns calculator briefly, you may become familiar as to what exactly is going on here. There are a series of selections that are taken into the system, and they are used to form 87 smaller bets. This is made up of 1 six-fold accumulator, 6 five-folds, 15 four-folds, 20 trebles, 15 doubles and 15 single stakes about bets. It is the last component of this bet that makes it inherently unique from a standard Heinz system bet. But moving forward, this bet and it’s subsequent returns are completely dependent on the outcome of the 15 singles. This component of the system utilises the profit made in one bet to place on the next bet, setting off a chain reaction that can lead to some huge profit capture.

How To Use the Heinz Flag Bet Calculator

The heinz flag profit calculator is one of the simplest tools on the internet that sports betting enthusiasts can use to improve their overview of complex system bets. You’ll need to do your due diligence before placing the bet, and plan exactly the amount of selections that you can make. There are a few obscure cases with this bet, so be sure that you understand the nature of odds levels, and sports betting markets before risking a large sum of money on these markets.

A Practical Example

The heinz flag bet calculator can be deployed in conjunction with many different selections on the sportsbook. You’ll need to have a firm choice of six markets in mind, that do not disqualify each other for being part of the same fixture, for example. Once you have your six markets in mind, extract the odds levels of each market, choose your stake amount and enter the stake into the field at the operator. Bear in mind that this stake amount will be multiplied by 87 times to produce what will be a very large system bet, so be sure that you can afford 87 times the amount you enter into the field for the heinz flag bag.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Calculator

The heinz flag betting calculator has many inherent advantages that can be leveraged against doing this straight on the sportsbook. In this sandbox environment, you don’t have to concern yourself with the risk of losing money, we are purely here to offer you the ability to calculate and forecast how much you stand to make from these bets. Better still, you are able to easily modify the data being entered and evaluate the many different scenarios that will develop from making a bet of this type.

Similar Types of Bet

There are a few extra bet types of this category that are worth mentioning here. The very aptly named Super Heinz Flag calculator, is the most similar. These obscure system bets rely on a vast amount of selections and the optimisation of the single bets that act as a chain on each other to carry over profit into a new bet, it is a fascinating and enticing way to bet if you have not yet tried it.

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