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The Union Jack Round Robin Calculator

On this page you will find our uniquely developed union jack round robin calculator. With this tool you can be sure that you can work out your potential profit in a quick and easy manner. Its simplicity is a thing of beauty and makes the user experience an unparalleled one. Try it out for yourself now!

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What is a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

A union jack round robin bet is a pretty intricate wager. There are nine sections, forming a total of 80 bets. The nine selections are ordered from A-I in the shape of the Union Flag, hence its name. These are then split into 8 trebles, 24 doubles, and 24 up-and-down single stakes about pairs. The position of the selection from A-I affects how they are combined. As you can tell, to work this out on your own would be a significant challenge, even for the most studious of you! It’s a lot to get your head around, but luckily we have just the tool to help you out!

How to ese the Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator

Using our union jack round robin bet calculator is simplicity defined. All you need are the odds of your nine selections and the stake amount – this will be for 80 bets in total so make sure you have enough to cover your liability! Simply add your odds in their respective boxes, choose if they were winners or not, add the stake amount and voila. The return and the profit total are automatically produced, you don’t have to do anything else! It’s absolutely amazing what our developers have done, and this shows you really don’t have to do much to see your information returned to you.

A Practical Example

In order to show you quickly how this union jack round robin betting calculator works we have got a little example for you. We need 9 selections, so we chose basketball games, with odds to win at, 2/1, 4/5, 8/11, 5/4, 4/7, 3/1, 5/1, 1/1, and 3/2. If we chose a stake £0.25 per bet, that would be a total of £20.00, if all our bets won that would be a total return of £171.06, with a total profit of £151.06. If three teams lost, say the 8/11, 4/7, and 5/1 games, we’d still end up with a total return of £42.56, and a profit of £22.56. It just goes to show how great a bet this is!

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Advantages of using the Calculator

The advantages of using the union jack round robin returns calculator is plain for every person to see. The primary one being the fact you will no longer have to spend hours trying to work out your bet, instead it is done for you. This instantaneous gratification is more than enough and means you can spend more time trying to work out who will be a winner on your ticket! What’s more you can quickly compare odds prices and see the differences this makes to your potential return. Simply put, you can find the best prices in order to win more money. It’s great to think about the tool in this way, and we are thankful we can use it for out bet.

Similar Types of Bet

There are some similar types of bets to this one, and there are even some that share similar names. One is called union jack patent and is basically a reduced version of the one featured here. If you do some research, you’ll find there a numerous betting options for you to use.

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