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The Heinz Calculator

Calculating your returns with the heinz calculator makes the whole notion of system bets breakdowns an absolute breeze. With these types of bets, you are combining lots of different types of smaller bets and taking the overall profit that amounts from all your winners and losses. Sometimes it can be difficult to see which selections are having the greatest impact on your bottom line, that is why we have created this tool, and utilise it to effectively bring you the heinz bet broken down.

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What is a Heinz Bet?

The heinz bet is a system bet of six selections that is made up of 15 x doubles, 20 x trebles, 15 x four-fold, 6 x five-fold, and 1 x six-fold. This gives you a total number of 57 separate bets. You simply choose the stake you want to place on each one of these bets, and then see how many of your selections are going to come in. You can usually make a profit if 3.5 of your selections out of 6 return as true. Be careful regarding the odds levels of the individual selections, as the overall payout can be greatly affected with just one selection in the system betting mechanism.

How to use the Heinz Bet Calculator

Using the heinz bet calculator is relatively simple. The first thing you should notice is the intuitive user interface that we have designed on this calculator. This enhanced tool will allow you to configure the calculator to show the payouts for any type of system bet, but as were only discussing the heinz bet right now, let us walk you through that one. The initial step of choosing your 6 selections from the sportsbook is an essential pre-requisite. Once this has been completed, you’ll have the complete knowledge of which bets will make up your heinz bet, and easily be able to calculate the returns of this system bet and how each selection is impacting the overall payout you’ll receive.

A Practical Example

A great practical example of the heinz bet is with weekend football card. The wide variety of matches means that there is plenty of matches available to bet on. You can select 6 teams to win from the weekend card, and you’ll only need to land around 3 of them to make your money back. Considering that most of your selections will be between the 1.5 and 2.5 range in terms of decimal odds levels, it is tricky to forsee exactly what you will get paid if each leg should land or fail. That is why our calcualtor is so effective. Enter each selection into the table with the corresponding odds levels, and you can see an immediate breakdown of where your money is coming from. This will help guide your selection process of each market and make you more succesfull at the sportsbook.

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Advantages of Using the Calculator

The advantages to using the heinz returns calculator are clear and plentiful. The easiest way to figure out if you’re getting top value from the markets that you’ve selected and see if there are any better options for you. With the advantage of knowing the specific weight of each selection, you may find that you become better informed as to where the money is being invested, and how you can effectively circumvent any fluctuations in the market value. Read the following bullet points for a clear description of the advantages of our heinz betting calculator.

Similar Types of Bet

The bets that you can put in the same category as using the heinz profit calculator are of course other system bet types. The closest relative of the heinz bet would in fact be the popular Super Heinz system, which is the same bet with just one more selection. There are many different denominations of the system type of bet, many of which can be compiled and calculated using our betting returns calculator.

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