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The Goliath Flag Calculator

The Goliath Flag calculator is one of the most complex system bet calculators that we have designed for you. This is not a bet for the feint-hearted, and it is highly recommended that you have an expertise in sports betting before attempting to utilise these sorts of bets. If you feel comfortable navigating your way through the many system bets that are available to punters in this modern age, then this review will be your complete guide to the Goliath Flag bet type.

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What Is a Goliath Flag Bet?

The Goliath Flag bet calculator and wager is an enormous combination of bets that combines to produce 303 bets. The 8 initial selections that are chosen from separate sporting events consist of 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds, 1 eight-fold accumulator and 20 single stakes about pairs. With such a large host of selections you stand to make a return should any single selection win. In order to make a profit, it becomes a lot more complicated of course. Depending on how many high-odds to low-odds selections you’ve made, will depend on how much you’ll make.

How To Use the Goliath Flag Bet Calculator

You’ll need to familiar with the mechanics of the sportsbook when entering the realms of Goliath Flag betting calculators. The first thing to do is make 8 selections at the sportsbook and compile the relevant odds levels in the calculator. You’ll then be presented with an approximation on the amount you stand to receive If the system bet comes in. There are of course hundreds of different possibilities for the success of this bet overall but tweaking the selections will demonstrate to you were the main weight of profit being made is coming from. There are indeed many

A Practical Example

The Goliath Flag profit calculator is very easy to set up. You’ll be presented with 8 fields of data entry, that represent each of the individual selections you’ll have made on the sportsbook. If you’re still pondering over the selections and haven’t yet figured out exactly what the bet will be, finalise this before any further action is taken. Now that you have a firm choice of 8 selections, enter each of them with the corresponding odds levels on the sportsbook. The calculator will do all the heavy mathematics in the background and present you immediately with the results of the system bet. All in all, there will be the ability to quickly swap and change out the selections that are not giving satisfactory contributions to the overall success of the bet.

Baseball players
  • High odds levels
  • Many system bets available
  • Rapid withdrawals

Advantages of Using the Calculator

There are plenty of reasons to use our calculator to assist you with your bets. The biggest and most obvious being that you’ll get the complete and quickest overview of what you stand to make if the bet does come in. Overall there are plenty of variables that must be considered before the bet is confirmed. But the strengths and advantages of preparation are undeniable, check out the key positive results of using this tool in the table below.

Similar Types of Bet

The system bets that draw the most comparison to the Goliath Flag returns calculator, are obviously those that sit in a very similar range to this system. There are of course 303 bets that comprise this calculation, but if you’re looking for one of the closest cousins of this bet type, check out the exciting Super Heinz Flag bet type.

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