Here at, we rate the best online betting sites for real money including: sports, and horse racing.  Casino, poker, and most other types of gambling websites included. We review and rate brands we trust using factors we have experienced through our own years of industry experience. We also provide information about bonus offers and information on how to choose where to deposit at based on your own personal wagering preferences. Most importantly, we focus on letting you make your own educated choices.

Using our unique tool (beta version), you can search options based on any factor you choose important – this may include what country you live in, the currency you use, preferred banking options – or a specific sports league or horse racing event.  We prefer to see our visitors use licensed/regulated sites whenever possible, as we rarely see problems arising from companies that operate legally.

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Play with confidence at any place we promote as we have reviewed the best for each category in order to guarantee you only wager at safe and reputable sites.  Reading the information presented here will help you learn about choosing where to bet online, focusing on the following major categories:

  • Sports Betting Sites and online sportsbooks.
  • Horse Racing Betting Sites and greyhounds.
  • Entertainment/Novelty Betting Sites and Politics/Elections.
  • Poker, Casino, and other real money games.

How We Rate The Top Brands

BBS has hand rated each place listed, including only recommend online bookmakers that excel for each category. Our editorial standards are the highest in the industry, using factors and rating criteria we know to be important to players. Through our own personal playing experience we have developed criteria to ensure our visitors are only exposed to the highest quality online gambling sites possible.

These main rating factors include easy depositing, fast withdrawals, value of bonuses and promotions, and a reputation for consistently paying winners.  All while providing friendly, helpful, and reliable customer support. The main considerations when choosing which sites to bet online with are listed below:

  • Easy Depositing
  • Fast Cashouts
  • Competent Support Staff
  • Availability/Accessibility
  • Currencies Accepted
  • Bonuses, Loyalty Rewards, Referral Programs, Free Bets, and other incentivized Promotional Offers
  • Safety and Security
  • Odds And Lines

The Internet is packed with betting sites that offer a variety of options on every major sport in the world. However, some offer extra features that make it easier and more lucrative to make wagers on almost anything that you can think of.

Betting on sports can take a great deal of knowledge of the activity in order to be successful. However, the best online betting sites make it easy to bet on sports, games, politics, celebrities and other markets by offering predictions and articles that you can reference every time you place a wager.

There are a great deal of things to consider when choosing which betting sites deserve your business. Variety, payment options, safety and security and customer service all play an important role.

Real Money Online Betting Information

Online betting sites specialize in accepting wagers on all types of events, some also offer casino games, poker, and other gaming options. While the most popular activities are usually centered around sports, there are also proposition bets and exotics available on topics as diverse as reality shows, celebrity activities, political events and even the stock market.  Horse and dog racing is also extremely popular world wide.

Choosing where to signup at depends a great deal on what your personal preferences are. Remember that, while many bookmakers accept wagers on sporting events, a select few offer substantial options with proposition and exotic bets on events other than major sports.

Top sites accept bets either before or during an event. Some wagers are time sensitive and are required to be placed before an event begins while some can evolve as an event unfolds. For example, you might want to place a point spread wager on the second half of a basketball game.

Rather than closing before the game begins, most bookies will wait until the beginning of the second half to close the option. However, if you were to place a wager on the spread of the entire game, it would need to be placed before the game begins.  Most shops will clearly list their rules for each bet before action closes.

The most popular types of wagers you’ll encounter are listed below:

Attributes Of Premier Betting Websites

An important consideration before accepting any new signup offer is the quality and value of bonuses and promotions that they offered to new (or existing) players. The best offers for new members usually include deposit incentives and free bets, no risk or money back wager options on specific events, and special reduced juice or enhanced odds periods.

It is also important to find a brand that offers an easy to use interface. Global operators feature different odds formats so you can gamble using the one that makes the most sense to you.  The biggest companies accept most currencies and offer an interface translated to many languages.  Finally, safety and security is very important at because you need to know that your money is safe, especially after a big win.

With the variety of choices player have, it can be difficult to choose where to play at. However, it is important to pay attention to features and minimum requirements that are important to you.

Betting online can be a great way to enjoy watching sports events, especially major events such as the World Cup and the Super Bowl.  Taking a punt can add some excitement to an otherwise normal season game, especially if your favorite team isn’t playing.  Soon we plan to add top lists for niche topics, examples would be top minimum deposit sites, or best sites for high stakes bettors.

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