The Best Betting Sites for F1

Formula 1 is another sport that has had a great surge in betting popularity. For some, it’s a great way to increase the fun when watching a Grand Prix on a Sunday, but for others, it’s serious business. Whatever your approach, this page should help serve as an F1 betting guide, covering everything, from odds to any relevant bonuses and promotions. Check below for the results of our best F1 betting sites and read on for everything else you need to know.

The Top 4 Formula 1 Betting Sites
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There’s no straightforward answer to the question of where to get the best F1 odds. It really depends on the race, driver and bet type you are looking at. For this reason, we recommend holding accounts at all our recommended betting sites, so you have the advantage of shopping around before placing a bet. This way, you can also take advantage of all the various welcome bonuses too. Getting your bets in early can help to get a better price. But this also runs the risk of not allowing you to take in to account all factors that could affect a race, such as the track and weather conditions. Generally, we would advise shopping around at the different betting sites after you know your selection, to see which one is offering the best price. I will say that in my experience, William Hill have generally offered competitive odds across all markets.


The beauty here is that the teams and their drivers are competing for one thing, the F1 Championship. There are currently 11 teams, each with 2 cars, with 21 Grand Prix races taking place all over the world. The F1 season starts in March in Melbourne, Australia and ends in Abu Dhabi in November, with races roughly a fortnight apart.

The World’s Most Famous Grand Prixs
Circuit Country Total Distance (km) First Held First Winner
Interlagos São Paulo, Brazil 305.9 1972 Carlos Reutemann
Monza Monza, Italy 306.7 1921 Jules Goux
Albert Park Circuit Melbourne, Australia 307.5 1996 Arthur Waite
Silverstone Northamptonshire, England 306.2 1926 Robert Sénéchal, Louis Wagner
Hungaroring Mogyoród, Hungary 306.6 1985 Tazio Nuvolari
Österreichring  Spielberg, Austria 307.1 1963 Jack Brabham
Monte Carlo Monaco 260.2 1929 William Grover-Williams
Singapore Singapore 308.8 1966 Lee Han Seng
Spa-Francorchamps Spa, Belgium 308 1925 Antonio Ascari
Suzuka Suzuka, Japan 307.5 1963 Peter Warr

Essentially then, we’re betting on these individual races as the markets, but there are also the practice sessions and qualifying races, which determine the position each driver starts in. The practice sessions aren’t too great for betting on, but they do give a good idea of who should do well in qualifying and consequently, in the race itself. Betting who will finish in pole position in qualifying is a very popular F1 bet type, for example.

Virtual Betting

If you need to get your formula 1 betting fix more regularly, then you’ll be relieved to know that the top bookmakers feature virtual F1 races too. Through virtual Formula 1 betting, you can bet on a race every 3-4 minutes while watching the action live. Bet types are restricted to outright result, though some allow you to combine bets as a forecast or tricast too.

How Does Virtual F1 Look with the Betting Sites?
  • virtual f1 betting at bet365The virtual F1 betting arena at bet365 is super slick
  • virtual formula 1 at william hillVirtual betting on F1 at William Hill looks and feels great
  • virtual formula 1 betting at coralThe fantastic virtual F1 betting platform at Coral
  • virtual f1 betting at ladbrokes width=The virtual F1 betting platform at ladbrokes is aesthetic
  • virtual f1 betting at betvictorThe stylish virtual F1 betting platform at BetVictor

The results are computer generated using a predetermined computer algorithm, so there’s not too much in the way of strategy to talk about, but either way, it’s a fun way to get your fix. That’s one of the disadvantages of virtual betting, but due to its 24/7 availability, many people love to bet on virtual formula one racing.

Popular Formula One Betting Markets Explained

There aren’t too many betting markets in Formula 1, but thanks to the rise of the in-play industry, there are an increasing number. We’ve listed some of favourites below, but always check your favourite bookie, as there will usually be more options available.

Outright Betting for the F1 Championship

Drivers win the championship by accumulating the most points over the course of a season. Points are given based on the finishing position in individual races. This outright bet is simply betting on who you think will be the winner of the Championship. So, best to get this one in before the season starts if you want maximum value, but it’s also possible to bet on the eventual overall winner while the season is live. You can also bet outright on the Constructor’s Championship, which is which team will finish top.

Match up

formula 1 raceMatch up bets are popular for adding a bit of variation to the typical f1 betting options. This bet allows you to pick a driver from a group of between 2-6 that will finish highest in the race. There are often many different groups of match up bets per race at the best bookies.

Fastest Lap

A great one to use in-play is the fastest lap bet, where you bet on which driver will complete the fastest lap in the race. We like to give it a few laps to get a feel for things before choosing, but also make sure that you have paid attention to what has happened in qualifying and whose car and tyres are set up to race quickly in the weather conditions. Here’s a pro F1 betting tip: Faster laps are generally set in the later stages of a race, when the cars are carrying less fuel and are therefore lighter and quicker.

Will a Safety Car Feature?

We’ve thrown this one in for the novelty factor, as it’s a simple case of choosing yes or no. The clue is in the name really, with the punter betting on whether he think a safety car will appear during the race. While there’s not too much skill involved in correctly predicting this one, clued up punters will know that in the tougher, tight city tracks, accidents are more likely to occur, so a safety car is therefore more likely to feature. The odds will reflect this though, so as we say, this one is mostly a bit of fun.

Can I Bet on Formula 1 In-Play?

As with most sports nowadays, it is possible to bet on formula live during a race. In fact, many bet types are much more suited to live betting, such as the fastest lap bet we listed above. Unfortunately, few betting sites offer live streams of races due to licensing, but UK punters can usually find the race being shown on TV.

When betting live on F1, it’s important to pay close attention to the race, so streaming is advisable. The bet types offered in the in-play arena rely on watching what’s happening, such as when betting for who will retire first. The strategy behind live Formula One betting works in much the same way as when placing traditional wagers. Do your research, and pay attention to the contributing factors.

Bonus Deals

Even at most of our best F1 betting sites, there often aren’t regular F1 promotions available. However, some bookies will offer special prices or enhanced odds on some bets for big races. Paddy Power are well known for this, so we suggest checking with them at the time of the big Grand Prixs to see if there are any special offers available. But all our featured operators occasionally offer specials for F1, so make sure to check around.

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Alternatively, many F1 betting fans take advantage of the welcome offers almost all bookmakers make. By making bets in accordance with the bonuses’ conditions, it’s possible to see a big percentage increase on your returns. Other bonuses give you free bets or risk free bets, so you can take a gamble and hope it pays off to win big. We’ve dedicated an entire page to everything you need to know about welcome bonuses so check there if you need any extra information.

Formula One Betting Strategies

In truth, most f1 betting strategies rely on a good knowledge of the sport and the accompanying statistics. We find the ESPN website is very useful for F1 stats. Races are won and lost on the smallest factors, so knowing the drivers and their performances inside out can help you make selections accurately. There are some key issues that you should always research however.

All F1 fans should know that grid position is very important in relation to finishing positions. But it’s also key to know how important. For example, pole position on some circuits, such as the low speed, tight city tracks, has resulted in a win up to 80% of the time. But on other tracks, like the high-speed and fast tracks, the stats show that pole position only resulted in a win around a third of the time.

The other important aspects of an F1 betting strategy are available to be researched too. The characteristics of a track may play to a certain team’s strengths or the day’s weather may suit the tyres being used by some teams. Check which drivers typically perform well on each track, rather than blindly following general form.

Other than this, think about which bet type you will employ and which stats will apply to this. For example, the race leader is likely to stay at a steady pace to maintain his lead, whereas a racer further back in the field will be going flat out to make up time. This can result in some long odds winning fastest lap bets, for example.

History & Facts

The history of F1 began in the 1920s and 30s with the Grand Prix Championships of those decades. In 1946, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) was formed, followed by the World Championship in 1950. Despite its small history, there have been some legends of the sport, such as Aryton Senna, Damon Hill or Michael Schumacher, along with some other colourful characters and of course, some betting scandals.

Bernie Ecclestone Settles Bribery Charges

bernie ecclestoneIn 2013, F1 entreprenuer Bernie Ecclestone was charged with bribery relating to the 2005 sale of Formula One. Ecclestone eventually paid a £60m settlement fee in 2014 to have the charges dropped. Ecclestone is the biggest figure in the sport and the case brought lots of attention on formula one.

The 2002 Austrian Grand Prix

formula 1 raceF1 is ultimately a team sport and this has caused some controversial finishes in the past. Like in 2002, when Rubens Barrichello followed his team’s orders to slow down and let teammate Michael Schumacher win the race so he could get maximum points. This race led to  new rules being introduced preventing orders that would affect a race’s outcome.

The Most Expensive F1 Races

the abu dhabi grand prixEach country pays for the honour to host an F1 event. Singapore pays $65m each year, but is only the third highest spender, behind Malaysia and Abu Dhabi. The British grand prix at silverstone is coming into doubt over its hosting costs as the race is said to be becoming financially unfeasible.

Which Is the Best F1 Betting Site?

Hopefully we’ve provided something new for every F1 fan, whether you’re new to wagering on the sport or an experienced punter. In terms of the best Formula One bookmakers, there’s not too much to choose from our top 5 and there are many positives for each of them. But, there must be a winner, and we’ve opted for Ladbrokes, due to its comprehensive coverage of markets, bet types and the occasional price boosts and special bets it offers. For a more complete overview of the markets and wager options available at Ladbrokes, check out the market comparison table over on the main sports betting page.


If you have any questions about formula1 betting, or anything else contained on this site, please feel free to email at

Can I use welcome bonuses on Formula One bets?

All our featured bookmakers allow you to use the sign-up offer in conjunction with bets on F1. However, there are usually restrictions on the minimum odds for contributing bets. These differ between the operators, but are usually around evens. Check the fine print of the welcome bonus to make sure that your selections comply with the criteria.