Top Ice Hockey Betting Sites for UK Bettors

When it comes to action packed, fast-paced and attractive sports to bet on, Ice Hockey betting sites have surely tapped into one of the best out there on the market. The leagues that exist around Europe, and of course North America, play home to the majority of the worlds Ice Hockey teams, and this will be the region of focus throughout this page. For the complete overview of this fantastic sport and the current state of Ice Hockey betting, we have analysed various aspects including live betting, bonuses, markets and history. See below our top picks for where to start of this journey.

The Top 4 Ice Hockey Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites in United States Bonus Offers Highlights Rating Secure Link T&Cs
100% up to $500 19+ 46+ 94.09% 4.9/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
$500 Risk Free Bet 18+ 55+ 94.23% 4.8/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
100% up to $250 20+ 58+ 94.83% 4.7/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
Get $100 in Free Bets 18+ 112+ 94.09% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+

The five operators we have selected in the above table all understand the weight and expectation that the community surrounding Ice Hockey expects. This is more than just a sport, it is a culture that is engrained in frozen winters and ice. The popularity of Ice Hockey in Europe has been growing steadily, and players and fans alike all look up to the biggest tournaments and leagues for entertainment and guidance.

Pick the Highest Odds Money-Line

The odds levels for Ice Hockey matches tend to vary just as much as the score lines do. As you can see below, we have picked out what we consider to be the top 5 divisions in this glorious sport. Then we have refined the odds levels for you on a market, specifically the money-line market. Meaning the team to win the match, including the addition of overtime. There are many variables that go into choosing a betting site to conduct your gambling affairs with, but none is perhaps more important than the amount of money you will receive for your investment.

Average Odds for the Best Ice Hockey Leagues
Betting Site NHL KHL WHL SEL
91.80% 91.28% 91.12% 91.93%
92.09% 89.86% 92.21% 92.43%
89.31% 89.28% 93.37% 91.22%
92.20% 89.36% 92.21% 90.12%
90.88% 90.18% 91.40% 88.12%

Although this review will argue that you shouldn’t look into odds levels too much, they are there for a reason. Especially if you’re a punter that looks to put a bit of firepower behind your speculations, then this is where you should probably pay very close attention when choosing an operator to begin using Ice Hockey betting sites with. The fact remains that there can variations of about 10% between top quality odds levels, and the market back-marker. When betting a serious amount of money, this can really add up and begin to leave a dent in your finances if you’ve left it completely unchecked.

Ice Hockey Divisions from Across the World

It is all well and good featuring the entire fixture line up for the NHL, but what about the various leagues across the world that also show a high level of professional Ice Hockey. Fortunately, there are many bookmakers that share this sentiment and offer a very wide selection of markets for you to enjoy your betting exploits. So, if you’ve grown tired of having very limited options of which leagues you can bet upon, then checkout the 5 operators we have detailed at the top of this page. They all offer something more and can be a great place to monitor the global Ice Hockey arena in general. Check our dedicated NHL betting review for more info.

Ice Hockey Top 4 Sportsbook Markets

Betting markets in Ice Hockey are very often diverse and hard to choose between. You have a series of options that mainly focus around the amount of goals being scored and handicaps over which team will win the game. Bets can become a lot more specific and detailed, some of which we will cover in the sections below. For the top markets that UK punters love to bet on at Ice Hockey, look at our overview.

Total Goals

Goal tender in ice hockeyOne of the best ways to bet on Ice Hockey is by choosing a goals total and backing it over or under. In the majority of NHL matches the benchmark total is 5.5, and you will receive roughly 1.9 (4/5) when playing on this market for most games.

OT Yes/No?

Stick and puck on the iceIce Hockey matches are played over the duration of three 20-minute periods. If the score is tied after the third period, overtime is initiated, which is essentially a golden goal style period. Bet on the possibility of overtime for odds around 4.0 (4/1).

Handicap Betting

Betting odds for ice hockeyIf handicap betting is what you eventually decide upon, then Ice Hockey is very well suited for that. You can bet on teams to win by a clear margin – which doesn’t happen so often, but it is a great way to get a better odds price on your bet.

Money Line

Two players battling for the puckMoney Line can be either 2-way or 3-way. The 2-way bet is essentially choosing the winner, who will win the match. 3-way is the same as 1X2 in football. So here you are betting on the result after 3 periods of play, including the draw.

High Intensity In-Play Ice Hockey Betting

Every sport that has the capability for live betting is better than those that can’t, in our humble opinion. Ice Hockey live betting is just as intense and enjoyable as you can image. The market variability is top-notch, and there are plenty of additional features at the world’s best sportsbooks to keep you completely hooked on this technology. There are streaming services available on a big range of NHL matches if you’re planning on investing money. Take a look at the screenshots below for the best live betting platforms in this sport.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • Ladbrokes ice hockey hubPlenty of betting markets to choose
  • bet365 ice hockey hubEasily the best for quality and odds
  • Smarkets ice hockey hubNew and vibrant exchange bookie
  • 888sport ice hockey hubBeautiful user interface and usability
  • Betfred ice hockey hubA punters bookie with no confusion

The main consideration you have to make when betting on Ice Hockey in-play is on the momentum of the game. Also, you need to be aware of the context in which you are betting. If a certain team already has a sizeable margin, they are unlikely to push on to take more goals, rather they may adopt a more defensive strategy and try to contain to the opposition and not give away any space on the ice. There are many variables and exciting moments in Ice Hockey, which really makes it a tremendous sport that is perfectly moulded toward the live betting arena.

Bonuses and Promotions You Can Receive

As with any sport, you are free to use most of your welcome bonus on staking across the Ice Hockey betting sites markets. Here you’ll be able to fully endorse the biggest and best markets from a whole array of different options. But the most important thing to consider when betting with a bonus is profit potential. You can sometimes cover different eventualities to leave yourself in a position where a pure profit is the only potential outcome. But before you get lost in all of that, checkout the offer we have found for you below, it is one of the biggest on this site and is certainly worth some consideration.

Players in an ice hockey match overlayed by 888sport logo
  • massive welcome offer
  • compatible on all sports
  • easy account creation process
ESSAIBASLicensed by: Government of Gibraltar

Whether you’re just a new player, or somebody looking to extend the reach of your current betting exploits, you should always keep your ear to the ground. In a sport like Ice Hockey, exclusive betting bonuses are admittedly hard to come by. But this shouldn’t demotivate you to pursue this course and try and find the best value for money. There are many great new customers offers that you are more than welcome to utilise on the NHL or any other top league around the country.

Utilising a Ice Hockey Betting Strategy

Adopting the strategy of consensus opinion is something that this reviewer has had great success with when learning ice hockey online betting. There are many reasons to adopt this strategy, firstly the dynamic nature of this sport means that you may not know exactly what the state of the roster is, injuries are common and there are many variables to consider. Consensus opinion tip providers simply take in the predictions of many thousands of people, then produce results that allow you to see what the majority of fans believe will happen across a series of fixtures. With Ice Hockey you can really dive into the form and past fixtures between two teams and extrapolate this data to make an informed prediction, but don’t pursue this too often, or underestimate the value of your gut instinct!

Ice Hockey History and Trivia

Now that you know how to bet on Ice Hockey, and all the top places in which you can go and enjoy that, you’ll probably want to learn a bit more about the intrinsic quality of this sport, and the history that it is covered with. See the main pillars of the Ice Hockey story, the identity of this sport if you will, in the sections below.

The Stanley Cup

The Stanley CupThe Stanley Cup is an absolutely enormous trophy almost 1 meter high, and is the most prestigious trophy in the NHL. It is awarded to the team that wins the play-offs at the end of each season and is something that every Ice Hockey player dreams of.

Hockey Fighting

Two players fighting in ice hockeyWayne Gretzky is one of the greatest sportsmen produced by Canada. Gretzky is largely regarded is the best Ice Hockey player ever and is famous for his quote “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

The Best Player Ever

Wayne GretzkyWayne Gretzky is one of the greatest sportsmen produced by Canada. Gretzky is largely regarded is the best Ice Hockey player ever and is famous for his quote “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

There are a few reasons Ice Hockey has taken the world by storm in recent decades. Namely the improvement of the sport and the refinement of the culture that surrounds and props it up. The biggest sportsbooks in this day and age fully endorse Ice Hockey, and now is a perfect time to continue and learn more about this fast-paced and exciting sport.

A Thrilling Sport to Bet On

Betting on Ice Hockey is always going to be one of the most active markets at online bookmakers, as well as football and cricket – they both represent huge markets at the bookies. The packed fixture schedule and the ability to bet in-play, live stream, deploy betting strategies and enjoy bonuses make this one of the most popular sub-sections of sports betting, certainly in North America, but more recently in the UK and Europe as well. This is perfect for the modern-day punter, and if you haven’t already, certainly consider signing up at one of the operators at the top of this page. Head back to the home page for more in-depth review on the current state of UK sports betting.


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Can you draw in Ice Hockey?

No, Ice Hockey matches in the NHL and most minor leagues cannot end in a draw. Following a period of overtime, the match will end with a shootout to determine the winner.