Best Snooker Betting Sites for the UK

When it comes to snooker betting sites that offer the punters absolute value and high-quality playing experience. There really is nowhere else you need to look than the table below. Throughout this in-depth and detailed review of snooker betting, we will take you on a journey of all aspects of this classic sport. From the biggest operators serving this market, how to bet in-play on snooker, and the key history points and trivia that you can keep in the back of your mind when setting out on this new adventure.

The Top 2 Snooker Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites in United States Bonus Offers Highlights Rating Secure Link T&Cs
100% up to $500 19+ 46+ 94.09% 4.9/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
Get $100 in Free Bets 18+ 112+ 94.09% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+

Of course, these sites are not the only places that you can enjoy the thrill of snooker betting. There are in fact other very notable inclusions across this whole domain. We have however chosen these operators for the purpose of your benefit. They have all performed exceedingly well under the stringent criteria we asses them and should be your primary consideration for setting up a new account. So why not do that right now, check out one these sportsbooks now, claim a bonus and get started on the snooker markets right away. Otherwise, keep reading as we dive deeper into exactly how this sport ticks.

Find the Best Odds in the Industry

There are so many reasons that we have chosen the top five bookmakers you see at the top of this page. But one of the primary factors was the odds payout levels. Now this is certainly not the key consideration for a majority of snooker betting sites players wager small sums of money, as the differences are minuscule at this scale. But for the high-rollers amongst us, these differences in the percentage you’ll be paid out at can be very significant indeed.

Average Odds for the Best Snooker Tournaments
Betting Site Masters UK Open World Championship European Masters
91.28% 91.68% 92.43% 91.40%
91.79% 89.86% 91.54% 93.30%
90.11% 88.98% 92.65% 90.35%
90.28% 89.36% 91.78% 91.53%
91.36% 90.48% 90.94% 90.28%

We have sampled a few key matches in the snooker calendar and the results you see above are a result of this gradual sampling and data collection that we conducted. In the end, these should serve you merely as a guide, the payout you receive on a specific market and match will most likely vary from our results. But you can be sure that the bookmakers that are performing highly in these tests will be the ones that will perform the strongest over the course of a couple of bets and should be a worthy consideration of yours if big money bets are your thing!

All the Top Competitions Available for Snooker Bettors

As you can see from the table above, we have sampled markets and odds levels from a wide variety of different markets at the best gambling sites. There are so many ways in which you can enjoy the thrill of snooker betting and don’t limit yourself by going into business with a sportsbook that can only offer you a very limited and narrow selection of competitions to bet with. This is against the modern ethos of sports betting, and with so many amazing things going on in this industry, the last thing you should be worrying about is the availability of sports markets.

Choosing the Best Markets for Snooker

There are a few variabilities when it comes to choosing a market to back the snooker match with. Those that should be investigated further have been listed below for you. Take a closer look at each of these and make your judgement about which markets suit you best when setting forth to engage in snooker betting.

To Win the Frame

Cash in coins and notesWinning a frame in snooker results in beating your opponent, plain and simple. Depending on the number of frames being played for, will always be an odd number, in a best of format.


Celebrating snooker playerAn amazing feat for any snooker player. A perfect frame, where the player pots the black after every red ball then all the colours without missing a shot.

Highest Break

The cue ballA break is defined as the cumulative points you have scored without missing a shot, and the highest break can be anywhere from 1 – 147, bet on these number freely.

Frame Betting

The balls lined up for a breakYou can select which frame you’d like to bet on at many operators and decide the likelihood of a player winning that particular part of the match for similar odds of an overall win (when betting pre-match).

The Top Live Snooker Betting Arenas

In-play betting is a concept that was devised for team sports, first initially created by Denise Coates at the beginning of her bet365 empire. The concept also works well for snooker betting. There is plenty of time to watch the game unfold in snooker, but key moments do come and go very randomly and unexpectedly. For that reason, it is not such a well-tuned sport for the live betting arena, but it is still possible.

How Does Live-Streaming Football With the Betting Sites Look?
  • Snooker betting platform at LadbrokesAn exciting and well organised bookie
  • Snooker betting platform at LV BETNew and improved user interface
  • Snooker betting platform at GUTSExcellent user experience and navigation
  • Snooker betting platform at 10BetA comprehensive selection of markets
  • Snooker betting platform at LadbrokesA comprehensive selection of markets

As you can see in the slideshow above, there are several reasons that you should take notice of the biggest live betting platforms for snooker. Most notably is the wide variety of market options that you can choose from are very similar to that of the pre-match markets. If you’re looking to exploit the live betting arena in snooker, then there are certain strategies you can employ. We’ll dive deeper into that a bit more in the sections below.

Plenty of Promotions for Snooker Bettors

If you’re a punter that just can’t get enough of making a bang for your buck, then the bonuses available in snooker will most likely be right up your alley. You’ll be very pleased to know that there are a number of exclusive bonuses that you can claim when betting on snooker markets. Specifically, odds boost for the top players, and insurance offers on multiples. This means that on a packed day of snooker if you pick 5 or so winners and one let you down, there is a chance you will receive your stake back.

The cue ball overlayed by ladbrokes logo
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  • claim this exciting offer
  • get paid out instantly
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The offer that you can see above is one of the finest on the market for a bookmaker that is so prominent in the snooker betting scene. You can immediately deploy this bonus on any market of any sport you wish, but for snooker betting these can come in particularly handy. There are several conditions that you must fulfil before going completely free with this bonus, so be sure to head over to them now, create an account and make a qualifying deposit. Once your bet is in-play, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of this generous offer.

Snooker Betting Strategy to Help You Win

To come out on top in any complex sport, as a player, punter or manager – you have to have a well-planned strategy. Focus and timing are crucial for anybody who wants to understand how to bet on snooker. There are a number of ways you can prepare yourself for snooker betting, one of the most effective is knowing the sport you’re getting involved in to begin with. Don’t go in blind. Always realise that you’re jumping into a sport that has all of the hallmarks of a gambling friendly game. Two players, a score, and a battle that is waged over the course of several hours. All eventualities can be bet upon and you need only spot that perfect window of opportunity to deploy your strategy and capitalise. Do your due diligence on each and every fixture and watch for a disparity in the odds levels.

History of the Great Classic Sport

Now that you understand the gravity of this immense classic sport and the wonder of snooker betting sites, it’s time to learn more about the history that makes it so well known. Everyone knows that tennis is a sport draped in tradition. There are many countries around the world that love snooker, from China to England, it is a game of class, skill and precision. One that punters have loved from the early days of its inception.

The Greatest Player Ever

Ronnie o SullivanThe undisputed greatest player to ever grace the green cloth. Ronnie ‘the rocket’ O’Sullivan has dominated this sport for over a decade and has plenty of silverware to show for it. The charismatic Englishman is a master of cueing, technique and power.

The Crucible

The CrucibleThe Crucible is the most glorious venue in the sport of snooker. Players only dream of reaching this stage and it is a huge honour to compete in the matches played here. A lowkey and classic venue, it is considered the home of snooker by many.

Early Snooker Matches

Vintage snooker matchSnooker is a game that was conceived many centuries ago, it only became more organised and professional in the past century. In the mid 20th century watching it on black and white was a comical struggle for spectators!

The Perfect Sport for Your Next Sportsbook Venture

This glorious sport is played throughout the world and is a test of wit, mental stamina and technique. Snooker online betting is one of the more specialist ways you can enter the sportsbook, but it is completely accessible and possible for you to find success if you pay attention to the guidance of this article. There are many operators out there that will give you the opportunity to play the markets of snooker, but the top five we have selected are your best bet if you want to have a satisfying and exciting playing experience. If we have peaked your interest, head on back to our home page of the best betting sites in the UK to discover more.


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Is snooker a corrupt sport?

Compared to football, this sport may seem relatively clean. But, there have been a lot of cases of corruption in snooker over the past decade, but it can be considered a very clean and fair sport today. It is particularly difficult to gauge whether a player is purposefully missing a shot because the margins are so small. But the bookmakers utilise data and betting trends to spot any irregularities.