Best Volleyball Betting Sites in the UK Market

There are many reasons why you should sign up today with Volleyball betting sites. Choosing from the esteemed list that you can see below will leave you in a great position going forward. Of course, we didn’t choose the list nonchalantly, a lot of thought and processing went into, more of which we will cover further along in the review. We’ll also touch on topics concerning the live betting arena, how to make the most out of welcome bonuses on this sport market, and finishing off with the facts, stories and trivia that give volleyball such a unique identity in the sporting world.

The Top 2 Volleyball Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites in United States Bonus Offers Highlights Rating Secure Link T&Cs
$500 Risk Free Bet 18+ 55+ 94.23% 4.8/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
100% up to $250 20+ 58+ 94.83% 4.7/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+

The sportsbooks we have outlined above all performed well when considering the large market offering, strong odds, and exciting welcome bonuses. These three key pillars largely drove our decision-making process, so why not jump straight into the action now and grab yourself a unique starter bonus at one of this volleyball online betting. There exclusive welcome offer can be attained by following the link above and complying with their bonus conditions, first deposit, qualifying bet etc.

Search for Quality Odds Levels

Simplifying odds levels so you don’t have to. That is what we have done for you below, after several stringent test the data is fully verifiable. Although over analysing these numbers can be futile, it is important to understand that there are key differences between the services that some operators are able to offer. Those with a much larger financial backing are more likely to press on with a strong odds offering across the entire sportsbook. Whereas those operators that are not so stable, or newly founded, often struggle to match the market leaders when it comes to payout levels. As you can see below, in a sport like those at volleyball betting sites the standard variation of this data set is particularly low, however, in a sport such as football it is more varied.

Average Odds for the Best Volleyball Tournaments
Betting Site FIVB UK Premier League Bundesliga SVM
92.60% 90.68% 90.32% 90.90%
92.09% 89.86% 90.71% 92.70%
89.31% 89.28% 91.57% 90.25%
92.20% 89.36% 91.61% 92.13%
90.88% 90.18% 92.00% 89.18%

As we’ve just said, don’t look into these numbers too intently. They serve merely as a guide for you to judge how these operators stack up against one another. Unless you’re a punter that loves to bet large sums of money on the volleyball – firstly you’ll be hard pressed to find a bookmaker that is going to allow you to make really large bets on a sport with so little betting liquidity, and you’ll only notice the small differences between these odds levels at the higher end of the wagering spectrum. Low-stakers and casual gamblers really needn’t worry about the data above and should use it merely as a ranking mechanism going forward.

A Plentiful Variety of Volleyball Competition

Volleyball at the professional level is steeped in trophies, competitions and leagues. If you’re just starting out and deciding on which bookmaker, you’ll be placing your volleyball bets with, remember that there are so many different options out there and you shouldn’t limit yourself simply to those operators that have just a few different fixtures on their roster. The rest of the ranking mechanisms that you choose when deciding on the sportsbook to bet with are largely secondary to this. Market availability is a huge problem for many of the lower quality sites, and you’ll be pleased to know that the sportsbooks we have selected at the top of this page are all very high-quality.

The Most Popular Volleyball Betting Markets

Now that we have stressed to you the intrinsic importance of choosing a site that can offer you more when it comes to the market availability, we better get into more pressing matters. As in reality there will only be a few markets that you’ll be concerning yourself with, in the beginning. Below we have outlined the most popular betting markets in volleyball, and how to use them.

Highest Scoring Player

A volleyball player about to strike the ballVolleyball is a team sport, and you can choose the player that you think will score the most points for their team. Check the odds levels in high-profile international matches, as this is a high profit-making potential market.

Handicap Betting

Volleyball betting oddsAs volleyball is a sport that is played over several set and includes high ranges of points scoring. The Asian handicap betting model is perfectly applicable and available at any quality operator.

Total Points

Two hands going for the ballVolleyball is a team sport that requires both sides to battle over the points. You can decide how many points you think a particular game will have and bet upon this at a quality operator.

Sportsbooks Supporting Volleyball Betting In-Play

Luckily for fans of the in-play betting service, there are many reasons why the experience is absolutely fantastic with volleyball. Firstly, you have many stoppages in a game like this, allowing for odds re-adjustment and markets to be offered. This timely manner in which the bookmakers can scale their live betting capabilities is perfect for fans and punters alike. Below you can see some examples of what volleyball markets look like at the live arena, many of these markets will be available as soon as the action starts, and you’ll experience the same freedom and flexibility that you witness in the pre-match realm.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • SportNation volleyball platformExcellent user interface and features
  • Betsafe volleyball platformEasy to navigate live portal
  • Grosvenor volleyball platformPerfect place for a beginner
  • MansionBet volleyball platformTop quality odds levels on select markets
  • Betway volleyball platformHuge brand in the sportsbook industry

Although live betting is a vibrant way to bet and the joys of backing a market based off the events happening directly in the match are undeniably enjoyable, there are some pitfalls. Volleyball isn’t always a game where this kind of betting is applicable. Firstly, you have to consider whether it’s worth risking losing the pre-game advantage you have. The odds will be much higher before the action begins, and this is the time when you can truly capitalise on the disparity of lack lustre odds levels setting by the bookies.

Bonuses for Betting on Volleyball

There are numerous ways you can claim yourself a massive bonus when entering the sportsbook. Luckily for fans of the volleyball side of this operation, these welcome bonuses are totally eligible for these markets. So long as you have made your qualifying deposit and bet correctly, you have used a valid payment method, and have an account that has been successfully verified via the KYC checks undertaken by responsible bookmakers, you will be all good to go. See below our favourite welcome offer out of all the top sportsbooks serving the interests of volleyball betting fans.

Volleyball players battling for the ball
  • get a bonus with a huge bookie
  • easy to claim and sign up
  • massive payout rates
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Of course, you may be wondering is there something that I can claim that is specific to volleyball. In most cases, this is completely not possible, there are not enough betting offers surrounding specific sports, let alone a very niche market such as volleyball. But as we have already mentioned, don’t let this stop you from using general sportsbook offers to maximise your profit potential in the first volleyball bets you set out to make.

Incorporating a Volleyball Betting Strategy

There are several sports that you can go into the betting arena with a very blasé attitude, and in most cases, you will be completely fine. But in volleyball, the potential for unexplainable variables, and the unpredictable nature of the game, you need to do some strategizing. Whether your plan is to control the financial commitment you make to these markets, or if you have a more elaborate betting system in mind, make sure you deploy something. The best advice we can give you for how to bet on volleyball is persistence. When going into unfamiliar territory like volleyball betting, don’t get lost in the complexity of the markets, and make sure you limit your staking to begin with, as this is something that can quickly result in huge net losses if you don’t have a smart staking plan.

Trivia and the Story of Volleyball

Now that you have learned everything there is to know about volleyball betting sites, you probably want to discover a bit more about the background, the story, and the trivia that gives volleyball such a unique identity. There are many features that we love about volleyball betting that we can go into in more detail in the sections below.

Early Volleyball Matches

Vintage volleyball matchVolleyball has been a sport that has gripped the attention of the world from a very long time ago. Back in the early 20th century, pilgrims would gather in village town halls in Nordic Europe and play a game that resembled tennis but in the style of football.

Greatest Player Ever

Earvin N’GapethEarvin N’Gapeth, a Frenchman who plays for the Russian club Kazan, is largely regarded as the best player in the world, if not all time. His huge frame and athleticism have gained him a massive reputation and strong fanbase around the world.

The World Champions

Poland volleyball teamVolleyball in Poland received a huge boost at the end of 2018, when Poland beat Brazil in the World Championship final 3 sets to 0 and took the crown. It was a fantastic accomplishment and one that has boosted the sport in Poland.

Now that you have learned some key information around the sport of volleyball, we hope you feel confident enough to unleash your new passion effectively and successfully at the sportsbook. Learn where you can play volleyball and get involved with the action today.

A Great Sport to Discover

There are so many viable reasons to start betting on volleyball today. The sportsbooks we have provided at the top of this page all do a fantastic job of initiating newcomers to their platform and offer some very unique services for the markets of volleyball. In order to give yourself the best chance of making a profit off your new sport, make sure to head to the operators following the link at the top of this page, you will receive a great new customer offer, and the chance to bet immediately on some top-quality volleyball matches. For more in-depth reviews on the current state of UK sports betting in the UK, head on over to our homepage.


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Can a player go under the net?

As with beach volleyball, a player cannot interfere with another player by going underneath the net.