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Best Tennis Betting Sites – Guide for 2021

This page is dedicated to the top table tennis betting sites. For those of you who are interested in the sport, you will be thrilled to know we have developed a page to cater to your wagering needs. We’ll have a look at the best table tennis betting sites, types of markets, odds, and more.

The Top 10 Table Tennis Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites in United States Bonus Offers Highlights Rating Secure Link T&Cs
Up to €30 In Free Bets 31+ 80+ 93.75% 5.0/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €30 In Free Bets 27+ 96+ 94.23% 4.9/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €30 In Free Bets 46+ 1420+ 93.25% 4.8/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €50 In Bet Credits 42+ 88+ 94.25% 4.7/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Get €10 When You Bet €10 26+ 129+ 92.26% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Get €20 In Free Bets 38+ 155+ 92.45% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €150 Welcome Bonus 40+ 161+ 93.80% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €100 100% on First Deposit 29+ 140+ 93.45% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Get €10 When You Bet €15 26+ 129+ 92.26% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €30 In Free Bets 29+ 88+ 94.82% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
A male table tennis player prepares to return a serve to his opponent.

Top 5 Table Tennis Betting Sites

  • πŸ₯‡ Betway βœͺ Our Top Operator βœͺ Best Table Tennis Betting Site
  • πŸ₯ˆ MansionBet βœͺ Great Mobile App βœͺ Top Live Table Tennis Betting Site
  • πŸ₯‰ bet365 βœͺ Top-Notch Livestreaming Platform βœͺ Weekly Offers
  • βœͺ Karamba Sports βœͺ Perfect for Beginners βœͺ Best Welcome Bonus
  • βœͺ LV BET βœͺ New Table Tennis Bookie βœͺ VIP Club Available

If you play with any of the bookies listed, you will be astounded by what you find. They indeed are remarkable operators and are perfect for this sport. Table tennis is a beautiful game, and only the best will do. Now let’s quickly have a look through the best table tennis betting sites and their categories.

Best Table Tennis Betting Sites by Category:
πŸ† Best Table Tennis Betting Site Betway
πŸ’³ Biggest Variety of Payment Options MansionBet
⏱️ Fastest Livestreaming Platform bet365
πŸ”„ Best Table Tennis Bookie VIP Club LV BET
⚑ Top Table Tennis Betting Markets Karamba Sports
πŸ”Ž Most Secure Table Tennis Bookmaker bet365
🎁 Best Welcome Bonus Karamba Sports
🧾 Best for Live Table Tennis Betting MansionBet
πŸ” Top Table Tennis Bookmaker Betway
πŸ†• New Table Tennis Betting Site LV BET

In the following sections, we have detailed the reasons for choosing certain sites and what you should look out for when making a decision. We’ve also gone into detail about the sport’s history to demonstrate what a great game it truly is. Carry on reading for a complete overview!

Table Tennis Betting Odds

It is truly integral to a betting site that they offer the best odds for table tennis betting. Without such high levels, there would be no incentive to play with them. These days, there is so much competition for an online bookie that they need to stand out from the crowd, and this is where they can do that.

Our experts calculated these odds, so you don’t have to. It is a long and arduous process, that we explained on our homepage in detail. A general rule of thumb is you want a higher percentage, as this means you receive more money on your initial investment when you win.

Average Odds for the Best Table Tennis Betting Leagues
Table Tennis Betting Site ITTF World Tour Masters Liga Pro Olympics
92.98% 91.99% 92.11% 91.45%
91.11% 93.06% 91.22% 90.23%
89.89% 90.98% 92.76% 91.67%
90.08% 91.23% 89.87% 92.31%
93.01% 90.09% 92.84% 90.77%

As you see from the table above, most of our bookies have a similar offering. Of course, there are some variations, and if you are betting big, it always pays to extrapolate these differences. Even so, from the ones we chose, there aren’t many differences.

This is mainly because many use similar ways to calculate market prices; thus, there is very little wiggle room. It must be noted that odds can and do fluctuate; therefore, these percentages change. It is always good practice to use our betting calculator and check the differences between prices offered at each bookie before you place a bet.

The Tournaments on Offer

If you are serious about table tennis online betting, you want to have various tournaments to bet on. Luckily, the bookies listed here offer a great range for you to have a cheeky punt on. Naturally, the World Table Tennis Championships, Table Tennis World Cup, the Olympics, ITTF World Tour, European Championships, Europe Top –16, the Asian Championships, and the Asian Games are all covered in full.

There are also some national leagues in China, Germany, Russia, as well as the European Champions League. Of course, depending on the time of the year, then what is on offer will vary. Many competitions take place once a year, or in the case of the Olympics, every four years. The beauty of this wonderful sport is the variation on offer.

There is always something, from various nations and including multiple countries. It is a fast-paced sport, where only the truly gifted athletes survive, and the tournaments really do come thick and fast, and as a result, you have many betting opportunities.

Table Tennis Betting Markets

When it comes down to it, how do you bet on table tennis? What markets are on offer? There are traditional ones, of course, but there are a few others you may not expect. In the three boxes below, we have highlighted some of the most favoured ones that all table tennis punters would use.

In recent years, online bookmakers have expanded their offerings exponentially. With major sports such as tennis betting having upwards of 30 markets per game. Unfortunately, with table tennis, this is not always the case. Only on major events will you find a larger variety and even then, it won’t be as much as the big sports. Even so, there are still some variants that you could pursue. Find them out in the boxes below!

Match Winner

A table tennis player hitting a ballThe most traditional of all the bets, the match winner wager. All you need to do here is predict who will win the match outright. It is similar to all major sporting events and is truly the pinnacle of all wagers. It is easy to do and makes predicting fun!

Handicap by Games

-1 and a table tennis ballA great bet for table tennis fans is the handicap bet. Matches are usually decided by five or seven games, so often the bookie will offer a handicap to one player of +/- 1.5 games. If one is much stronger than the other, this is a good way to boost your odds for the winner.

Over/Under Points

Over/under and a couple of table tennis batsIf you think the match is going to be a high or low scorer, then this is the game for you. Bookies offer a line of points, where you have to predict if there will be that many scored in the entire match. For example, the line may be 75, thus, you need to determine if the players will score that many throughout the duration of the game.

Match Total: Even/Odd

Match total scoreboard in red and blueOne of the quirkiest bets, is the match total bet. You have to predict if the total number of games throughout the sets will be odd or even. Obviously, the odds on offer here aren’t that good and it is seen more as a fun bet, instead of a serious one to invest in.

Table Tennis Live Betting

It is integral that table tennis betting sites cater for a live scene. There is nothing more thrilling than watching the ball ping from one side of the table to another. The tension in the arena is often palpable, and games hinge on the nerves of the player.

Sometimes, you, the punter, can see something turning or changing in a game before it happens. If this occurs, you want the opportunity to exploit your hunch and have a punt on it. Luckily, many operators offer you the chance to do this. You can then place a bet in real-time and watch as it comes to fruition.

In the slideshow below, we have provided you with images of how the live betting scene looks at different operators featured on this page. You will notice how sleek they look, and what’s more, they make the process of placing a bet quick and easy. This is important, as in the live scene, you need to be as fast as possible when placing a wager.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • In-play platform at BetwayCash Out Option Available
  • In-play platform at MansionBetPlace a Bet Easily
  • In-play platform at KarambaEasy to use interface
  • In-play platform at LV BETGreat Markets on Offer

It has to be noted that when playing in a live arena that many of the pre-match markets won’t be available to play on. This is because circumstances do not allow it, as too much information will be relayed and will give you too much of an advantage. Even so, match winner markets remain a great way to play. You can quickly test yourself and see if your intuitions stand firm.

Another great thing you can utilise in the live arena is the cash out option. If you have backed Ma Long to win, and he is doing so, but have the feeling he may fall short, you can utilise this to your advantage and cash out your wager at reduced odds and still secure a profit. It’s a great option to keep in mind next time you find yourself on the live platform.

Great Betting Bonuses

There’s no use talking about the best table tennis betting sites without addressing the most important issues of all. Bonuses. Whenever you are playing, you want to do so with the best. Of course, many sites offer many different promotions, so there is plenty to choose from. Our team of dedicated experts took the time to go through them all and find the one most suited to this incredible sport. Below is one you can genuinely take advantage of.

Table tennis player and a Bwin logo
  • Wonderful Welcome Offer
  • Fantastic Payout Rates
  • Great Market Coverage
IBAS ESSA Licensed by:

If you feel this isn’t the one for you, then you can always check out our dedicated page to the best betting bonuses where you will find a whole host of different offers. Whichever you choose, it is essential that it suits your playing style and needs. Of course, there are very few that are dedicated solely to table tennis betting; however, this does not mean that you cannot use them on the sport. Often times, the general bonuses are available to sport wide, just make sure you read the terms and conditions first.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy

All of you will be wondering what the best table tennis betting strategy is when gambling. How do you go about finding the best wager, and who to back? Well, we are here to tell you that there is no one sure-fire thing, however, a culmination of processes should ensure you have the upper hand when it comes to placing your bet.

The first and most integral thing you should do is check the form guide of the players you plan to bet on. There is no reason to go in blind. Some players such as Ma Long have been utterly dominant in the sport, so it would be hard to bet against them. Even so, Mattias Falck nearly caused an upset, as the 11th ranked player in the world, he finished as runner up in the 2019 World Championships.

Another of the most useful table tennis betting tips is to see how long matches have last in previous rounds and see if the players often go the distance or not. If they do, you can the utilise the over/under bet to your advantage. Small tidbits of information, such as this go a long way, and you can really use your superior knowledge to exploit what is on offer at the bookies.

Interesting Facts and Stats on the Sport

Now that we have everything about table tennis betting, it is time to have a look at something more interesting. In the boxes below, we will delve into some exciting facts, history, and stats on the sport and see how it has evolved over time. These are things that every fan will want to know!

International Table Tennis Federation

International Table Tennis Federation logo The ITTF is the governing body of all the national table tennis associations. It has six federations from around the world and organises many tournaments, including the Word Championships that have taken place since 1926. They also have a ranking system and award points depending on performance in tournaments. As of August 2019, Fan Zhendong was seen as the number one player in the world.

The Mozart of Table Tennis

Jan Ove Waldner silhouette Known as the ‘Mozart of Table Tennis’, Jan-Ove Waldner is regarded as one of the best table tennis stars ever. He is famous in both Sweden and China for his longevity and skill. He played at an elite level for over 30 years and competed in five different Olympics. He is known as ‘the Evergreen Tree’ in China and is truly adored by fans there. His overall technical ability has never been matched, and his skill was a beautiful thing to watch.

Ma Long

Ma Long silhouette Regarded as one of the best table tennis players of all time, he has won every singles title there is to be won and has a career Grand Slam to his name (Olympics, World Championships, World Cup). He has been ranked as number one in the world for a total of 64 months in his career and is the captain of the Chinese National team. He is truly an inspiration and is the ultimate star of the table tennis world.

As you can see, table tennis is a storied sport, with a fantastic history. This small amount of information is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can expect to find a lot more. If you are interested, we’ll encourage you to find out more, and you’ll be surprised at how entertaining the sport really is!

A Top Sport to Bet With

Now you know how to place a wager on table tennis when gambling, we hope you can take this information with you and benefit from it. We have addressed everything you need to know to have a successful punting career. It is a great sport to watch, play, and bet on.

Although it may not be the first sport you think about when it comes to betting, it truly is a remarkable game. With the right knowledge and information, you can really take advantage of and make a profit. It may not be for everyone, but we think it is a great sport to have a wager on for those passionate or interested in it.


Now we have come to the end of this guide, we hope to have answered all the questions you may have had. If not, please send us an email to info@bestbettingsites.com and we will strive to get back to you as soon as possible. Below, you’ll find one of the most asked questions.

πŸ† What are the best table tennis betting sites?

The first thing you need to consider when searching for the best table tennis betting sites is their legal status. All our recommended sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated, offer a large variety of betting markets, and some great bonuses.

🎁 Are there any good bonuses for betting on table tennis?

Yes, there're some excellent bonuses and promotions that can also be used on table tennis. Whether it's a cashback offer or a deposit bonus match, you'll definitely find something to suit your needs. Check out the best table tennis bonus for 2021.

πŸ’° What are the best table tennis betting tips and strategies?

Some of the best table tennis betting tips include getting familiar with all the possible markets, player's form, and the importance of the tournaments. These strategies will increase your chance of winning while wagering on table tennis, but you need to be aware that there's no 100% sure strategy at any sport.

πŸ“ Why do players hold the racket/bat differently?

As there is no official way to hold the bat, several different styles emerged. The two distinct ones being penhold, or the Chinese way, and the shakehand, the Western way. Of course, there is no one way that is ultimately 'better' than the other. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is purely a question of style.