The Best Australian Rules Betting Sites in 2020

Our next stop in our ultimate guide to sports betting is Australian Rules. A sport that might be unfamiliar with many of our visitors, Australian football or Aussie Rules is, however, a sport that has gained popularity over the last few years. A combination of football, rugby, Gaelic football, Australian Rules in a spectator’s dream due to the level of action. The surge of interest in the sport has also meant an increase in punters looking for Australian Rules betting sites. This is where we excel, we know the bookies better than anyone else, and we research the numbers to find you the best possible deal for Australian Rules betting.

The Top 4 Australian Rules Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites in United States Bonus Offers Highlights Rating Secure Link T&Cs
100% up to $500 19+ 46+ 94.09% 4.9/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
$500 Risk Free Bet 18+ 55+ 94.23% 4.8/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
100% up to $250 20+ 58+ 94.83% 4.7/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
Get $100 in Free Bets 18+ 112+ 94.09% 4.6/5 Visit Site! Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+

Our detailed review of the Aussie Rules betting sites features well-known brands 888sport, Ladbrokes and LV BET. As not all bookmakers offer Australian Rules football, we also introduce a few companies you may not be so familiar with, Karamba and Fansbet. As all our featured bookmakers are all licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, you can bet with confidence whoever you choose. In the next sections, we will compare the five chosen bookmakers, assess the odds they offer and explore the different leagues and markets you can bet on. We will share some interesting facts about Australian Rules, and in the final section, we declare who is our Australian Rules betting site of choice.

Australian Rules Betting Odds

Odds are always going to be the headline difference between sites. After all, the more generous the odds, the more money we can potentially gain. Even a slight difference in odds can make a big difference, especially in the long run. The odds also enable us to work out how much profit a bookmaker is likely to earn from a market, and some bookies offer better odds for some leagues than others.

To check the value for money that the bookies offer, we have calculated the return to player (RTP) figure on Australian Rules matches. Using four different Australian Rules leagues games and tournaments, we checked the odds that each bookmaker offered for a home win, away win and a draw. We then worked out the amount of return that these odds should theoretically return.

Average Odds for Australian Rules Tournaments
Betting Site Eastern Football League Central Australian Football League Central Highlands Football League Australian Football League
97.38% 96.32% 97.85% 95.13%
96.32% 95.22% 94.42% 95.01%
94.99% 94.33% 98.48% 96.69%
95.92% 93.13% 93.96% 94.32%
93.04% 94.32% 94.03% 97.85%

As you can see from the table above, the odds didn’t vary a great deal between the odds offered at 888sport, Ladbrokes. Karamba and LV BET. 888sport offered the highest return to player figure for two of the markets, but there are better options if you will be betting solely on the Australian Football League.

However, while odds are a good indicator of value, it is only a small part of the overall picture. Is a slightly higher return a price worth paying if the customer care is poor? So, while the value offered is important, it is just one of over 50 ranking criteria that we use in all our bookmaker reviews. You can find a full list of reviews by visiting our homepage.

What Australian Rules Tournaments do the Bookmakers Offer?

With over a hundred leagues in Australia alone, during the season the games come thick and fast, but it’s understandable that UK bookmakers concentrate on the more popular fixtures. The AFL (Australian Football League) is the sport’s most prestigious competition and these matches are available at all our recommended sites. Initially containing just eight teams in 1897, the league now has 18 teams. The fastest-growing area of Australian Rules is the women’s game. Inaugurated in 2017, the AFLW has thirteen teams and is enjoying a surge in popularity both for watching and for betting on.

Common Betting Markets for Australian Rules

While Australian Rules betting is not the most popular market for British punters, those that do bet on the sport have a choice of markets that rivals that of football. In a popular Australian Rules fixture it isn’t uncommon to have over 200 things you can bet on. To illustrate this, at the time of writing Ladbrokes were offering an incredible 184 different bets you can place on the Collingwood v Essendon AFL clash ranging from if Collingwood would win by more than 40 points to what will be the total amount of goals in the 2nd quarter. Here are some of the most popular bets in Australian Rules;

Team to Win

Australian Rules team putting their hands togetherA very easy and straightforward bet in which you are just predicting which team will win. For this type of bet there will only be one of three outcomes. Either the home team wins, the away team win or the game ends in a draw.

An alternative bet is to include the draw with your prediction. So, for example, you can bet that it will either be a home win or a draw. The odds for this prediction will be lower than if you went just for the win, but it does provide insurance.

Over / Under

Australian rules scoreboardAs Australian Rules games can be high scoring affairs, so this makes the over and under market is a very popular bet and the principle is the same as for other sports such as football.

The bookmaker will set a total figure, and all you must do is decide if the score at the end of the game will be above or below this target.

The score total set by the bookie will contain a half, for example, 45.5, this ensures that the score cannot be an exact match. To clarify using the example of 45.5, a score of 46 would be over, and a score of 45 would be under.

Margin Betting

Odds next to an Australian Rules footballSometimes in sport, it’s not a case of who will win but a matter of by how many they will win by. Margin betting is precisely that. You are predicting what the gap in points will be between the teams.

The two most popular markets for margin betting are the 16+ and 25+ bets. As the name suggests, you are predicting there will be either a 16 point or more gap for the 16+ and at least a 25 point difference between the teams for the 25+.

Australian Rules Live Betting

Live betting is, in our view, one of the greatest innovations that have taken place within the online betting scene in decades and has changed how many of us bet. In the not so distant past, once an event started the ‘book’ was closed; therefore, you were relying on what happened in the game before and any team news you may have heard. It used to be frustrating to go to the bookies and back a team to win, only to find out 30 minutes later that the star player is carrying an injury. Live betting lets you avoid this, and now you can watch the action and place bets that reflect what is happening on the pitch.

How Does In-Play Betting Look at the Top Operators?
  • In-play betting at 888sportAustralian rules specialist
  • In-play betting at LadbrokesGreat in-play odds
  • In-play betting at LV BETGood range of markets
  • In-play betting at KarambaEasy to navigate
  • In-play betting at FansBetGood in-play design

Live betting also introduces a new level of strategy due to bookmakers giving punters the ability to cash-out your bets on selected markets during the game. How many times have you known that a comeback was on the cards and your bet was likely to lose? During the Australian Rules fixture, the bookmaker will offer you an amount to finish your bet early. This changes almost constantly and could see you make a profit or loss on your original stake. If your team started well and took the lead, but now are tiring, do you cut and run for a small profit. Alternatively, your bet is not doing so well and doesn’t look like anything will change on the pitch; it might be worth taking a loss and cashing out to try a different bet.

Bookmaker Bonuses for Australian Rules

Us Brits are a loyal bunch. Whether it’s never changing our energy suppliers or sticking with the same bank for decades, if it’s not broken, we don’t tend to fix it. The same is true with the average punter with Australian Rules online betting; they find one they like and stick with it. And although there is nothing wrong with loyalty, competition between the bookmakers is so intense that they all offer incentives for you to join them. Taking advantage of these deals can boost your initial bankroll and give you the best chance of seeing a return. Another advantage of more than one account, is being able to assess different factors between the bookmakers such as odds offered, customer care, payment options and much more.

Australian Rules players and Ladbrokes logo
  • The best for free bets
  • Great for in-play betting
  • Excellent odds
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If you only want to set up one account, then Ladbrokes would be our recommendation as a good all-rounder for Aussie Rules online betting. It only takes £5 to release a £20 bonus, which means it doesn’t take much of a financial commitment to try Ladbrokes for Australian Rules betting. Another reason to try Ladbrokes is the large amount of Australian Rules leagues they feature; all the main competitions are covered as well as many of the more obscure regional events.

Australian Rules Betting Strategy

Having a sound Australian rules betting strategy is important, no matter which sport you are planning on playing on and having good knowledge of the teams involved is rarely wasted. For example, if you know that St Kilda normally starts a game well but tend to tire, in their clash with favourites Sydney Swans, backing St Kilda in the Race to 15 market could prove a clever choice. Another way to take advantage of the fast start would be to back St Kilda to win but cash-out the bet if they take a healthy lead. A tactic we often use is to wait until the favourite team is behind and then back them to take advantage of the enhanced odds.

Trying different bet types is also an effective way of either increasing your pay-out or having more chances to win and sometimes both. Accumulator bets can provide massive returns but have little or no margin of error. Alternatively, there are several coverage bets that will pay a return even if some of your selections fail. You can read more about these bet types and many more by visiting our betting calculator page.

Interesting Australian Rules Facts and Stats

So now you know how to bet on Australian Rules, we hope that our guide should have also given you some ideas on what you’d like to bet on when gambling. In this next section, we are going to have a brief look at the origins of the sport; it’s probably older than you realised! We also find out who was the first Aussie Rules club and who have been the best players in the game.

Australian Rules History

An Australian rules historic gameAustralian Rules has a long history with the first recorded game taking place between Melbourne Grammar school and St Kilda Grammar school in June 1858.

Tom Wills, who was the captain of the Victoria cricket team, was an influential campaigner for the introduction of laws and clubs for this new game of “foot-ball”. Wills wanted a game that cricketers could play in the winter months that wouldn’t cause as many injuries as the rugby variant they were playing.

Australian Rules Teams

An Australian rules old gameIt was Tom Wills himself that captained the first organised senior Australian Rules game in 1858. Such was the popularity of these games that they were also played into the spring.

In May 1859 the first Australian Rules club was founded when Melbourne Football Club was born. To put this date into context, the world’s oldest football club (soccer) is Sheffield FC, they were founded in 1857 so Australian Rules has been played almost as long as football competitively.

Best Australian Rules Player Ever?

Some Australian Rules playersWe all love to debate who is the best player of all time, and Australian Rules fans are no different.

Wayne Carey gets into most people’s top three. Nicknamed “The King”, the 6 ft 4 in centre half-forward scored 727 goals in 272 games for North Melbourne and Adelaide club sides.

“The Little Master”, Gary Ablett Jr is almost guaranteed to get a mention. The three times AFLCA Champion Player of the Year midfielder also helped with scoring, in 341 games he scored 432.

A statue outside Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) shows the reverence that Leigh Matthews is held in. A one-club man, Mathews played for club Hawthorn from 1969 – 1985. He scored an incredible 915 goals in 332 games. He is regarded as the best Australian Rules player of all time.

If we were handing out awards for the best game ever in Australian Rules, then the classic encounter between Essendon and the Kangaroos in 2001 would surely be the winner! Held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the round 16 AFL clash saw the greatest comeback of all-time. Essendon midway into the second quarter was trailing by 69 points. A remarkable fightback saw them claim victory over the Kangaroos by a score of 171 – 159. Now back to the serious stuff, our recommended Aussie Rules bookie!

Australian Rules Betting for UK Punters

Despite Australian Rules not being popular in gambling the UK, the bookmakers offer a surprisingly comprehensive range of both leagues and betting markets. Stat fans will be delighted with the ‘margin of victory’ and the ‘race to’ markets, these are available at all our featured bookmakers.

A surprise omission is the lack of individual player betting markets at any bookmaker. In the UK we are used to betting on a player to score one, two or even a hattrick in football, but these markets are not available for Aussie Rules. This isn’t a big problem for most people but rather irksome if you are an expert in the sport and are unable to back your player.

After considering the odd levels, welcome offer, markets offered, and customer support our recommended Australian Rules bookmaker is 888sport. We found the ease in finding and placing Australian Rules bets made this bookmaker our go-to for the sport. The interface is crisp and clean, and 888sport has a great mobile app for betting on the go.

Questions and Answers about Australian Rules

We love hearing your feedback and suggestions for our site, and if you have any questions regarding Aussie rules betting or any other topic, you are welcome to drop us an email at

How are points scored in Australia Rules games?

There are a few ways to score in Australian Rules. If during the game the ball is kicked between the middle posts, then six points are given. If the ball finds the gap between a goal post and a behind post, then one point is scored. A point is also scored if the ball is carried by a player over the scoring line.