The Sites with the Best Betting Bonuses in Egypt 2021

Although nowadays, the diversity of online betting websites is huge, not all platforms will deliver the absolute best betting sites bonuses. Today, we’ll deliver essential data with respect to the most popular bonus types that are absolutely loved by Egyptian punters. Additionally, we’ll focus heavily on the best betting bonuses in Egypt and their requirements.

Overview of the Best Betting Bonuses in Egypt
Betting Site Betting Bonus Conditions Rating Bonus Link T&Cs
Up to €30 In Free Bets 1.75 7 days 4.9/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to €30 In Free Bets 1.50 7 days 4.8/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to $30 In Bet Credits 1.20 30 days 4.8/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Weekly Offers 2.00 14 days 4.7/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Weekly Offers 2.00 7 days 4.7/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Betting Bonuses

Top 5 Betting Bonuses by Category

  • 🥇 Betway ✪ Amazing Free Bets Offer
  • 🥈 888sport ✪ Great Promotion for New Players
  • 🥉 bet365 ✪ Superb Sports Betting Offers
  • Hopa ✪ Frequent Betting Bonuses
  • MansionBet ✪ Exclusive Weekly Offers

Above, we have presented you with the top remote betting websites in Egypt. All of them have been issued a valid license number by the relevant commissions and authorities. Additionally, they provide huge sports and promotion selections to keep their clients entertained throughout the whole time. As you can see, the welcome bonuses are certainly appealing.

How to Get the Best Betting Sites Offers

If you want to make use of the top bonuses online, you should first find a reliable and secure betting platform. We advise you to choose one or several bookmakers from the list provided at the beginning of this page. There, you’re promised to find the best betting sites offers accessible on the Internet.

Whether you’re a new client, or you’re already familiar with the respective platform, you’ll surely find a bonus offer that will be perfectly suitable for you. For your convenience, we have listed the leading promotions available on each website. Please, keep in mind that there are many more options on each site, so make sure you take a look at the promotion sections.

Our advice is to pick sportsbook bonuses with reasonable terms and conditions. In other words, please, don’t claim offers that have extremely difficult wagering requirements and short validity periods. This way, you risk losing a huge amount of money, time, and effort. The greatest betting site offers have obligations that can be fulfilled by anybody.

Very Important: To avoid any potential confusion, ensure that you’re entirely familiar with a particular bonus’ general conditions before proceeding with claiming it. A huge number of promotions have prerequisites even skilled punters find hard to meet. Please, bear in mind that once you’ve deposited money for a bonus, you will not be able to get it back.

Different Types of Betting Sites Offers Available in Egypt

The numerous bonus types are created to keep all clients exhilarated and amused. Some of the best betting sign up offers include free bets, deposit funds, and incredibly high odds. It’s up to you which one you’ll choose. Certainly one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that all promotions will surely be advantageous for you.

The Best Bonuses for Egyptian Betting Sites
🏆 Best Betting Bonus 2021 bet365
💰 Top Offer for New Players
⚽ Football Promotions 888sport
🔄 Betting Exchange Bonuses Betfair
🎁 Biggest Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Betway
1️⃣ Welcome Bonus on First Bet LV BET
🎫 Free Bet Bonus William Hill
⏳ Long Validity Betting Bonus bet365

The main purpose of this page is to impart you essential information concerning the most prominent bonus types available on many betting websites. In the succeeding paragraphs, you’ll not only find details about twelve of the most likable promotions, but you’ll also learn everything about the strict conditions attached to the various betting sites offers.

Which Type of Sportsbook Bonus is the Best?

All active punters have dissimilar interests when it comes to sports and promotion types. Some like betting on football events and others prefer to take their chances with fighting sports, such as boxing. That’s the reason why all bookmakers strive to provide considerable bonus diversity to all their clients.

This way, anyone will be able to pick a promotion they’ll actually like and appreciate. A few of the most widespread and favored options are deposit bonuses, mobile betting bonuses, enhanced odds offers, and welcome bonuses. In the following table, you can find details about the top bonus types and the bookies delivering the best conditions.

Bonus Type Best For Value Bookmaker Terms:
Deposit Bonus All Players €100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Promo Code All Punters €30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Enhanced Odds Experienced Players 20% Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Accumulator Bonus Proficient Punters Weekly Offers Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Football Betting Bonus Football Fans €30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Tennis Bonus Tennis Fans €50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Bonuses on Other Sports Sports Devotees €30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Virtual Sports Bonus Games Lovers €10 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Mobile Bonus Mobile Users €30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
New Bookies Bonus All Bettors €100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Live Bonus Sports Fans €50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.

As you can see, we’ve managed to find a trustworthy and licensed bookmaker for every bonus type we’ve listed. All websites promise absolute security and protection of all personal data you deliver. Additionally, on each one of them, you’ll find an exciting diversity of different sports, tournaments, promotions, and betting markets.

Welcome Bonuses and Other Offers in All Formats and Forms

The welcome bonus offers are undoubtedly the most popular types of bonuses delivered by the various bookmakers. The reason why they’re so well-known and cherished is that they’re usually extremely advantageous to punters who decide to make use of them. They can grant you different benefits, such as free cash, huge deposit bonuses, and even personal offers.

It’d be best to take a look at several betting platforms before claiming any welcome bonus deal. All bookies deliver unique offers, and you’re very likely to bump into the perfect option for you. All you need to do is spend some time researching and evaluating the numerous propositions online.

The good news is that apart from the welcome bonus offers, on dependable websites you’ll also encounter other promotions available for new and current clients. In the next sections, we’ve emphasized each one of the most prominent bonus types. We greatly encourage you to scrutinize all of them.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses can be encountered on almost every sportsbook. They provide players with certain funds after they make a deposit. When the bonus is oriented towards new clients, it is provided after the newly registered client has made their initial deposit on the platform. Кeep in mind that all bonuses of this type have wagering requirements.

Bonuses with a Promo Code

Bonuses with promo codes reward users with various advantages, such as deposit bonuses or free funds for wagering. A player received the promised benefits after they enter the unique bonus code in a special field. Just like other types of promotions, offers with promo codes also have strict terms and conditions.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a great option for anyone who has zero experience in online betting. The reason why this type of bonus is so suitable for new players is that it does not require any investment to be made by the punter. Usually, the only thing they’re required to do is to register on the particular website.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus allows users to receive part of the wagered money back. Let’s say you’ve placed a bet on an event, but your bet turns out to be unsuccessful. With the great cashback option, you automatically receive part of your wagered sum back, no matter what the game’s outcome is.

Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator bonuses that are also known as acca bonuses, are often released by popular and licensed online bookmakers. Bookies promise to grant users additional rewards if they place certain winning bet types on particular events. The bonus you can get varies, and sometimes it can reach some pretty impressive numbers.

Enhanced Odds Offers

Enhanced odds offers are great for people who are into popular disciplines, such as football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing. Bookmakers increase the odds for certain events from these selections, which increases your chances of winning huge rewards. It’s true that some offers of this type don’t have specific requirements. However, we advise you to always check the general terms and conditions first.

The Best Sports to Bet on

Football Bonuses

Football is one of the most cherished and well-known sports disciplines in the world. That’s why the football sections on the betting websites are often the ones that get the most attention. Bookmakers often introduce football bonuses especially when a prominent tournament is about to take place. They provide great benefits for all football devotees.

Tennis Bonuses

If you like taking advantage of various tennis bonuses, we’re happy to tell you that the most popular and reliable betting websites in Egypt frequently add such offers to their promotion pages. Tennis bonuses often come with several strict obligations, so make sure you go through the whole terms and conditions page.

Virtual Sports Bonuses

If you’ve played fantasy sports, you’ve certainly heard of the extremely popular virtual sports. They’re available on many betting websites and are actually games with predefined odds that use RNG to determine the final result. Many bookies provide clients with special betting bonuses that can be used for betting on such digital sports.

Other Sports Bonuses

If a particular event or tournament is highly anticipated by sports fans, some bookmakers decide to release limited promotions devoted to the particular game or competition. Most of the time, they’re incredibly beneficial, but they also come with stringent terms and conditions. They can provide you with phenomenal payout levels, free funds, tremendous deposit bonuses, and so on.

VIP Promotions

If you’re a proficient bettor who has spent countless hours placing bets on various events, you’ve probably received at least one special offer from your favorite bookmakers. The well-known and quite hard-to-get VIP promotions are given to loyal clients who devote a big part of their everyday life to sports wagering.

Mobile Bonuses

Whenever a bookmaker releases a mobile application, they often launch an exclusive promotion applicable for mobile users only. This way, they engage more customers in downloading their app. The offers usually include cash bonuses and free funds for wagering. We can surely say that this bonus type is less frequently encountered when compared to the rest of the promotions.

New Bookies Offers

New bookies offers are perfect for those of you who like trying out newly released betting websites. All bookies try to captivate more clients to their platforms, and to do this, they launch special welcome bonus offers. These promotions are often incredibly generous and give all new customers a leg up.

Live Betting Bonuses

Thousands of players only choose to join websites that allow for live betting. This feature is well-liked and extremely popular among sports fans. Such platforms deliver exclusive live betting bonuses that can be used for specific games live-streamed on the site. The promotions can be used only after the event has started.

Betting Bonuses Terms and Conditions

No matter how incredible a bonus may seem, you should never be too quick to claim it. The first thing you need to do whenever you notice an offer you’re interested in is to read its full terms and conditions. Usually, they can be accessed after you click on the promotion’s title.

Most of the time, the general conditions page is quite extensive and informative. We strongly recommend you to read it from the very beginning until its last line. It contains all details with respect to the bonus you’ve laid your eyes on. It’s highly inadvisable to neglect its obligations.

Maximum Bonus Amount

Many bookies choose to deliver huge welcome deposit bonuses to all potential new customers on the platform. There are occasions when they would promise a 100% deposit bonus of up to $400. Such promotions are great for high rollers who love trying out their luck. The funds are given after the player has made an initial deposit.

On the other hand, some bookmakers have adopted the practice of providing more moderate promotions so that even inexperienced bettors can utilize them. When you make a small deposit, you’re not risking much of your budget, and you’ll surely not experience tremendous losses. Additionally, this way, you’ll be able to take advantage of several welcome bonuses.

Not to mention the free bets bonus offers that do not require any deposit from the player. They can be claimed instantly after successful registration on the specific platform. No matter what bonus you choose to utilize, you should remember that regardless of the irresistible conditions, all offers have requirements absolutely mandatory to fulfil.

Max Win

Wagering Requirements

Every deposit bonus has a specific wagering requirement. It defines the number of times a bettor will have to roll over or wager the sum he has deposited + the deposit bonus granted by the bookie. Logically, sportsbook bonuses providing larger funds have wagering requirements that are harder to satisfy.

Myriads of new bettors are quick to claim the biggest deposit bonus without realizing how much effort and money they’ll have to invest towards completing all obligations. We’d advise you to always spend some time investigating the particular offer’s terms and requirements to avoid any misunderstanding afterwards.

Most importantly: The wagering requirements of a promotion are extremely crucial, and you should always pay special attention to them. To make sure you’ve fulfilled them completely, it’d be best to keep track of your earnings and spending. It’s important to mention that you won’t be able to withdraw your funds unless you’ve satisfied all strict conditions.

Bonus Amount

Minimum Odds

Tons of sports betting offers have explicit requirements in terms of betting markets and games. The conditions are mainly related to the bet types and events’ odds. In other words, you’ll need to fulfill a certain minimum odds requirement. Perhaps, this sounds a bit confusing to some of you, but we’ll do our best to simplify it.

If you want to make use of an offer that has a 1.70 minimum odds requirement, this would mean that you will have to choose between betting markets and games with the same or higher odds. Exclusive seasonal offers usually require players to make bet types with more considerable payout levels.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to pick sporting events and bet types with smaller odds. The thing is that they won’t contribute in any way towards the completion of the specific bonus obligation. If you lack experience, we recommend you start with a bonus that has an easy-to-meet minimum odds requirement.


Perhaps you’ve noticed that bookmakers constantly update their promotion pages. They remove some bonuses only to replace them with new ones. That’s because promotions are available for a certain period. After this period is over, they are deleted from the platform. Such offers are usually released for a particular holiday or a sports tournament.

On the other hand, every betting bonus type has a validity period. Whether it will be on the promotion list for a month or several years, the bettor who utilizes it will have a specific period to fulfill all its requirements. Some offers provide users with only a week to complete the obligations.

Others are more generous in terms of duration, and grant clients with up to two months to satisfy all conditions directly linked to the bonus. If you’re a proficient punter, you’ll probably manage to fulfil all requirements regardless of the offer’s duration. Nevertheless, if you’re a newbie, you should probably choose bonuses that give you at least 30 days to complete the prerequisites

Payment Method Restrictions

A large number of online betting bonuses have certain restrictions when it comes to payment methods. This means that some methods of payment may not be applicable for claiming a particular bonus offer. Even though this requirement is not that commonly met, it can still be encountered on many popular websites.

If a bookie accepts specific payment options for withdrawals and deposits, this doesn’t automatically mean that these methods will also be eligible for claiming all promotions on the platform. Quite the opposite, actually. Some of the most prominent and preferred payment options are often not accepted for utilizing some bonuses.

We believe that all of you have heard of PayPal and Skrill. Despite the fact that they’re so likable, convenient, and popular, they’re often added to the list of methods that are not eligible for taking advantage of a betting offer. That’s why it’s crucial to first check the terms and conditions of a bonus to see whether or not your preferred payment option is supported by the bookmaker.

Other Terms and Conditions to Watch out For

A great deal of online bookmakers tries their best to provide clients with endless entertainment and impeccable betting conditions. They constantly add new bonus deals to their promotions pages in an attempt to grasp customers’ attention and interest. Very often, the most attractive types of bonuses are seasonal or exclusive promotions.

Usually, they promise marvelous benefits, such as increased odds, free funds for betting, great deposit bonuses, and so much more. The reason why bookies provide such amazing betting conditions with these offers is that they’re normally valid for a shorter period of time. Due to this, the general terms and obligations may be a bit more complicated and stringent.

Additionally, you should bear in mind that system bets are not allowed for such offers. If you’re a fan of them, then you should probably take a look at the rest of the betting promotions on the particular platform. All in all, seasonal offers are a wonderful way to experiment with different sports and betting markets.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting Sites Offers

If you want to increase your chances of winning, making use of various bonus types is certainly a great start. Betting bonuses in Egypt provide players with numerous advantages, and the best part is that they’re all highly beneficial regardless of your previous experience on all betting sites. Of course, you should always pick bonuses that fit your interests.

Taking advantage of different promotions on numerous betting websites will make you more familiar with the various sports, promotions, platforms, and betting markets. This way, you’ll be confident whenever you bet on a new website. What’s more, you’ll get to explore the odds and sports sections delivered by the different bookmakers.

Nevertheless, you should always bet responsibly and never exceed your funds. If you do this, you risk losing way too much money. Most times, bettors utilize huge deposit bonuses with difficult wagering requirements, which leaves a bitter taste in their mouths. That’s why you should first analyze the offer’s terms and conditions and ensure they’re suitable for your experience, interests, and budget.

Most importantly: We strongly encourage you to claim bonuses you’re truly interested in. Don’t utilize a fascinating basketball bonus if you’re not into this sport. Instead, find a promotion that fits your preferences and makes use of it. Even if it’s not that spectacular, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, we’ll answer a few popular questions asked by our readers. Below, you can find some further details about the different bonuses available for Egyptian players. If there’s anything else you’d like to know or just want to share your thoughts with us, please don’t hesitate to text us at

🥉What are the best betting bonuses in Egypt?

There are various bonus types available on websites that accept punters from Egypt. They vary between deposit bonuses, enhanced odds offers, seasonal promotions, and so on. We advise you to take a look at the top betting sites delivered at the beginning of this page, and take a look at the best bonuses provided by each bookie.  

🏆 What are the best welcome bonuses in Egypt?

The welcome bonuses are certainly the most generous betting offers in Egypt. The reason being is that they work fantastic towards attracting new clients to the particular platform. Many times, players are promised to receive unbelievable advantages, such as free funds for betting, phenomenal deposit bonuses, and even exclusive private offers.

🏦 How do sports betting deposit bonuses work?

The deposit bonuses seem to be well-liked by punters from all over the world. They provide players with bonus funds that can be used for betting on the platform. Some deposit bonuses work only with initial deposits, and others can reward you more than one time. It's crucial to always check the promotion's wagering requirements.

❓ What does a rollover mean with betting bonuses?

If a bonus has specific wagering requirements , this means that you’ll have to fully complete them before you have the chance to withdraw your funds. The wagering requirements tell you how many times you'll need to roll over the deposited funds + the deposit given by the bookmaker.

🤑 How do online betting bonuses work?

The diversity of online betting bonuses surely is spectacular. You'll get to choose between many different types that will grant you various advantages. It's crucial to always explore secure and reliable websites' promotion sections. At the beginning of this page, we've listed the top five betting sites in Egypt that offer incredible betting bonuses. 

Final Thoughts on Betting Bonuses

All things considered, Egyptian bettors have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous promotions delivered by various bookmakers. Whether you prefer football, basketball, or boxing, you’ll surely find the greatest bonus deal for you. The most important things to consider are the promotion’s wagering requirements and validity period.

If you choose to try your luck on some of the top betting sites in Egypt listed at the beginning of this page, you’ll most likely be completely fascinated by the betting conditions there. You’ll get to choose between numerous sports and betting markets and will enjoy tremendous payout levels. And last but not least, you’ll be able to reach the impeccable support teams at any time.