Top Sites for Betting Bonuses in Kenya for 2021

Before you start betting, there are fundamental aspects you should consider. One of them is the betting sites bonuses which you can claim from a sportsbook of your choice. In this article, we have decided to come up with a list of betting bonuses in Kenya from some of the top bookies.

Overview of the Best Betting Bonuses in Kenya
Betting Site Betting Bonus Conditions Rating Bonus Link T&Cs
Up to $30 In Free Bets 1.50 7 days 5.0/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to 5000 Ksh First Deposit Offer 3.00 180 days 4.9/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to 15,000 Ks Welcome Bonus 1.40 7 days 4.8/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Personal Offers N/A N/A 4.7/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Up to $30 In Free Bets 1.50 30 days 4.7/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Betting Bonuses Kenya

Top 5 Betting Bonuses by Category

A bookie with multiple offers is ideal for you because you will have the chance to choose from many options, including bonuses and promotions, before you chip into your pocket. Interestingly, we have highlighted the bookmarkers that grant you bonuses upon signing up. Therefore, they give newbies a stage to start.

How to Get the Best Betting Bonus

Although many bookmarkers offer bonuses, there are some things that you must know before you think of claiming any bonus. You have to understand the terms and conditions that you should meet to qualify for the bonuses. We have identified a couple of essentials you should have at your fingertips in order to get the best betting sites offers.

If we talk about the welcome bonuses, they are only awarded upon successful sign-up. Most bookies would require the punters to verify their identity through a given procedure. After that, you will have to ensure that all other factors are in line with the requirements so you can claim the bonus.

Another thing that you should be aware of when looking at any betting site offers is that sportsbook bonuses do expire and you must meet the wagering requirements before the time limit given by the bookie. Therefore, you have to stay informed about how your favorite bookie presents its bonuses and promotions to the punters.

Very Important: Having a profound understating of a sportsbook’s terms and conditions is crucial because it helps the gamblers understand how to make use of the available bonuses. However, you must always consider if your chosen offers are realistic and the terms and conditions are not too strict.

Different Types of Betting Sites Offers Available in Kenya

Every sportsbook has various types of bonuses and promotions, which are ideal for different kinds of punters. For instance, new punters can be eligible for the best betting sign up offers, while the already existing punters can be offered free bets based on a given procedure. These bonuses are meant to boost and make your betting lively.

The Best Bonuses for Kenyan Top-Rated Betting Sites
🏆 Best Betting Bonus 2021 22Bet
💰 Top Offer for New Bettors bet365
💶 Cashback Betting Site LV BET
⚽ Football Promotions Bethard
🔄 Betting Exchange Bonuses Matchbook
🎁 Biggest Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 22Bet
1️⃣ Welcome Bonus on First Bet Bethard
👛 Money-Back Bonus Betting Site LV BET
🔋 Free Bet Bonus William Hill
⏳ Long Validity Betting Bonus 888sport

Our main focus on this page is to bring to your attention various types of bonuses offered by the best bookies in Kenya. We have also covered most of the fundamental aspects you may want to understand. Perhaps, the following sections will enlighten you on the best bookie bonuses you can opt for as a punter.

Which Type of Sportsbook Bonus is the Best?

Although there are several types of bonuses offered by bookies, welcome bonus is usually the popular type of promotion for all sportsbooks. This is why it is essential for every betting site. As a gambler, the welcome bonus is also a plus to your betting because you can use it to optimize your stake.

However, there are also other promotions that you can get on different betting sites. For instance, some bookies can offer cashback bonuses. This means that you get a certain percentage of your initial stake when you lose your bet. All you need to do is check the eligibility criteria of cashback bonuses for your favorite betting site.

Bonus Type Best For Value Bookmaker Terms:
Deposit Bonus Experienced Gamblers 15,000 Ksh Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Promo Code Low Deposits $30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Cashback Bonus Football Fanatics Odds Boost Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Enhanced Odds High Stakes $30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Accumulator Bonus New Gamblers $60 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Football Betting Bonus Bonus Seekers €50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Tennis Bonus Casino Lovers 15,000 Ksh Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Bonuses on Other Sports New Players 5000 Ksh Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Virtual Sports Bonus Experienced Stakers $30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Mobile Bonus VIP Gamblers $30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
New Bookies Bonus Low Rollers 15,000 Ksh Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Live Bonus Sports Fans $30 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.

The outline above shows the best betting sites as well as the bonuses it offers for gamblers. Besides, we have also indicated the most ideal type of wager for each betting site. You will have to choose by yourself as a punter, having this table as a guide to some of the top betting sites.

Welcome Bonuses and Other Offers in All Formats and Forms

Let’s face it; many gamblers get attracted to the betting sites by the promising bonuses and promotions. To be more precise, welcome bonus is the one that attracts the attention of most bettors. However, very few gamblers are concerned with the requirements that must be met in order to earn the bonus.

The other types of bonuses that gamblers might claim on various betting sites include the free bets, cashback bonus, enhanced odds, and matched deposits. Although some sportsbooks may list these types of bonuses as first bonuses, they are usually available on a given period of time and for specific markets.

To be precise, the list of promotions and bonuses is endless because each sportsbook has its own way of awarding the punters. Regardless of the type of bonus you will encounter, we have highlighted the popular bets you can come across. But as we earlier said, there is always eligibility criteria for every type of bonus.

Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most popular types of bonuses with most sportsbooks. This kind of bonus is only awarded once a deposit has been made. However, the procedure of earning the deposit bonus might change from one bookie to another. Some bookies may offer a certain percentage of the deposit made.

Bonuses with a Promo Code

Bookies offer this type of bonus to any punter. Usually, these promo codes can be used to validate any kind of bonus, including the welcome bonus, cashback bonus, etc. It is also important to note that the promo codes usually expire, and you have to apply them while they are still valid.

No Deposit Bonus

Every punter would like to receive this exciting type of bonus. All you need to do is to sign up and claim your offer. More importantly, bookies require punters to confirm their identity before they claim the bonus. Placing bets with no deposits is a greater way of starting your betting journey.

Cashback Bonus

Based on our research, the cashback bonus did not fail to be on our list. It means you will be compensated fully or partially after you lose your bet. Although there are conditions that must be met for the cashback bonuses, it is good for individuals who bet regularly and end up losing.

Accumulator Bonus

If you are pro in multi-bet, then an accumulator bonus can work wonders for you. It gives you the privilege to bet on different events or markets collectively. As a result, the total odds for the combined events will be ridiculous and your returns can be increasingly high if your prediction stands.

Enhanced Odds Offers

Most of the bonuses and promotions that we have already highlighted are giving the punters the monetary value. For enhanced odd offers, you will get increased or boosted odds for a specific market. It is ideal for players who are familiar with various sports and may not be that great for beginners.

The Best Sports to Bet on

Football Bonuses

With football being one of the most popular sport, football bonuses are common for most sportsbooks. They can be free bets, odd boosts or any other bonus offered for specific matches. If you do not have a profound understanding of football as a sport, we advise that you choose another sport betting bonus.

Tennis Bonuses

Although it can be hard to find a welcome bonus related to this sport, bookies also offer multiple betting options for the punters. Since it is an individual sport, you should always keep an eye on big tournaments such as US Open and you can check here for some tennis bonuses offered by bookies.

Virtual Sports Bonuses

With the advancements in technology, virtual sports and betting have emerged. Although it is not yet as popular as football betting, you can take advantage of some of the available virtual betting bonuses. According to our research, virtual betting is perfect for gamblers who are experienced and understand casino betting.

Other Sports Bonuses

As we earlier noted, the list of betting bonuses in Kenya is endless. There are various betting sites offers that we have not highlighted on this page. Among them are boxing and athletics betting bonuses and some other sports offers. If you want to participate in such events, you should find a trusted betting site.

VIP Promotions

As in other scenarios of life, VIP is usually a very important and rare rank. Likewise, to sports betting offers Kenya, VIP promotions are designed for exclusive punters. This type of bonus is offered to specific players after showing great loyalty and betting experience. Besides, there can be multiple types of VIP bonuses.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile phones have become very popular. Placing bets at the palm of your hand is a magnificent thing which many betting sites have implemented. Although mobile betting bonuses are seldom available, they motivate the betters to make predictions using their smart devices. As a result, the sportsbooks manage to increase web traffic.

New Bookies Offers

Since several bookmarkers are available on the web, it can be hard for new brands to arise. One of the strategies which new bookies use to win more bettors is the unlimited offers. Although it can be hard to try new brands, the bonuses are too attractive to be ignored by the punters.

Live Betting Bonuses

Last but not least is live betting bonuses and promotions. This is a type of bonus that is only available when the match has already commenced. Most of the bookies allow the gamblers to place their bets and withdraw winnings earned from the live betting bonus when the match is still in progress.

Betting Bonuses Terms and Conditions

Considering the array of betting types, we have shared on this page, you should always be aware that there are terms and conditions for each offer. While some may have very tough requirements, it is always advisable to understand what is required of you before getting to claim your winnings.

More importantly, it is a good practice to ensure that you have checked the minimum deposit and the validity of the promotional bonus you are interested in. Besides, we also advise the punters to understand how the bonus is applicable because many bookmarkers have a set of procedures for awarding specific bonuses.

Maximum Bonus Amount

Every bettor wants to experience the best bonus a bookie can give. Although the top offer can vary from one bookie to another, you should expect it to range from $10 to $200. Besides, the bonus rates are usually increased or decreased with the time, depending on the bookmarkers.

Since the maximum bonus amount can be significant for some betting sites, there are always terms and conditions applied. For instance, the wagering conditions must always be applied to the bonus and the deposited funds. Therefore, you must be versed with all the bookmarker’s regulations as you look forward to getting the maximum bonus amount.

Apart from the bonuses expiring if not used, there is also a time frame for getting them. Some can be awarded instantly, while others can be offered over a period of time. For example, free bets which are usually as low as $10 are instant, while a maximum bonus amount such as $100 can be settled over a period of time.

Maximum Win Example

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are regarded as the most crucial when it comes to betting, although they are not easy to be met. To wager is to roll over for a given period of time. Therefore, some bonuses and also your deposited funds need to be wagered in a given sequence until there is a withdrawable amount.

There is one secret when it comes to wagering any amount; try to wager as low amount as possible. This is because wagering lower amounts will greatly help you meet the essential requirements for withdrawing the funds. Therefore, you should always consider meeting the wagering requirements because they form the basis of your withdrawal.

Most importantly: You do not have to worry about the amount that is withdrawable after meeting certain wagering requirements because you can check this under the cashier section of your bookmarker. As a result, you will always understand the better tricks of increasing your withdrawals.

Bonus Amount Example

Minimum Odds

As the bookmarkers award you the bonuses and promotions, they also give restrictions to your betting. For instance, they can only allow you to use the welcome bonus for a minimum of 10 odds. Besides, some bookmarkers can limit bonuses and promotions to specific markets under the terms and conditions.

In order to meet the minimum odds, you will have to combine events or choose a single event that meets the minimum odds. However, we recommend the combination of events because higher odds in just a single event mean that your prediction’s probability to stand is very low.

For example, if the odds requirement for using a bonus is 5.0 and your choice of event or events has an odds of 3.25, you will not be able to use the bonus because the minimum odds level is not met. However, you can still place a bet but using your funds. Therefore, you have to be keen while selecting the events.


Betting bonuses in Kenya usually have a validity period which punters must take note of. When we talk about the validity, it does not necessarily mean time validity but also market validity because some bonuses are tailored to specific markets. Therefore, you must know where and when to use your bonus.

As some bookmarkers give bonuses that can last for even one month, there are other bookies that offer a short period for bonuses. Free bets, welcome bonus and odds boosts are limited to time. Also, most of them can only be used once unless otherwise predefined by the bookmarker.

When it comes to betting, using bonuses and promotions of your choices matters a lot. You have to be very keen on the type of bonus you want to claim. This is because some bonuses are only valid for certain sports or events. If you choose a bonus valid for a sport you are not versed with, you cannot bet appropriately.

Payment Method Restrictions

Considering that some bonuses can only be accessed using specific payment methods, you should have a variety of payment options. Most bookmarkers currently make use of e-wallets which are highly secure and easy to use. Besides, there are also a variety of options offered by the betting sites.

To claim bonuses and promotions in most sportsbooks, you need to have a verified payment method. Also, you must have met the minimum deposit requirements, which change from one bookie to another. When choosing the payment method, we advise the gamblers to consider the transaction charges, processing time and security.

In addition, some forms of payment do not grant you bonuses when used to make a deposit. Оn most betting sites, Neteller and Skrill do not qualify for bonuses and promotions. Suppose these payment options are your main methods, then we recommend you try other alternatives so that you can successfully claim the bonus.

Other Terms and Conditions to Watch out for

After outlining the popular terms and conditions among most of the sportsbooks, we find it prudent to state that there are other restrictions that you need to watch out for. Some of the exceptions include the seasonal bonuses, which are only valid when a tournament is live. This means that such bonuses must be used before the event ends.

Therefore, bonuses with time limits are very strict and you need to be time conscious. Before you think of claiming a specific bonus, it is essential to have a plan of using the bonus. You should also have experience in betting on a sport that is tailored to the bonus and promotion you want to claim.

Based on our analysis of betting bonuses and promotions, you have to clearly understand the terms and conditions which govern the system bets. If you are a newbie in the betting industry, we advise that you let the system bets pass and consider other alternatives which you are knowledgeable on.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Best Betting Sites Offers

Although we have earlier highlighted some of the advantages of betting bonuses and promotions, they are not prone to negatives. We would like the punters to understand that the coin has two sides, and they should always be ready for the sour part. We have outlined them clearly as below.

First and foremost, the welcome bonus jumpstarts the punters betting when they are new to the betting platform. Other bonuses such as enhanced odds allow you to optimize your possible wins, while the cashback bonuses give you a second chance to betting after successive losses.

The main disadvantage of bonuses and promotions is the terms and conditions. Some bookmarkers have tightened the terms and conditions such that they are hard to honor. Some of the requirements take time to be met and sometimes they are met when the bonus have already expired. Therefore, some of the terms and conditions limit the gamblers on placing bets.

Most importantly: Whether you are an expert gambler and you focus on large events or you are just starting, there always be bonuses and promotions available. Punters should not only be concerned with the amount they offer but also the requirements. We advise the gamblers to focus on bonuses that are easily achievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that punters may ask as they continue with their betting. We have had vivid research on most of the questions that are frequently asked. In the following sections, we have provided answers to the common concerns and we believe they answer everything. However, you can contact us anytime at

🥉What are the best betting bonuses in Kenya?

Coming up with the top betting bonuses solemnly depends on the punters because the needs vary. Some punters may consider a betting site to be the best because of monetary value. However, the best betting bonus is the one that has requirements that can be achieved within the time limit given. Also, best betting sites offers should cover major sports.

🏆 What are the best welcome bonuses in Kenya?

The Kenyan punters want a welcome bonus that is applicable in major events such as football and rugby. Welcome betting offers in Kenya allow you to kick start your betting and experience the importance of bonuses offered by the sportsbooks we have featured. The main aspects to consider while choosing the welcome bonus are the validity and the requirements.

🏦 How do sports betting deposit bonuses work?

Bookmarkers use deposit bonuses to attract attention of the punters. In most cases, the deposit bonuses are awarded after the punter has cashed-in an amount that meets the requirements for a deposit bonus. Depending on the bookmarker, these deposit bonuses can be used for specific sports and for a given number of times. You should also read the terms and conditions of your bookmarker.

❓What does a rollover mean with betting bonuses?

Since there are many types of bonuses offered by the bookmarkers, some come with wagering requirements. Here, you will be awarded the bonus, but you have to wager it for a given number of times until the requirements are met. For instance, you can be offered $100 bonus, but it must be rolled over ten times, so you will have to wager $1000. Besides, the rollover plan goes for a given duration.

🤑 How do online betting bonuses work?

With online betting bonuses in Kenya, the sportsbook offers are awarded to punters for every sign-up online. Although some bonuses are specifically designed for punters who use mobile devices to sign up, online betting bonuses are offered for online users. Before thinking of claiming online betting bonuses, make sure that you have checked how do they work. 

Final Thoughts on Betting Bonuses

From the key insights we have shared on this page, it is clear that there are several bonuses that can be claimed. If you want to make your betting experience seamless, then you have to select a bookmarker that matches your needs from all betting sites we have listed. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the betting site.

Finally, there is an array of sports to bet in Kenya. With the bookmarkers having the best-betting markets for the punters, you have an option to select the top betting sites in Kenya and make your predictions. We always advise the gamblers to bet on the sports they are experienced in.