Bookies With the Best Betting Bonuses in the Philippines 2021

Bonuses are an important feature of online gambling. Therefore, it is common to find a variety of bonuses on betting sites to forge a relationship with old customers while luring new ones. The betting sites bonuses are aimed at providing customers with money to play and win bets. We provide you with information on the best betting bonuses in the Philippines.

Overview of the Best Betting Bonuses in the Philippnes
Betting Site Betting Bonus Conditions Rating Bonus Link T&Cs
100% up to €50 Free Bet 1.60 30 days 4.8/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
100% up to 7500 PHP Deposit Bonus 1.40 7 days 5/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
30$ Risk-Free Bonus 1.60 90 days 5/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Odds Boost N/A N/A 4.6/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
100% up to €25 Welcome Bonus 1.50 30 days 4.8/5 VISIT SITE Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Betting Bonuses Philippines

Top 5 Betting Bonuses by Category

  • 🥇 TonyBet ✪ Great Bonuses (High Welcome Bonuses)
  • 🥈 22Bet ✪ Deposit Bonus (Amazing Deposit Bonuses)
  • 🥉 Betfair ✪ Regular Bonuses (Risk-Free Daily Bonus Offers)
  • Matchbook ✪ Odds Boost (Best Odds Enhancement Deals)
  • Betsafe ✪ Free Bets (Awesome Free Bet Bonuses)

Our list of bookmakers with the best betting sites offers was developed after extensive research by our team of experts. Any bookie you find on our page avails their customers of amazing bonus offers and loads of value. If you are looking for bookmaker sites with the best betting bonuses in the Philippines, this is for you.

How to Get the Best Betting Bonus

There is hardly any bookmaker without bonus packages for its customers. However, before you can win a bonus, you must meet the wagering requirements. Also, it is best to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions to know if they suit you. You can access the best betting sites offers on our list of bookies.

In giving bonuses, there are usually offers that are only valid for new customers on a bookie site. This is to ensure continued patronage of their platform. However, if you want to sign up with a bookmaker, you must provide a valid ID as part of the registration process.

Aside from the bonuses exclusive to first-time users, there are periodic betting site offers available for old customers. Although these are not usually as high as sign up betting bonuses, they still provide regular bettors with options to place bets. You should only register with a bookmaker with amazing bonus offers that suits you best!

Very Important: It is imperative that you pay close attention to the perks of a bonus before attempting to claim it. You must consider the amount on offer and the wagering requirements. Endeavor to confirm a bookie’s legitimacy before signing up with them. You should ask yourself if the offer is realistic and understand its terms and conditions.

Different Types of Betting Sites Offers Available in the Philippines

Don’t miss out on the best betting sign up offers in the Philippines! We provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on the best bonuses. There are different types of bonus offers available to all users, whether new or old. These include enhanced odds, free bets, cashbacks, and etc.

The Best Bonuses for Philippines Betting Sites
🏆 Best Betting Bonus 2021 TonyBet
💰 Top Offer for New Players 22Bet
💶 Cashback Betting Site TonyBet
⚽ Football Promotions 22Bet
🔄 Betting Exchange Bonuses Betfair
🎁 Biggest Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 22Bet
1️⃣ Welcome Bonus on First Bet Betsafe
👛 Money-Back Bonus Betting Site Betfair
🔋 Free Bet Bonus Betfair
⏳ Long Validity Betting Bonus Betfair

This page was developed for bettors all around the world to find the best betting sites offers in the Philippines. Many use our page as a guide to a fun and lucrative betting experience. If you want to know how to choose the correct type of bonus, we’ve got you covered!

Which Type of Sportsbook Bonus is the Best?

Welcome bonuses are a worthy reason to open a betting account. This is usually the first bonus a customer wins, therefore it is quite popular. It is a common feature because this is offered by most bookies to welcome you to their platform. You would find the sites with the best sportsbook bonuses on our page.

Users on a bookmaker site are entitled to other bonuses after claiming the welcome bonus. These bonuses include first deposit, enhanced odds, cashback, no deposit, accumulator bonuses etc. You must ensure that the requirements of a bonus are met within its valid period to avoid losing out on it.

Bonus Type Best For Value Bookmaker Terms:
Deposit Bonus Free Deposits 7500 PHP Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Promo Code Bonus Codes $50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Cashback Bonus Free Bets $50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Enhanced Odds Odd Boosts €25 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Accumulator Bonus Great Bonuses 7500 PHP Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Football Betting Bonus Amazing Odds €25 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Tennis Bonus Higher Bonuses €25 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Bonuses on Other Sports Best Odds $50 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Virtual Sports Bonus Enhanced Odds Odds Boost Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Mobile Bonus Sure Bonuses €25 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
New Bookies Bonus Higher Odds 7500 PHP Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.
Live Bonus Live Games €25 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly.

The table above shows various bonus types and what you stand to benefit from claiming them. This gives you the power to make an informed decision on the bonus most suited to your needs. So, get the best betting sites bonuses available to bettors and improve your earnings considerably.

Welcome Bonuses and Other Offers in All Formats and Forms

Welcome bonuses are popular for a reason. They are the biggest bonus given to customers, therefore attract a lot of attention. Winning a welcome bonus provides users with enough money from the get-go to bet on more games. Let’s connect you with bookies that have the best sportsbook bonuses.

You would find different types of welcome bonuses on the various bookies. While there are bonuses won on signing up, there are other bonuses that are claimed on depositing in your account. The types of welcome bonuses include matched deposits, free bets etc. The more bonuses you win, the more funds are available in your account to bet with.

There are other promotional offers for you to choose from. Welcome bonuses are just one of the many other bonuses you can win on registering with a bookmaker. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of the best betting welcome bonuses in order to make an informed decision on your preferred bookie.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are claimed on signing up with a bookmaker. As soon as the first deposit is made, the user is credited with the monetary worth of the bonus. It is advisable to choose a bookie with deposit bonus available for their customers. With this, you can start betting with a better credit amount.

Bonuses with a Promo Code

There are bookies who give bonuses that have to be redeemed with a promo code. Once you meet the necessary requirements to claim the bonus, a promo code is sent to your mail. This code is the key to unlocking your bonus offer. Read the terms and conditions before trying to claim any bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

With a no deposit bonus, you do not have to deposit any amount to bet. Once you are a registered user, the bookmaker provides you with a certain amount of money to allow you to bet on games much sooner. However, you must ensure that your bookie is licensed and insured to avoid being defrauded.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses help you cope with the losses you could possibly suffer while betting. The bonus entails adding part of the punters’ losses to their account balance. So, when you are on a losing streak, a cashback bonus boosts your balance. This helps bettors to be able to place bets and start playing again.

Accumulator Bonus

An accumulator bonus is provided by bookies to encourage their customers to bet on more games and combine them. The more games you place bets on, the higher the amount you are entitled to. However, you have to read the terms and conditions carefully, as there might be specific requirements.

Enhanced Odds Offers

Enhanced odds offers are also common on various betting sites. The bookmaker makes odds higher for certain games to help customers who bet on these games increase their chances. Bettors should know that these enhanced odds are not available on all games. Therefore, you should be sure of the exact games before placing bets on them.

The Best Sports to Bet on

Football Bonuses

Football is one of the sports with the most odds on offer on different bookmakers all around the world. If you love betting on football games, you will find all betting sites with amazing football bonuses for their customers. It is best to go with a bookmaker that allows you to bet on games in all top football leagues.

Tennis Bonuses

Tennis game is also another sport that is widely bet on. Betting sites create various bonus packages for lovers of tennis to claim when betting. There are odds available on matches in all the major tournaments. You would find amazing tennis bonuses to boost your earnings on most betting sites.

Virtual Sports Bonuses

It is uncommon to find a betting site without virtual sports games. This category has gradually developed over the years with more and more odds for bettors to win. Virtual games are mostly football games, but they last for only a few minutes. You can claim awesome bonuses on virtual sports games.

Other Sports Bonuses

Betting sites usually have odds on other sports. Whether cricket or boxing, customers can claim great bonuses to make their betting experience more lucrative. No matter your preferences, you have the opportunity to claim astounding bonuses on other sports. You should check our page for a list of the best betting offers in the Philippines.

VIP Promotions

You have the option of being a VIP member on your desired betting site if you are eligible. This entitles you to VIP promotional offers, which are usually higher than that of regular users. You could win higher bonuses, tickets to sporting events, and other valuable prices. VIP members can enjoy rare benefits.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile betting apps have gotten more popular over the years. Everyone uses mobile phones these days, so apps are easily accessible, and you can bet on games anywhere. There are sports betting offers available for mobile app users to increase the number of players and gain more traffic on the bookmaker platform.

New Bookies Offers

For a new bookie to establish their presence on the scene, they advertise generous bonuses to get new customers on their platform. We have a comprehensive list of the best betting sign up offers for bettors to choose from. These bonuses include first deposits, free sign ups, free bets etc., all aimed at increasing your betting balance.

Live Betting Bonuses

Live games are another avenue to place bets and win money. For these games, you are allowed to bet on a game that is still being played. Betting sites help their customers with live betting bonuses to encourage them to bet more on live games from all sporting events.

Betting Bonuses Terms and Conditions

Before considering a betting bonus, you should have a good understanding of the terms and conditions of the deal. It is normal for an offer to come with requirements that guide the selection process. So, bettors have to take note of the important features of the terms to qualify for the bonus.

You would find important information such as the validity of a bonus and the minimum deposit required to claim the offer in the terms and conditions. Knowing these gives you an idea of the best timeframe within which you can apply and how much you would need to qualify for a bonus.

Maximum Bonus Amount

There is a certain amount which is the highest a customer can receive as a bonus. This is the maximum bonus amount. Since this varies among users, you have to choose a bookie with a high amount. This helps you claim large bonuses with your small balance. Some bookies do not give above £/$/€ 10, while others give up to £/$/€ 200.

There are strict wagering conditions that a bettor must meet before he/she can access the bigger bonus offers on a betting site. So, it is advisable to find out what these conditions are and take the necessary steps to see that they are all satisfied. Higher offers are usually available for long-term customers.

The length of time a bonus lasts depends on the bookmaker and the type of bonus. While there are bonuses that can be used instantly, such as a £/$/€10 free bet, other bonuses such as a £/$/€100 deposit bonus could be used over a number of days before expiring.

Max Win

Wagering Requirements

It is common for bonuses to have specific wagering requirements. These include the concept of rollovers. Rolling over your promotional offer repeatedly is how a bonus is wagered. So, endeavor to get bonuses with flexible wagering requirements. A low rollover helps you meet the necessary requirements early enough to access the bonus.

Rollovers have to be low to allow punters to be able to withdraw a good portion of their earnings. But you must satisfy the wagering requirements before even being able to withdraw some money. Ensure that a bookie is licensed and insured in order to guarantee safe and secure transactions.

Most importantly: You should keep track of the transactions that occur on your account. A good analysis of this, with a knowledge of how much can be withdrawn, helps to keep you from forfeiting the bonus. Make further inquiries from your bookmaker on the instructions to follow to avoid any issues.

Bonus Amount

Minimum Odds

Simply put, bonuses with minimum odds requirements are those that require a specified number of odds before qualifying to claim it. This is different on various betting sites. Therefore, you must be sure of your bookie’s minimum odds for you to enjoy the numerous bonuses. We provide you with information on the best sports betting sign up bonus offers in the Philippines.

Placing a bet with the minimum odds depends on whether it is a single bet or multiple bet. You should read the terms and conditions on a bonus, so you have adequate information on its minimum odds requirement. This helps you to make informed decisions while claiming awesome bookmaker offers.

Here’s a good example to help you get a better understanding of how minimum odds work. Let’s say the amount you want to bet with is £20, and the odds are 2.0; your earnings will automatically be £40. Your earnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the amount you want to bet with.


Validity is the lifespan of a bonus. It is the length of time for which the bonus is active and can be claimed. Bettors are expected to know the validity of bonuses, so you know the period of time they can be claimed. Bonuses with long validity periods allow you to bet over a long time.

Depending on why the bonus was created, validity could last for just a few days to weeks. If the bonus was created to celebrate an important occasion, its validity might only last for a few days before and after the event. Keep the validity of a bonus in mind to make sure that you act promptly.

Winning as many bonuses as possible can greatly increase your earnings. Endeavor to be up-to-date with new bonuses on your betting site, so you have ample time to cash out from them. Also, use bookies that offer a lot of bonuses to increase your chances of making money from them.

Payment Method Restrictions

Some bonuses can only be redeemed using certain payment methods. This strongly depends on the payment options that your betting site chooses to use on their website. Bettors should find out the available payment methods on a platform before signing up with any bookmaker. Debit cards are an available option for bettors in the Philippines.

There are payment options that are not acceptable on the Philippine betting sites. Therefore, you must endeavor to choose bookmakers who have registered payment platforms with a guarantee of secure transactions. It is best to create an account with the payment platform to facilitate smooth deposits and withdrawals of winnings.

Bettors must provide accurate account details while opening an account. Legitimate sites make it easy for you to deposit and withdraw your money. So, we advise that you choose a bookie with a legal and recognized payment methods in place. This gives you a sense of safety in your earnings.

Other Terms and Conditions to Watch out for

Some bonuses are only offered at specific times of the year. There are also sign up betting offers that are won in connection to events or festive periods. These bonuses are a means to appreciate existing customers in the spirit of celebration, as well as enticing new customers to sign up with the bookie.

Bonuses that are offered seasonally usually have strict time restrictions. Their validity often spans a few days, so it’s important to act quickly if you want to claim the bonus. Bookies make efforts to publicize upcoming bonuses before they become active, so their customers can claim them before they expire.

It is important to note that not all bets are usually included in bonuses. System bets, for example, are often excluded. That is why reading the terms and conditions of bonuses is essential. It gives you information on which bets are included, so you don’t waste your time and money on the excluded ones.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting Sites Offers

Just like everything else in life, all betting sites have their advantages and disadvantages. To get the most out of your betting experience, you should go for a betting site that offers you more advantages. This way, you’re sure to get the best sportsbooks bonuses and a smooth online betting experience.

A good bookmaker prioritizes your needs as a customer and ensures that user satisfaction is at its peak. You stand to gain several benefits from registering with a good bookie. These benefits include welcome bonuses, seasonal bonuses, easy deposits and withdrawals, quick payouts, low rollover, and so on.

Before creating an account with any online bookmaker, take time to carry out in-depth research on the available sports betting sites. Find out how they work, the bonuses they offer, the available payment options on their site, possible disadvantages etc. Be sure that advantages of the booking site you choose to outweigh its disadvantages.

Most importantly: There’s more to a bonus than just the amount. This could be a quick and easy way to increase the cash in your account, but you should keep in mind that there are specific T&Cs. For the betting sites, bonuses are a great way to encourage the continuous patronage of current bettors as well as seduce new ones to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need further clarification to better your understanding of any betting-related topic, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide you with accurate answers to whatever questions you may have at In the meantime, check out our list of frequently asked questions.

🥉What are the best betting bonuses in the Philippines?

We have compiled a list of top betting bonuses on our page to assist you in finding them and claiming them in time. It also helps you to choose the bookmakers with the best betting sites in the Philippines. This gives you access to higher odds, better offers, and more bonuses.

🏆 What are the best welcome bonuses in the Philippines?

Welcome bonuses are usually the highest of all the bonuses, so you can't afford to miss out on the best ones. We have a list of the bookies with betting offers in the Philippines to help you pick the one that will reward you heavily for signing up. Take advantage of the list and go for a bookie that suits you best.

🏦 How do sports betting deposit bonuses work?

Deposit bonuses are offers that are added to a customer's account after they make their first deposit on the bookie's site. This is usually one of the bonuses that new customers are entitled to get when they first sign up with a bookie. Winning the deposit bonuses increases the cash in your account.

❓ What does a rollover mean with betting bonuses?

The ease with which you meet the wagering requirements depends on your rollover. This means that with a low rollover, you're allowed to withdraw larger amounts, while high rollovers only permit you to withdraw low amounts. The rollover depends on the bookmaker, so it is better to go for a bookie with a low rollover.

🤑 How do online betting bonuses work?

Bettors all over the world have access to numerous online betting bonuses. In order to fully maximize your earnings, you should have adequate knowledge of the best betting sites bonuses and how to access them. You should also be up to date with new ones so you can claim them early enough. If you need more information on how to get online bonuses, check out our page.

Final Thoughts on Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses have evolved over time into a really lucrative means of earning from online gambling. You can claim astounding bonuses depending on your preferred bookie. Therefore, read our page for information on the best sports betting welcome offers in the Philippines. Let’s help you understand betting offers and take the best of the bookmaker bonuses.

Over the years, the betting industry has shown steady growth in the Philippines, with more betting sites being created. Therefore, the Philippines are a good place to try an online betting experience. If you need accurate information on the top betting sites in the Philippines, check out our page today!