The Best Betting Sites in Switzerland – Top Swiss Sportsbooks for 2021

Switzerland is one of the world’s most prosperous countries in terms of per capita wealth. The nation famous for high salaries, low taxes and favorable privacy laws has become a haven for international money. Similarly, the gambling industry is incredibly popular here and countless Swiss sportsbooks are geared to serve this demand. Look below at our initial recommendations of the best betting sites in Switzerland.

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Best Betting Sites in Switzerland

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As you can see from the table outlined above, our methodology for ranking the top sports betting site in Switzerland is clear. We take a highly structured and logical approach. First we analyze an operator for its overall merit at market, next we take a detailed look into the fundamental components of high-quality sportsbook gambling, ranking the best operators for each category.

Top Sports Betting Sites in Switzerland

Starting first with the general approach to ranking the best sports betting sites in Switzerland. The operators should offer players an excellent general experience, this means they perform well across each of our ranking categories, but are not considered specialists. When picking an operator as a new customer to sports betting it is highly recommendable to choose a well-rounded bookie.

By selecting a top general sportsbook in Switzerland to use for your first bets online you can be sure it will be a streamlined and rewarding experience. The very nature of betting should be high-accessibility and value. Each operator provides that in abundance. As an added incentive you can claim a hefty welcome bonus by signing up.

The best online betting sites in Switzerland are not simple to find. The total time spent using each of these operators is huge for our researchers. Many of these brands have reach on a global scale. This is certainly a trend that is fairly common throughout the industry, and it is more often than not the larger gambling conglomerates that are able to garner such a high-performing platform in the general sense.

So if you are still deciding on which Switzerland betting site you will open an account with, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections we’ll unpack each of the ranking criteria and provide recommendations on the best brands to use when targeting that specific niche. As we delve into more diverse areas of the sportsbook you will see how vast and saturated the gambling options in Switzerland truly are.

If you’re still unsure on where to place your bets then you’ll need to gather as much information as possible from this review to guide your decision making. We also recommend using the information provided on the news section of this website. Use the gambling news from around Europe to build a stronger understanding of the context of this industry.

Ranking Criteria of Best Sports Betting Sites in Switzerland

Our methodology for ranking the best sports betting sites in Switzerland follows a very simple and structured approach. When we gathered all the data from across the relevant categories we are able to rank bookmakers for 12 of the most important fundamental components of the industry. Taking a look across each of the ranking criteria you can select the operators that are best suited to your own gaming style.

The review of the Switzerland gambling market embraces this highly-detailed and organized approach. We take pride in provided the most up-to-date and detailed analysis of global betting industries anywhere on the internet. So jump now to an area that interest you, or follow our logical ranking path by scrolling onwards through the page.

Popular Sports and Leagues in Switzerland

The first step on this journey is to look at the sports betting site in Switzerland that are best serving the interests of sport enthusiasts. We’re looking specifically at depth of coverage, including leagues low in the sporting pyramid, a diverse range of international competition and an ethos for the spirit of the sports markets that are being offered. Look below at the table to discover the six most popular sports in Switzerland.

Football: Xhaka and Shaqiri

In the last few years the Switzerland football team have really become a dominant force in the sport. With fantastic squad depth including Xhaka and Shaqiri, you can easily use football betting sites to enjoy the games.

Tennis: Home of Roger Federer

Few athletes in any sport ever reach the god-like status achieved by Roger Federer. The undisputed best tennis player ever, Roger is a highly-decorated public figure adored by millions. Bet on tennis easily in Switzerland.

Basketball: National Pastime

Whilst basketball is only a game played on a more casual level in Switzerland, the popularity of basketball betting is undeniable. Check out the recommended operators in that page to discover the best available in Switzerland.

Badminton: Big Global Talent

Perhaps not surprisingly given the talented racquet sports theme, the Swiss also love to play badminton. This is enjoyed across local sports halls, gymnasiums, fitness centers, and at sportsbooks where locals can bet on badminton.

Ice Hockey: Strong Contenders

Ice Hockey is a major sport played across Switzerland. The country has a long tradition of excelling in the game and has produced some formidable players over the years. The main Ice Hockey betting sites are always on hand to meet the demand.

Winter Olympics: Lots of Medals

There are several winter Olympic sports that Switzerland excels in. Skiing, bobsleigh and snowboarding all have top level participants from Switzerland. Gamble on these activities on the biggest Winter Olympics betting platforms.

As you can see from our overviews of Swiss betting sites there is a large range of possibilities. For any punter it’s important to regard sportsbook platforms as an exchange of markets, offers and prices. The higher the volume of any of these three key metrics then the better the experience will be for all involved parties.

Now consider the six sports above, each of them holds a unique place in the cultural attitudes of the Swiss people towards betting and the more general importance of sport. Overall, these six are not the exhaustive range of possibilities, there are in fact many wonderful sports that the country offers to a global audience beyond these simple options.

Payout, Odds and Lines at the Best Bookies

Undeniably one of the most important components to consider when choosing where to place a bet is the odds being offered. We always try to make the most out of our bets by using the best odds bookmakers available. In our rankings of the Swiss market, the average payouts offered by specific operators played a big importance in the general ranking methodology.

Many punters around the world will utilize the services of several operators in order to get the best deal possible. When selecting the best betting sites in Switzerland for payout rates we advise choosing the highest payouts. These platforms prove themselves to be offering the highest consistent payouts over the longrun, and are therefore the ones with the best value for customers.

We have the best bookmakers’ odds as an average percentage of all sports offered on the platform. In this evaluation we have been able to be as objective as possible. There is not much subjectivity when it comes to payout percentages, those that are the highest can be definitively classified as the best. In the other ranking mechanisms coming up, this amount of certainty is shrouded by nuance and opinion.

Betting Promotions: Bonuses and New Customer Offers

One of the industry’s most favored mechanisms for drumming up new players in to optimize their bonus packages. Betting offers come in a wide range of types and size; ranging from standard free bets, welcome deposit bonuses, and enhanced odds. Whichever offer you receive it is likely to serve the purpose of delivering better value to a new account during the first few bets made by the account.

Bookmakers come with free bets, bonuses and enhanced odds offerings. In Switzerland there are numerous bookmakers offering fantastic offers to their customer base. Its recommended to always shop around for new and exciting offers, or get yourself a bookmaker that rewards the loyalty you show.

Bonus Categorys 2021:

There are several precautions one must make when using the sportsbook bonus offered by an operator. Firstly, the bonus comes with attached conditions. These include the rollover requirements, the minimum odds allowed to count towards this threshold and the validity period of which to achieve all conditions. More on each aspect in the following sections.

All betting websites offer some kind of promotion, in Switzerland it is no different, and there are many awesome deals to be had. The first consideration to make is the rollover amount. The majority of bonuses will require a certain amount of wagers are staked before funds can be released as cash. When this happens you’ll need to be sure that you’re aware of the specific rollover amount and adjust your bets accordingly.

As for the minimum odds required to validate the bet towards wagering, there are a range of potential outcomes here. Some betting sites promotions will demand that you make bets over 1.8 (4/5) to count towards the wagering amount. In any case you’ll also need to fulfill all the conditions of the bonus before the validity expiry time period.

Bet Types and Markets

There are only a few fundamental features a bookmaker can implement to drastically improve the user experience. As we have already mentioned the best sportsbooks will all strive to deliver the best odds, great bonuses and lots of sports. In a similar ethos, there is a requirement for operators to provide an expansive range of markets on their platforms. These will ensure that customers are always able to find the bets they’re looking for.

It’s hugely important to choose sportsbooks offering a wide range of sports betting markets. The table below touches on some of the most popular betting markets available in Switzerland. These are representative of the most active markets across several high-traffic platforms we analyzed.

Having a wide range of possible betting options is always good to improve your profits from gambling. There are numerous betting sites in Switzerland that are geared towards offering players an elite gaming experience. To achieve this they always have to deliver on market variety. It therefore remains a key determinant of overall platform quality in our ranking.

Safety and Security

Another crucial element of any online business, let alone an online sportsbook, is the security mechanisms in place to guard the safety of all stakeholders. Threats exist across a variety of mediums from financial, to cyber and even just plain social-engineering tactics deployed by bad actors to gain access and privileges to things they can leverage to cause further damage or theft.

Given the nature of the world we live in our ranking mechanism only considers the safest online betting sites in its ranking. To ensure that betting companies are solid from the ground up, we look towards the following agencies for reassurance in underlying quality. Each of them works to give a better experience for its clients and stakeholders.

Safety Partners at Online Sports Betting Sites in Switzerland

There are numerous data safety and encryption certificate providers operating around the world. Some are better than others, and in order to ensure the highest-standards of safety, we only recommend companies working alongside the best in the business.

Top Data Safety and Encryption Companies
  • Digi Cert
  • Entrust Datacard
  • GoDaddy
  • Comodo SSL
  • GenTrust
  • GlobalSign
  • Rapid SSL
Responsible Gambling Organizations
  • Switzerland Gambling Commission
  • Responsible Gaming Council
  • National Council on Problem Gambling
  • International Centre for Responsible Gambling
  • GambleAware
  • eCOGRA
  • IBAS

There are many sports betting sites that fail to adequately guard against the threats posed by bad actors. Cases have been prevalent throughout the industry of underestimating the power and influence of such activity. Be cognizant of who you trust with your personal information, banking data and third-party access to elements of your life.

To understand if you should use a particular betting site or not it’s always best to scroll to the bottom of the page and check to see if any of these logos appear. This should give you confidence that you’re using a well-established and protected sportsbook that can be trusted to keep your data and privacy safe.

Play on the Move with the Best Sports Betting App

Without doubt one of the most exciting parts of our gambling industry is the introduction of gambling on the move. The advent of Swiss betting apps is not a new concept, but given their explosion in popularity of the past decade it can now be observed that more users are betting over mobile than desktop equivalent platforms.

This dramatic shift in user behavior is down to the tireless work of skilled engineers, able to transform the concepts of gambling efficiency into a workable mobile gaming solution. These products are especially popular in the developing world where the population of smartphone users with cheap data plans is quickly growing. Look below to see the best sports betting app serving the Swiss market.

It’s easy to conclude that desktop gambling is under a serious existential threat, especially given the dramatic improvements in mobile hardware and internet speeds. That is partially true, and bookmakers are devoting much more resources to this side of the business. But the two platforms are inextricably linked from a technological standpoint, and we will have both readily available and continuously improving for a long time yet.

In-Play Betting & Live Streaming

The live betting arena is another equally thrilling and innovative space within the online gambling space. There is a lot of innovation and data transmission technology going into streamlining the availability of markets and keeping odds up to date to the nearest second. All of this is incredible when one appreciates the global scale of betting opportunities and the scale of markets being tracked for live bets.

If you’re looking to place bets at the best live sports betting sites then you need to find the correct site. These platforms are the best in the business for in-play, many of them offer live streaming, have a specific bonus for this bet type and have optimized their platforms to work quickly for live betting performance.

Of course, there are a whole host of other exciting features that we haven’t yet unpacked, and you’ll only need to visit one yourself to get a feel for what in-play at these sportsbooks is really like. Play at one of the providers above and enjoy a vast quantity of in-play betting phenomena from cash-out to live streaming.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Swiss Betting Sites

Flexibility of payment methods and the ability to use a combination of eWallets and bank cards is a luxury that gamblers around the world have become accustomed to. One of the most important aspects regarding each payment method is the deposit limit. In the next table below we show a series of popular payment methods used at the best sports betting sites in Switzerland with the accompanying data to help you understand them better.

Here we list all of the payment options available for gamblers in Switzerland. The list below is by no means an exhaustive range of options, but should give readers a better sense of the types of payments available and the fees you’ll be likely to incur.

Payment Method Type Deposit Limits Deposit/Withdrawal Payment Fee
Bank Card CHF10 – CHFx20,000 Yes / Yes No Fees
Bank Card CHF5 – CHF25,00 Yes / No No Fees
eWallet CHF5 – CHF10,000 Yes / Yes No Fees
eWallet CHF10 – CHF12,500 Yes / Yes No Fees
eWallet CHF10 – CHF15,000 Yes / Yes 1.0% – 1.0%
eWallet CHF20 – CHF20,000 Yes / Yes 1.5% – 1.5%
Bank Transfer CHF20 – CHF50,000 Yes / Yes No Fees

There are a number of exciting payment options listed in this table above, all of which can be used to bet with in Switzerland. Be aware that if you intend on claiming a welcome bonus you’ll need to use one of the eligible methods. For most welcome bonuses Skrill and Neteller are not prohibited due to some of their chargeback mechanisms.

PayPal Betting

When it comes to PayPal betting, there are very few eWallets that capture the demand for efficient, safe and fast payment methods like the US fintech. Boasting over 300 million active accounts and billions of dollars’ worth of transactions each year, PayPal has become the gold standard of eWallets since Elon Musk and Co launched it in the early 2000s.

PayPal has always been held in high-regard by individuals needing a safe and reliable mechanism to transfer their money over the internet. Not only does it incur no fees for transferring and receiving money, but it can exchange between currencies, track standing orders, send notifications to your phone and allow you to send money to someone with just an email address.

The Platform Functionality

The general user-experience at a sports betting site is a major factor when it comes to ranking the premium operators. We always look for operators that have a fantastic setup and enable players to game in the best way. This is a broad area of the ranking and not something that can be immediately quantified or measured.

Things we can immediately point to when judging the website functionality include the load times, the resolution of the screen, navigation menus and absence of bugs. Quality testing is an essential part of the development process, and operators that are investing fully in their engineering pipeline will almost always produce far higher quality platforms than those that do not.

Nice-to-Have Extras

Besides all the standard ranking criteria there are a number of extra features we can look to when differentiating between sportsbooks. These nice-to-haves are transformative for the overall enjoyment of users. In Switzerland many operators have invested heavily into their platforms, creating a whole host of extra features such as cash out, live streaming and bet builder.

Each of these features provides a unique sense of convenience and enjoyment for players. The list and below is by no means an exhaustive overview of extras, and after conducting your own investigations you may find some other cool features at top bookies in Switzerland.

Top Extra Features 2021:

Each betting site strives to offer as many of these additional features as they are able to, but it must be said that not every bookmaker operates with the same level of commitment to these luxury extras. You’ll have to shop around with all the operators in this market to find the best combination of extra features, odds and betting markets.

Customer Support Mechanisms

The most important aspect of any online business, let alone sports betting company, is the quality of its customer support systems. When ranking the top sports betting sites available in Switzerland we considered the customer service to be an integral factor in this process. We judged the number of contact routes along with the speed and quality of case resolutions when quantifying customer service performance.

In the table below you can see the results of our findings. We look at the availability of different contact methods, the response times and the general timeframe you can access the service as our key variables in the ranking.

Contact Method Availability at Brazilian Sportsbooks Response Time Usually Available
☎️ Telephone Common Up to 10 Minutes 12 hours a day
📧 E-Mail/Contact Form Common Up to 12 Hours 24/7
👩‍⚕️ Live Chat Common Up to 5 Minutes 12 hours a day
💬 Messenger Common Up to 20 Minutes 12 hours a day
🌐 Social Networks Common Up to 1 Hour 12 hours a day

The Swiss approach to customer service is not something that the small Franco-Germanic nation is famous for, but they do take care of their customers in a professional manner nonetheless. Depending on the urgency of your inquiry you can easily select a customer support method that is best suited to the severity of your problem. For urgent issues use the live chat portal, other longform request can be better articulated with email.

Reputation of the Bookmaker

Garnering a strong reputation as an online betting brand is not an easy task. Many betting sites work tirelessly to build up a global reputation that enables them to win more market share than their competitors. It is clear that the reputation of the sportsbook has direct consequences on the overall success enjoyed by the company.

Betting enthusiasts will always listen to the learned opinions of other gamblers. If the general consensus of an operator’s performance is generally very positive, then punters will be more willing to trust the platform to provide them with a good service. Similarly, if gamblers are unanimously dissatisfied with the treatment they receive from the sportsbook they are less likely to want to play there.

How to Open an Account at Swiss Bookmaker

Opening an account at an online betting site in Switzerland is just as easy and simple as anywhere around the world. You’ll need to have your personal documents to hand before making the initial commitment, and make sure that any details you provide such as date of birth, address and name are all provable with the adequate documentation.

Register an Account

Find the operator that you like the look of, looking around this review for the one that suits your style of betting, then hit ‘Register’.

Enter Your Details

Now you’ll need to complete a registration form. This will ask you to provide a series of details about yourself.

Confirm the Account

Then you can confirm the account. This will enable you to make withdrawals from the platform without any hinderance.

These processes are designed to be as streamlined as possible, without making any unnecessary clickthrough steps or obtrusive block messaging. In fact, designing the new customer onboarding process is an area of intense psychological research for a bookmaker. No part of this process is accidental, and the whole thing is designed to be as quick and carefree as possible.

eSports: CS:GO Betting Sites & More

Another area of much excitement in online bookmaking are eSports betting sites. These platforms are embedded in the world’s biggest brands, and leading sportsbook operators are all aware of the immense power and influence posed by this market. In terms of engagement and scalability there are very few corners of sports gambling showing so much promise.

Given the excitement surrounding eSports, it’s no surprise that CS:GO betting sites are experiencing a surge in popularity. But in truth, there are numerous other eSports markets that are equally deserving of your attention. Games like Fortnite, League of Legends, FIFA 21 and Warzone all attract millions of viewers on streaming platforms – and have an equally exciting uptake on betting sites.

If you are yet to give eSports betting a try, then we highly recommend trying it out. Each operator provides an unrivalled quality gambling experience. You can be certain that what you get with these platforms is the very best eSports bookmaker experience anywhere in Switzerland.

The Legality and Evolution of Attitudes Towards Gambling

Switzerland is not only home to some of the best sports betting sites in the European continent, but also casinos, lotteries, bingos and horse racing tracks – all of which have been fully regulated and legalized. The country has long ago adopted a set of liberal principles to preserve and advance the existence of commercial gambling across its territories.

In the next few paragraphs we’re going to unpack all the legal ramifications that the Swiss state has imposed upon gambling. By the end of this final section of the review you’ll have a clear understanding of where gambling sits within the legal framework of Switzerland, and better still, be able to make a clear judgement on where the industry’s future is going.

Regulation and Licensing of Gambling Operators

Legal Sports Betting & Gambling in Switzerland
🎰 Fixed Odds Betting Terminals 950
📑 Betting Shops 170
🏛️ Land-Based Casinos 28
💻 All Licensed Sportsbooks 40+
🏆 Best-Rated Safe Betting Sites Our Picks

The local gambling situation in Switzerland is such that the laws are favorable for those that wish to engage in no holds barred gaming. The country is home to plenty of large and high-quality casinos. These include sportsbooks, fixed odds betting terminals, horse racing tracks and much more. As the industry expands and opens itself up to an offshore online gaming presence, regulations have had to tighten up in the process.

We only work with online betting sites legal when creating these pages for our readers. Our ultimate aim is to analyze the market in its current state, and report back on the biggest and most trusted operators best serving the industry. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in then keep scrolling to the bottom of this page where we report the findings.

Since 1923 the Switzerland government has legalized and regulated gambling in some form. The modernization of the industry really happened in 2018, as the country then launched its own agency to regulate and license new online gambling platforms. Any operator wanting to conduct business inside Switzerland must obtain a license from this agency prior to any gaming activity.

There are many legal sports betting sites to choose from when playing inside the Switzerland online sports betting market. Since 2018 the country has been a hotbed of activity with many new brands popping up to occupy the unchartered market.

The various gaming options in Switzerland are not all based within the country, most of these brands have their head office located in either Malta or Gibraltar. This is a similar case with much of Europe, but as Switzerland is not officially part of the EU there are a number of rules that block EU based gambling brands from freely operating in the region. The Switzerland Gambling Regulator has to approve each candidate before granting an operating license.

Rogue Bookmakers You Should Avoid

Now that we have explained what makes an online betting site a strong choice and offered some premium examples of where you can play, it’s time to discuss gambling platforms that are best off being avoided. You need to conduct a bit of due diligence before signing up to an unknown gaming platform, especially if you plan on making large deposits. Gambling scams are some of the most common online, so always be aware of who you’re entrusting with your cash.

The list of gambling platforms in the table below are representative of a list of companies that failed in their obligations as a trusted bookmaker for one reason or another. Each of them have been blacklisted by our researchers, and for your own benefit and safety, we highly recommend avoiding the brands listed below.

It may seem slightly daunting that we have listed nine brands committing some kind of nefarious activity towards customers. Don’t be put off, we’ve listed many trusted betting sites available in Switzerland across this review. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the best sportsbooks available in the country.

History and Future

If we don’t understand history, we are doomed to repeat it. Whilst the gaming industry has gone from strength to strength across Switzerland and most of the developed world, it is worth looking back and recognizing how far we’ve come. There are several key milestones that paint a vivid picture of the betting landscapes in this country.

Taking a look back through the years we start with the earliest forms of gambling in Swiss society. Looking closely at how the laws unfolded and amalgamated, then analyzing how the country embraced its transition into a fully open and legal hotbed for online betting companies to freely operate.

History of Swiss Sports Betting Laws & Acts
  • All gambling prohibited As the modern society evolved in Switzerland after the First World War, the government decided to clamp down and ban gambling in all its formats across the Swiss nation.
  • Lotteries given license to operate Even though the 1921 laws had banned a national lottery, the individual regions or cantons as they’re called, were given the license to set up their own local lotteries.
  • Limited-stakes casino gambling allowed Overruling the laws of 1921 the Swiss government decides to sign-off on a new piece of legislation that allows limited-stakes casino gambling to take place. This new activity is promoted and becomes very popular.
  • Enter the EuroMillions Two of the country’s biggest lottery providers Sport-Toto and Loterie Romande are merged into the continental lottery, EuroMillions. The new deal paves the way for much bigger jackpots for Swiss lottery players.
  • New online gaming regulation The Swiss government begins to recognize the need to license online gambling, which up until this point has been happening all across the region in the unlicensed form.
  • Online casinos granted licenses The government finally takes the plunge and initiates a decades long project to bring about a licensed and fully functioning online gambling industry to the Swiss people.

The model currently employed by the Swiss government will likely prove to be incredibly successful, and already the benefits are clearly noticeable. Charities and non-profits have been the biggest benefactors of the expansion efforts in the industry thus far. The taxes raised through casino revenue taxes have proven incredibly lucrative for the state.

However, there are those in government that are raising concerns over the health issues indirectly related to wider-acceptance of gambling. Fortunately, Switzerland is a country that promotes responsible gambling and has many protections in place to ensure this attitude is maintained. For now they can keep riding the money wave as more online operators pop-up around the region.

Betting in Switzerland: An Industry Still in its Infancy

The small land-locked nation in the center of Europe is widely-known for producing great chocolate, being an amazing skiing holiday spot, and offering a favorable set of financial conditions for banks to park their money in a cheap and secret way. The country is thriving economically, enjoying a staggeringly low unemployment rate of just 3% and sustaining an incredibly low wealth gap of just 12:1 between the highest and lowest paid workers. Yet for all the incredible wealth invested here the gambling industry is still in its infancy, particularly when considering the possibilities of online betting sites in Switzerland.

Now that we’ve explained the landscape of Swiss gambling, and offered guidance on how to rank operators for quality, it’s time to choose a site to kick things off with. The best platforms to play at for a wide-range of different ranking categories.

We regularly look back over the content we produce and audit for accuracy and relevance. Our recommendations can change or the substance of our sports betting sites reviews may no longer correct then we will not hesitate to make fundamental changes. Check back again in the future to see how the new online betting industry develops in Switzerland

Frequently Asked Questions

Our researchers are regularly receiving questions on the more complex issues surrounding the Swiss betting sites industry. We provide detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions below – keep scrolling if you want to learn a few more interesting facts about the gambling landscape in Switzerland.

🥇 What are the best betting sites in Switzerland?

There are many domestic and international top betting sites now available across Switzerland, the market is still finding its feet after only gaining legal approval to operate in 2018.

🏆 What betting offers can I find at Swiss sportsbooks?

When it comes to nailing down the best betting offers in Switzerland we don’t have to look too far. There are many fantastic welcome bonuses, deposit match deals, free bets and enhanced odds promotions.

⚖️ Is betting legal in Switzerland?

Online betting has been completely legal in Switzerland since 2018. The newly defined sports betting regulation has created a new industry of top-drawer gambling brands available to the Swiss people.

💳 Is PayPal betting possible in Switzerland?

The hugely popular PayPal protocol is used across Switzerland by betting customers and virtually all of the country’s sportsbooks accept betting using PayPal on their platform.

🔍 Are there any new betting sites you can recommend?

We work alongside some of the world’s biggest betting brands, similarly we always lookout for exciting new betting sites  to recommend to our readership.

😎 Is live betting possible in Switzerland?

Switzerland sportsbook sites offer some fantastic in-play betting options. The live arena is certainly one of the most popular gambling dimensions in the nation’s online bookmaker ecosystem.

👌 What is the best sport betting app I can download in Switzerland?

Some of the worlds top sports betting apps are available to play in Switzerland. Thanks to being a hotbed for international betting providers the standard of apps in the country is very high.

🏤 Is it possible to bet on elections?

You can bet on a wide range of betting markets at Swiss bookmakers, including but not limited to virtual sports, politics and the weather.

List of Betting Sites in Switzerland: All Swiss Bookmakers

So there we have it, you’ve reached the end of our review of Switzerland’s online betting industry. In the future, we will offer a list of betting sites that are worth checking out for new players. All bookmakers recommended will have received our full endorsement following rigorous testing and ranking. Go forth, make some bets and get busy at these wholly enjoyable gambling platforms.