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The Roundabout Calculator

Welcome to our roundabout calculator, here you will find your one-stop-shop for everything you need for working out your bet. You can quickly and easily see all the permutations your bet could hold. What’s more, you can see your profit potential in an instant. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go now!

Try a roundabout for yourself!

What is a Roundabout Bet?

A roundabout bet is a pretty complicated being. Even so, if you only want to place small stakes it can increase your profit exponentially. It is a wager of three selections, which entails three singles and then three any to come doubles. The interesting thing here is if the singles win, then double the amount of the stakes placed on them is then places on the doubles. It sounds complicated to work out, and it is! That’s why we made a calculator!

How to use the Roundabout Bet Calculator

Using our roundabout bet calculator is one of the easiest things in the world and is one of the reasons you’ll be successful using this bet! All you need are your odds from the 3 events you are playing on and then the stake amount you wish to place. Enter these into their respective boxes, making sure you have selected the correct type of odds – American, fractional, or decimal – and you will see the totals automatically appear! Sensational, we know. You can then how different outcomes could affect your bet by selecting if a selection won or lost. This is a world-class feature and we are proud to have it included.

A Practical Example

Now we will provide you with a practical example of using our roundabout betting calculator. For this we chose three horse events, with different odds. We backed Raining Thunder at 3/1, You’re My Boy Blue at 4/5, and One Flew Over at 2/1. We back them with a measly stake of £1 per horse. Of course, if your single wins then you place £2 of your winnings on the double. If they all came in, we’d be set to make a return of £49.50 and a profit of £46.80, a pretty tidy amount indeed. What happens if You’re My Boy Blue loses? Well we’d get a total return of £3 which equates to a profit of £0! At least we didn’t lose!

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Advantages of using the Calculator

The big advantage of using our roundabout returns calculator is that you don’t have to use your brain power on unwanted things like mathematics. Instead, you can focus all of your energy on the things that matter, such as picking a winner! What’s more, you don’t even have to click anything for the calculations to take place, just by adding the odds and stake it does it for you! This means you can quickly see the different outcomes depending on the odds and makes it an invaluable comparison tool.

Similar Types of Bet

There are a few bets that are similar to the roundabout. However, it is made up of singles and any to come doubles.

The rounder bet is also made up of the same, but the way the stakes are placed is different to this one. Overall, it is pretty unique and requires a lot of betting skill to understand.

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