A Comprehensive List of Online Bookies and All Betting Sites in Italy

Sports betting in Italy is huge and has an ever-growing demand. Punters are continuously searching for bookies with better options or features to get the best gambling experience. Here, we have judiciously put together a comprehensive list of all betting sites in Italy to save you the stress. All Italian sportsbooks listed here are licensed and regulated.

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All Italian Betting Sites in our Bookmaker List

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Betting Bonus PayPal Live Streaming Cash Out Rating Website T&C’s
€20 Yes No No 99/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€100 Yes No No 98/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€100 No Yes Yes 97/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€215 Yes Yes No 96/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€200 Yes Yes No 95/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€10 Yes Yes Yes 94/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Bets are not guaranteed winners. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€50 Yes No No 93/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
€122 No No No 92/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

For the record, our comprehensive list is put together on a single page. This gives you the opportunity to quickly go through the best Italian betting sites without much navigation. These betting sites have been certified by the appropriate authorities, making their operations legal in their respective jurisdiction.

All Italy’s Betting Sites List: Online Bookies with a Legal Licence

Online bookmakers are considered legal only if they have a valid license. Without a permit, their activities are tagged illegal or fraudulent. Betting is legal in Italy; this has skyrocketed the number of bookies in the country. Our sportsbook list comprises bookmakers licensed by gambling authorities. Ideally, they have the ‘go-ahead’ to offer gambling services to gamblers.

Without a license, online bookmakers won’t be able to operate fully in the gambling industry. Punters are advised to avoid such sites if they come across them. In retrospect, we ensure our comprehensive bookmakers’ list has the approval of the appropriate gambling authorities. This saves you the stress of unfair play or loss of funds in the near future.

Top Bookies in Italy

There are lots of licensed bookmakers out there. Considering the collection of bookies available, making a choice could be overwhelming or somewhat confusing. Please do not panic; we knew this was possible. We completed a shortened list of all bookmakers. Here are the top bookmakers that made our list.

Our Top Betting Sites List by Category:
Best Betting Site Betway
Best Betting Bonus bet365
Newest Betting Site NetBet
Top Football Betting Site William Hill
Best PayPal Betting Site 888sport
Ultimate Market Selection 22bet
Best Live Betting Site NetBet
Great Payment Options Betway
Top Payout Levels Bwin
Best Mobile Betting Site William Hill

How to Select the Best Bookie from The List

There are more bookmakers than you can ever play at. Choosing a preferred bookie to gamble becomes a necessity. Essentially, your choice should be centered on specific criteria that would guarantee you make the best choice. Here are the necessities you should consider when making a selection from the list of all bookmakers:

Amount and Type of Bonus

There are various kinds of bonus offer available at these bookies. You can rarely find two bookmakers with the same kind of offer. These differences can be beneficial if you understand these offers. It is best to research best betting bonuses of each bookie. Checking out their requirements before hitting the sign-up button is also advised.

Bonus envelope

The Mobile App

With the mobile app, you can easily access your account and place wagers on the go. The app makes it convenient to check up on current odds and makes adjustments to wagers on your iPhone or Android mobile betting sites. It is also mobile-friendly with a beautiful interface and theme.

Mobile phone and a small football

Means of Payment

Ideally, it is impossible to wager for real money without real money, except you are interested in demo games. That is why this criterion is very vital when considering your payment method. We have a wide range of payment methods now available. Paysafecard, Neteller, PayPal and Skrill betting sites, are some of the finest eWallets available.

Bank cards

Live Streaming

Gamblers whose preference for online betting is live betting would go for live betting sites where they could live stream events. Live streaming is cost-effective, convenient, and offers the opportunity for In-game betting. Not all sports can be live-streamed. Tennis, soccer, horse racing, golf, etcetera are a few sports you can stream.

Television screen with live streaming

Cash Out Betting

With the cash-out option, punters have the opportunity to get back their money on bets placed before the event ends. Indeed, this option has changed the concept of online betting and made it more exciting. All bookmakers should adopt this feature on their platform. Also, it should be a criterion for selecting bookies to sign-up on.

A bank card

These criteria can be found in Italian bookmakers. However, they are just a small aspect of what we consider when doing our research. While carrying out thorough research on all bookies in Italy, more criteria were introduced into the process. Our effort is aimed at presenting the best review to our customers.

Additional Criteria Applied in Rating All Sportbooks

There are several other criteria used in rating bookmakers. These additional criteria are not in any way less relevant than the ones mentioned earlier. You need to also consider bookies based on these criteria. Customer support, best odds, game collection are relevant criteria for making our Italy bookie list.

Precise Sport Ratings

All betting sites can’t perform in the same way. These differences in performance are valid reasons for our preferences. For a specific sport, a particular bookie would perform better than another. The sports array on demand is more than this, but here is the most popular sports list.

We didn’t just wake up and put out the sportsbook list above. Thorough research was done regarding each category, and factors like best betting odds were put in perspective. These steps led to us generating a well-researched sportsbook list. Ideally, with the betting calculator you can get an idea of your payout.

Are There Benefits of Registering at Multiple Bookies?

Professional punters are known to have multiple accounts. Have you ever asked yourself why they do this? Of course, it is beneficial to them, and we think you should know about it. There are several benefits of having accounts across all bookmakers considered reliable. Access and knowledge on the best bonus offer, best odds available, and avoiding certain limits are few benefits.

The flexibility and freedom of having multiple accounts give you the opportunity to place wagers on any game of your choice. You are not limited to certain sports or payment methods by your jurisdiction. You can employ various matched betting strategies to optimize your winning chances. All bookmakers cannot offer the same program, and you should take advantage of these differences

Quality vs Quantity: Which is Preferred?

Ideally, the battle between quality and quantity is always ongoing. However, we always advise you to go for quality for the sake of an excellent gambling experience. However, this does not stop you from having various options available. The bookmaker list should not be shoved under the bed because it has its benefits.

Renowned Bookmakers That Have Ceased to Operate

The gambling industry is similar to other sectors like commerce, finance, etcetera. Bookmakers sometimes make decisions that see them go out of business or bankrupt. Often, the lack of customers or an ideal PR team could have some effect too. Here is a betting sites list with some famous bookmakers that are no more in operation.

Bookmakers That No Longer Offer A Sportsbook
Bookmaker Reason Inactive Since
DOXXbet Not diversified enough 2017
1x2Plus Poor Management 2017

Websites to Duck

Losing a game could change your countenance. How about being scammed of your hard-earned money? You should never subscribe to playing at a site that isn’t registered or one without a proper license. Punters who defy this rule end up with sad stories; all sportsbooks are not the same. Here are bookies that you should never sign up on or play games on:

The Blacklisted Bookies
Bookmaker to avoid Domain Reason
www.skybet.it Not Licensed
www.riverbet.ro Not Licensed
www.digibet.com Not Licensed

These are necessary red flags that should help you figure out these sites. Again, we would encourage proper research or stick to the list we provide. Hot promotions but no or low cashing out, unresponsive customer support team, lengthy verification procedures are some red flags to detect a fake site or unlicensed bookie.

How to Activate Self-Exclusion Scheme

Problem gamblers are punters who have a gambling addiction. Ideally, you could decide to stop gambling if you discover it is becoming a problem, not necessarily an addiction. If you are in this category, we got you covered. To avoid gambling for a certain period, specific tools can be useful to make this happen.

These online tools are right at your disposal. You don’t need to search so far. Betblocker is a good example. It offers punters self-exclusion for a particular duration which they are comfortable with. Check here to get on Betblocker self-exclusion scheme.

Self Exclusion from Gambling Sites

Self-exclusion should be an option on every betting site. This is ideal because it shows they care about the mental and financial state of their customers. All bookmakers should have the option of self-exclusion if punters decide to take a break. There are a couple of tools that could help you stay off gambling. Here is one:

Unique Self Exclusion Registry – USER logo

Unique Self Exclusion Registry – USER

With the USER, a gambling framework or network is created. If a player decides to self-exclude for a particular duration, such an account would be closed. All other operators would get the memo and also suspend such accounts. Also, targeted gaming adverts would be blocked from such punters.

Steps to Blocking Bookies on Your Devices

Alternatively, you might want to self-exclude ‘manually’. This depends on the type of devices you are using, either a desktop or mobile device. These specific tools can be manually activated to block your access to all betting sites. Here, we would recommend a couple of these tools for your self-exclusion:

Tools to Block Gambling Sites on Your PC

As mentioned earlier, there are specific tools that could be helpful. It is impossible to self-exclude without putting these measures in place. These tools are available and could be accessed through your PC. This would restrict your access to any gambling site. Here is a list of such tools:

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a great app that has lots of functions. Internet filter roots, app blocking, restricting screen time are some of its features. Here, Net Nanny can be used to block gambling apps, filter your internet to keep you protected from gambling ads. This is an ideal way to self-exclude yourself.


CYBERsitter is another tool that helps keep people from potentially dangerous activity. This tool is also useful in blocking adverts from getting to you. Gambling adverts are hazardous to problem gamblers on the road to recovery. Most importantly, it can block gambling websites. This helps you keep to your self-exclusion duration.


This tool was launched in 2017 by the Alternative Dispute Resolution service. With BetBlocker, it is goodbye to gambling activities. Also, with BetBlocker, you can block yourself from accessing more than 14,000 betting sites. Once selected, you cannot undo its activation except the fixed duration has ended.


GamCare is a tool that offers support to punters who have a gambling addiction. The company has been in existence for over 2 decades. With GamCare, you can conveniently self-exclude from gambling activities. It also blocks targeted adverts from gambling sites. This keeps your mind free from anything related to gambling, creating the opportunity to recover.

Apps and Tools to Help Block Gambling Sites on Your Phone

Mobile users are not exempted from going on self-exclusion if they choose to. There are also a couple of mobile phone apps and tools available to restrict yourself from visiting any gambling site. Here, we would introduce you to specific tools that could do the magic.


Qustodio is a tool or software that mobile users can use in restricting themselves. This tool can manage, supervise and protect you from gambling activities. Also, using this tool is easy and straightforward. You can set limits and filtering to ensure you are restricted from gambling content.


This is a renowned tool with a beautiful track record. Punters who are going on self-exclusion can easily use Gamban to block any form of access to gambling websites. Ideally, if your willpower fails, this tool would be a good backup plan. It is one of the best choices for problem gamblers.

Top Gambling Organizations and Their Functions

Essentially, to be consistent, there has to be some form of system that keeps things in check. The gambling industry has a considerable number of organizations that drive, regulate, and guide the market. This ensures that gambling activities remain consistent with fair and safe practices in all jurisdictions.

Giocatori Anonimi

Giocatori Anonimi is a gambling supports group founded in 1957. This group comprises men and women who have once been affected by online gambling. They share the experience to generate strength, hope for those who are in the recovering stage. To get into this organization is straightforward, be willing to give up gambling.

Organization Name Giocatori Anonimi
Founded 1957
Headquarters 4981 Irwindale Avenue, Suite 700, Irwindale, CA
Function Gambling Support Groups
Website giocatorianonimi.org
Contact info@giocatorianonimi.org

European Gaming and Betting Association

The European Gaming and Betting Association represents gaming and betting providers within the EU. They work together with other bodies to provide a safe environment for online gambling. Punters protection and demand are factors they take into consideration. The organization was founded in 2007 and had about 16 million customers.

Organisation European Gaming and Betting Association
Founded 2007
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Function Industry Body
Website www.egba.eu
Contact egba@egba.eu

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

The Independent Betting Adjudication Service has the approval of the gambling commission. It is set up to render impartial and fair adjudications on disputes. It stands as a middle man between the customers and the registered gambling operator. Usually, cases brought to the IBAS have reached a deadlock on the side of the operator involved.

Organisation Independent Betting Adjudication Service
Founded 1998
Headquarter United Kingdom
Function Gambling Dispute Resolution
Website www.ibas-uk.com
Contact adjudication@ibas-uk.co.uk

International Betting Integrity Association

The International Betting Integrity Association is known to be the leading voice regarding licensed operators. They eliminate things like match-fixing, coupled with their regulatory and licensing duties. The IBIA punishes parties involved in match-fixing. This organization also works with the government or institutions to create policies that would advance the gambling industry.

Organisation International Betting Integrity Association
Founded 2005
Headquarters Bruxelles, Belgium
Function Industry Body
Website ibia.bet
Contact info@ibia.bet


BeGambleAware is administered by GambleAware, an independent charity organization equipped with the responsibility of funding education, research, and treatment services. Ideally, the organization aims to put an end to gambling affiliated harms. They also provide tips on how to avoid these harms associated with gambling.

Organisation GambleAware
Founded 2008
Headquarter Charing Cross Rd, London, UK
Function Independent Charity
Website www.begambleaware.org
Contact info@gambleaware.org


Conclusively, this review is thoroughly put together to guide your betting journey. You can’t read and forget about the information provided here. Essentially, you should make it a part of your betting strategy. Ensure that you check this page regularly. Make it a habit to always return because of the quality of content on gambling sites we put out here.

Sports people


Our best-rated betting site!

Furthermore, during our research, operators with a proven track record were our target. Our list of betting sites showed this. We understood the importance of this decision to the Italian community. The operators listed above are the best for Italy. We can boldly say this because of the amount of work we put into this.


Generally, the FAQ section addresses possible questions that would arise after reading this review. We decided to create a hub of answers that would get you through. Also, these questions are mostly asked about this topic. Here are some interesting questions about our list of Italian betting sites that we decided to answer:

👌 Is there a list of all betting sites in Italy

There is a list of all betting sites in Italy. However, there would be no page to contain all betting sites. Now, we made a shortened version of that list, presenting you with the best bookmakers in Italy. Check out all Italian betting sites for more information. 

❓ How do I select a bookmaker from your Comprehensive List?

Ideally, selecting bookmakers is easy and straightforward. Although there are some parameters to keep you focused on the objectives. Here are our selection criteria, as we did a breakdown of what you should consider. Payment methods, live streaming, bonus offers, etcetera are some of the parameters mentioned. 

🏆 By what means do you select the finest sportsbook from all betting sites?

Choosing the best betting site is vital if you intend to have an incredible gambling experience. Betting sites with a proven track record are best to go along with. Customer service, transparency, payment options are parameters that guide in choosing the best site. You can check out the best betting site for Italy for more information. 

🛡️ What guarantees online gambling sites are not rigged?

First, you should ensure that the betting sites are licensed. There are gambling organizations that are responsible for ensuring fair and transparent game practices. However, only sites that are licensed can be found under their regulation. Betting sites that go against their guidance would be penalized

⚖️ Are all bookmakers lawful in Italy?

No. Some bookmakers are illegal in Italy, and during our research, we listed such sites. Also, check out our list of bookmakers with a valid license. This would guide you when making your choice. It would be best if you only chose Italian sites with a valid license.