Betdaq Review: Taking a Critical Look at the Reputable Exchange

One of the biggest betting exchanges to arise in the past few years is Betdaq. Ever since they were founded they have grown to take around 7% of the entire market share. Our Betdaq review will tell you absolutely everything you need to know, including how to use it, the odds levels you can expect, the in-play capabilities, live streaming platform and much, more.

Our Rating of Betdaq - GhanaGhana Flag

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Sports to bet on 18
Avg. markets (EPL) 56
Live streaming No
Payout rate (EPL) 2.00%
Sponsorship Sunderland FC
Languages offered English
Customer service Live Chat/Phone/Email
Licensing UK Gambling Commision Number: 01611
Free Bet $/£10
Money Back VISIT SITE!
Overall Rating 4.3 / 5
Betdaq Highlights:
Sports Rank Best Golf Betting Sites
Payment Rank Top Skrill Betting Sites
Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

As the above table shows, Betdaq offer the full experience. This is the reason why they have grown to be the second biggest betting exchange in the entire world. With so many betting options available, as well as a whole bunch of different sports markets, including some amazing odds levels, there is no reason not to get started with this fantastic operator. Please read the rest of our insanely detailed interview in order to discover the scoop on how to get the full betting exchange experience.

An Overview of the Betting Options

There are thousands of different betting options available on the site, meaning that all different types of punters will be satisfied when they use their services. All in all, you can expect around 16,000 different betting options available at the exchange almost every day. This is over a wide variety of sports, meaning that there really is no need to complain. Please read the sections we have created for you below to figure out the specific sports markets and betting options.

Sports Markets and Betting Options

All in all, when you bet at this exchange, you can expect around 22 or more sports available for you to trade stakes on every single day. A whole bunch of awesome sports can be expected when you use the Betdaq service. From football to horse racing to golf to cricket, nearly everything that can be expected is represented here. To help you get an idea of what to expect, we have created a table detailing the markets for you below. Take a closer look now!

The Most Popular Markets at Betdaq
Football Tennis Cricket Golf Rugby Union
Champions League ATP International Friendlies US Open World Cup
World Cup WTA The Ashes Ryder Cup Six Nations
International Friendlies Australian Open World Cup US Masters Premiership
Premier League US Open Twenty20 PGA Tour Sevens World Cup
Bundesliga Wimbledon County Championships European Tour Women’s Rugby
La Liga French Open IPL The Open Championship Lions Tour

As you can see, the main sports available at the betting site are football, tennis, cricket, golf and rugby. For each of these sports, many different tournaments are available. Football is one of the most popular sports on the platform, with bets available for the Champions League, World Cup, international friendlies, Premier League, Bundesliga and more. In addition to football, tennis is also rather well represented, allowing you to wager on competitions such as ATP and WTA matches, the Australian Open, the US Open, the French Open, and, of course, Wimbledon. In addition to being able to bet on football and tennis, you can also place wagers on sports as diverse as greyhound racing, rugby union, ice hockey, snooker, darts, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts and even virtual sports.

Horse racing is a particularly well-stocked topic within the betting site. There are the daily races, with many events to bet on every hour. Then you can also bet on popular antepost races, where arguably the real action happens. Here there are big races such as the Melbourne Cup, Grand National, Epsom Derby and other big races in both national hunt and flat racing. This stretches the whole world too, from the UK and Ireland to South Africa to Dubai to America. However, it’s not only sports that are popular. You can also bet on special events such as the results of popular TV shows, elections and other assorted prizes.

In-Play Betting and Live Streaming

While we all know that betting on an event before it happens is extremely fun, it is also well known that in-play betting is where the true punters hang out. Being able to bet on an event while it is taking place is an extremely exciting proposition. That is why we are pleased to announce that the exchange has a full sportsbook available for in-play bets. Whether it’s a big football match, or a snooker tournament or an iconic golf competition, Betdaq has you covered for all your live betting needs. It is disappointing however, that, as of yet, they still do not offer you the opportunity to live stream events. We are sure that this is something they will rectify in the future.

Multiples Betting Options

Multiple betting is a great option for people who want to make a lot of money through just a small wager as the odds can be so much higher. For users of Betdaq, they will be happy to know that multiple betting options are not just supported on the site, but encouraged! They even have a section on the left hand side of the page entitled “Multiples”, something really easy to help you get started. Simply click on it and your betting slip will be converted into multiples. From there you can pick multiple selections and move them all together in order to rack up a great bet. It is through offers like these that Betdaq easily stands out against a crowded betting exchange crowd.

Bet & Win Limits

When betting online, its important to be able to bet as high as you want and as low as you want. This is where operators can really get ahead by being flexible. Users of Betdaq can be assured of some of the fairest rates in the business. The minimum you can stake on any event is around $2, although they do state that they can change it at any time. As for the maximum you can stake, that can be as high as you’d like, basically. Do bear in mind that the minimum deposit you can put into your account is $10. What’s really amazing is that they do not have a maximum withdrawal limit so you can take out as much money as you would like.

Betdaq Odds Levels10

When it really comes down to it, the most important thing in the betting world are odds levels. Knowing that you have the best value for your buck can be the difference between a good betting experience and a great one. Thankfully for users of Betdaq, you can expect the best odds levels in the business, with some markets even going up to the hallowed 99%. This is because it is an exchange, so the bookmaker makes its money through commission instead. When you start with Betdaq you can expect commission of around 5%, but this will go down the more bets you place with the company, with the opportunity to get the rate all the way down to 2%.

Odds Levels for the Largest Sports Markets
  • .
  • Football97.82 - 99.06%
  • Cricket85.79 - 99.51%
  • Snooker85.58 - 99.13%
  • Boxing93.68 - 96.43%
  • Horse Racing88.90 - 95.86%
  • Ice Hockey94.07 - 94.74%
  • ..
  • .....
  • Return to Player (%)

To help you understand the different odds levels for each individual sport, we have created the above table for you. When it comes to football, one of the biggest markets around, you can expect awesome odds of between 97.82 – 99.06%. Conversely, cricket is also very popular, with odds between 85.79 – 99.51%. And for those of you who like to bet on horse racing, you won’t be disappointed. The odds are between 88.90 – 95.86%. Equally, snooker fans will love it at Betdaq. The odds are between 85.58 – 99.13%.

Betdaq Ghana Platform 7

The Betdaq Ghana platform is one of the best of the business, fully optimised to make sure that you have the smoothest betting experience possible. They utilise a unique purple and white aesthetic that really makes them stand out amongst a difficult crowd. Everything is laid out to make it very simple to get ahead. Once you attend the website you go immediately on to the exchange, where the in-play events and top choices are already there for you to peruse. In addition to that, its incredibly easy to find the sports you want to bet on – with all of them available of the a-z on the left hand side of the page. Another great option, as we have mentioned before, is the choice to bet on multiples, which is available on the top of the screen, and on the left hand side. Moving around a betting exchange has never been easier.

What Betdaq also do to fully help you have the best time on their site is have a popular links section on the sidebar. From there you can see all the things they like to prioritise, such as horse racing, the next greyhound race, soccer, the latest NFL week, in-play, virtuals, racing results and any other popular sporting event at that time. Once you have placed a bet, something we will try and explain to you in more detail in the section below, you can see it play out on your betslip on the right. Another really cool thing that they do is embed their Twitter feed into the page so you can see all their latest tips as they are posted in real time.

How to Place a Bet

Placing a bet with Betdaq is one of the simplest things you can ever do. Their entire layout has been designed to make it a very easy process. The first step you should take is making sure that you have an account and have deposited money into it. Then simply head on over to their homepage. From there you will be presented with a whole bunch of markets to help you get started. From there scroll over to the sports a-z situated on the left hand side of the page. From there you can pick the sport of your choice. Once you have picked your favourite sport, take a look around for your favourite market. Once you have found your favourite market, find your favourite league or competition, simply by scrolling down the page. After you have done that, look for your favourite event. The element we have created for you below helps to explain the rest of the process.

  • [1] Make Your Selection(s)Two events listed on the Betdaq page, with different betting options availableFind the selection that you want to bet on at Betdaq. This should be easy considering they have thousands of betting options.
  • [2] Enter Your Stake AmountA stake being wagered on the latest football page on the Betdaq pageEnter the amount of money you want to stake. Remember to only bet money that you think you are prepared to lose.
  • [3] Confirm Your Selection(s)A total stake of $1 being placed on a Betdaq eventAfter you have carefully considered your wager, simply confirm your selection by pressing the Place Bet button.

As the rest of this table shows, there is little confusion when it comes to betting here. Once you pick the stake you want, it will be added to your betslip on the right hand side of the page. From there you will be given the opportunity to look at how much potential money you might be able to win. Take your time to review the bet, to make sure that it is a good choice for you. From there simply click the “Place Bet” button and your bet will go through. It really is one of the easiest things to do in the world.

Additional Company Info

After teaching you all about how Betdaq works with regards to its betting exchange, now is the time to teach you all about the company itself. Keep on reading to learn more about Betdaq, and just why it has grown to be one of the best operators out there.

The Betdaq Business

This exchange is used as the trading name for Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited. It was founded in 2000 as part of the Global Betting Exchange by the insanely talented Irish businessman Dermot Desmond who thought it was a clever idea to cut out the bookmakers and have punters bet against one another. Now it has the second highest market share of the Global betting exchange market, with 7%. This is just after the market leader, Betfair. To learn even more about Betdaq, take a look at the table we have created for you below.

All About the Betdaq Business
Company Support Security Player Protection
Name:Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited Live Chat:10:00 – 20:00 Encryption:Symantec Class 3 Secure Server Deposit Limits:Adjustable
Head Office:Dublin Phone:08701 781 021 License:Gambling Commission Betting Limits:Adjustable
Owner:Dermot Desmond Testing Agency:E-cogra Self Exclusion:Available
Employees: Fax: Audit Organisation:IBAS Child Protection:Enforced
Registered Players: Other: Anti Money Laundering Controls:KYC (Know Your Customer) Partner Organisation:GamCare

The product team at Betdaq have created something that resounds well with punters across Ghana. Not only has a gained vast amounts of market capitalisation in recent years, but has started to squeeze out the lesser competition. We fully expect this operator to continue in this vain and become a leading betting exchange site within Ghana.

Brilliant Customer Service7

When you are betting online, it is essential that the customer service you deal with is second-to-none. When you use Betdaq, you can expect some of the highest quality across the betting world. They can be contacted in a whole variety of ways. You can send them an email, or ring them up over the phone. Additionally, from 10am – 8pm you can contact them via live chat. Sadly, unlike Ladbrokes it is not 24/7, but when contacting them we found them to be immensely helpful. This dedication to helping their customers is part of the reason why Betdaq have become one of the finest betting exchanges around.

Licensing & Security7

In accordance with British law, all bookmakers need to abide by a series of rules if they are to be properly accredited. Betdaq is a fully-licensed betting exchange, holding a license with the Gambling Commission. In addition to this, they are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. To help counteract some of the negative effects of gambling, they are also partnered with the highly respected GamCare. This dedication to fairness is what really makes them stand apart.

As well as being fully licensed, operators need to make sure that all of your money is being treated with the utmost safety. First of all, they encrypt all of your deposits so you and only you know your payment details. They will ask you for ID as part of their KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which is used not only to check you are not a minor but also to fight against money laundering. If you do happen to have any complaint with the betting exchange, you can always appeal to the very highly respected IBAS [Independent Betting Adjudication Service] who are there to audit any appeals you might have.

Bonus Points6

Bonus points may not be the main reason to go to a betting exchange in the first place, but they are still an important part of the betting process. We gave them a reasonable 6/10 for their bonus points. Please take a look below to see what special markets we gave them points for.

  • Live Streams.0/3
  • Sponsorship.2/3
  • Awards.2/2
  • Extra Markets.1/1
  • Bonuses.1/1
  • Bonus Points.6

Although six out of ten doesn’t seem that great, there is a clear rationale behind the choices we made. We will explain those choices to you right now! Firstly, we couldn’t give them any points for their live streams for one very simple reason: they don’t have any. This is a mighty shame but we believe it is something that they will introduce in the future. In addition to this, we could give them 2 out of 3 points for sponsorship as they are keen sponsors of Kempton Park Racecourse and Charlton Athletic. As for awards, due to the wide variety of honours bestowed upon them throughout their many years of service, it wasn’t hard to give them full marks. Equally, we felt obliged to give Betdaq full marks for its extra markets due to the wide plethora of special television bets that they offer. All in all, this gives them a decent six out of ten.

Betdaq Betting: a Great Trading Experience

Now we have come to the end of our bookmaker review. After carefully evaluating every aspect of their site, we can fully affirm that it is one of the best operators around. If you are interested in this exchange in anyway, why don’t you just get an account now? We think they are a great proposition due to the amazing odds levels on offer, betting options available, fully-optimised mobile app and a plentiful number of sports markets. While it is disappointing that they do not offer you the ability to live stream events, this is just a minor quibble compared to all the great things they do have.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Betdaq
  • Major Strengths
  • plenty of betting options
  • strong odds levels
  • Major Weaknesses
  • no live streaming
  • slow account confirmation
  • Minor Strengths
  • mobile app available
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • commission charged
  • hard to make profit from the welcome bonus
Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

We created the above strengths and weaknesses table for you to get a final idea of how this exchange works. As you can see, there really is so much going for it. If you think its right for you, getting an account is an extremely easy process. If you don’t like this bookmaker for any reason, simple head on back to our Ghana main page to learn more about betting in general and find a different site which is closer to your needs.


Please let us know if you have any further queries in regards to the review of Betdaq sports betting, we can be contacted via email at for deeper clarification.

How much commission is charged on my transactions at Betdaq?

The initial commission is 5%, but if you bet regularly this can go down to 2%