Since the advent of the Internet and online gambling, Canadians have increasingly participated in online betting. Every year, tens of thousands of Canadian residents enjoy sports betting, casino games, poker, bingo, the horses and more. The Canadian government has placed few if any barriers between citizens and online gambling, and Canadians have taken advantage of their freedom. A wide variety of reputable online gambling sites accept deposits in Canadian dollars and cater to the needs of Canadian bettors with quality customer support, excellent game variety and many payment options.

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Canadian Online Betting Information

Residents of Canada enjoy the freedom to access any desired betting sites because there are no bans on online gambling for users. Many Canadian companies are the major suppliers of online gambling software used by the biggest gambling sites on the Internet. The legality of online gambling in Canada is determined by each individual province. None of the Canadian provinces have placed bans on online gambling. In fact, the Kahnawake reserve which is located in the province of Quebec offers a portal and server space to international gaming sites. The only Canadian legislation regarding online gambling bans gambling sites from directly operating within Canadian borders. Simply put, Canadian residents can enjoy online betting sites but gambling sites cannot operate from within Canada.

The lack of legislation by the Canadian provinces regarding online gambling has given residents a wide birth to enjoy online betting sites. Many betting sites cater to Canadian gamblers and offer payment methods and banking that is geared towards Canadians. Bettors can research available Canadian betting sites to find which sites are best suited to their needs.

Attributes Of The Best Canadian Betting Sites

The best Canadian betting sites offer many advantages to users. The most reputable betting sites offer benefits like high quality customer support, convenient banking and great betting options. High quality customer support is available 24/7 and can be easily contacted. The best customer support can be reached through a variety of methods like instant chat, phone, email and message form to quickly resolve problems. Many betting sites offer convenient banking and accept payments in Canadian dollars. Some Canadian betting sites allow players to maintain accounts and place bets in Canadian dollars and other betting sites accept deposits in Canadian dollars but convert the funds into another major currency for betting purposes. The best Canadian betting sites offer game variety that is geared towards residents with betting on Canadian events and tournaments.

Many popular betting sites cater to Canadian bettors and accept deposits in Canadian dollars. Residents of Canada can choose from a variety of betting sites that offer high quality customer support, convenient banking and betting on Canadian events. Researching Canadian betting sites and reading reviews from experienced members can help bettors find the most reputable and reliable sites.

Gambling Laws

Canadian law does not authorize online betting at the federal level, but neither does it expressly forbid online gambling. The reality on the ground is that citizens may place wagers on the internet almost anywhere they wish. Most of the world’s largest names in online gaming operate throughout Canada and happily accept anyone of legal age as a customer.

As is the case in many nations, online gambling falls under a legal grey area in Canada. Federal and provincial laws are open to interpretation and the legality of placing bets online varies based on who you ask. However, there appears to be nothing in the law that criminalizes the mere act of placing a wager online.

This uncertainty is emblematic of outdated gaming laws still playing catchup in the digital age. The internet has no borders, and that makes regulation a difficult task. It may be illegal for a Canadian to run a gambling operation in Toronto, but local gaming laws have no impact on a gaming operation based in some other jurisdiction where online betting is legal, regulated and taxed.

In Canada, most gaming laws exist at the provincial level. The federal government grants provinces and territories the freedom to determine how they would like to approach online gambling within their own borders. As such, a handful of provinces have set up their own gaming websites that they promote as better alternatives to doing business with foreign operators.

It comes as no surprise that Canadians take the majority of their business offshore where the games and betting odds are more generous thanks to a greater degree of competition. Government run sports betting sites are notorious for fleecing customers with poor odds and limited betting options.

The Canadian government does not have a process by which it authorizes or licenses online gambling operations. Again, some provinces have their own betting sites, but there is no method by which non-government run sites can apply for licenses. This seems to indicate that the government does not approve of online betting even though it has so far taken no action to prevent citizens from accessing such websites.

There is also the case of the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation, which does issue online gaming licenses from its headquarters near Montreal. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is actually one of the largest regulators in the world for online gaming. It does so from right in the middle of Canada even though the commission technically exists on sovereign tribal land.

The legality of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been questioned numerous times by Canadian officials, but so far no action has been taken against the tribe. For all intents and purposes, the tribe is free to issue licenses and oversee online gaming as it sees fit.

So is online sports betting legal in Canada?

Canada’s gaming laws are badly outdated so this question is difficult to answer with any certainty. What we can tell you is that Canadians have been using the internet to bet on sports for years now and so far the government has taken no action to put a stop to the activity.

Nobody has ever gotten in trouble for betting online and the government has never attempted to block financial transactions or access to online gaming websites. Things could change in the future, but online gambling just doesn’t seem to register on the government’s radar at this time.

Horse Racing Wagering in Canada

While most forms of gambling are regulated at the provincial level, horse racing betting is regulated at the federal level by the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency. The agency oversees all horse racing activities – from overseeing the health of the horses to ensuring all betting is done according to the law.

The agency does not address online betting however. Once again, we must turn to offshore sportsbooks to bet on the horses. If you visit the sports betting area of any major betting site, you should see an option to bet on the day’s races. This activity is not regulated by Canadian authorities, so the smart thing to do is place your wagers with operators that are licensed by another reputable jurisdiction.

Provincial Betting Sites

An increasing number of provincial governments are taking a second look at online gambling. Every province and territory except Saskatchewan has expanded into online wagering to some degree. British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec now have a variety of government-backed betting sites that are available to citizens.

Unlike offshore betting sites, provincial operators face no legal uncertainty. They are fully backed by the government and headquartered in Canada. If that’s the case, then why do so many people continue to bet with quasi-legal offshore options? Once again, it is a simple matter of user experience.

Government run betting sites weren’t founded by businessmen and never faced the trial-by-fire that comes from competing in a free market. In many cases, the types of wagers available are severely limited, the payout odds are terrible and the websites are outdated. To put it simply, international gaming websites are better by every conceivable metric.