Betting is popular and legal throughout Belgium. Since 2002, online betting sites have also been legal in the country. It has been estimated that over 10,000 people in Belgium gamble on the Internet each month. While most of this traffic is concentrated toward online casino games, more and more people are betting online in Belgium each day.

Belgium Online Betting Information

Betting sites are popular and profitable in Belgium. They offer a wide variety of activities to bet on. Some of the most popular events offered by Belgian betting sites include:

  • Jupiler League Football matches
  • Cycling races
  • Tennis
  • Swimming races
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Automobile races
  • Basketball

The best Belgium betting sites allow you to place bets both before an event starts and during game play. Betting while a game is happening is known as live betting. Many users find live betting more exciting than normal betting because odds and prices are constantly changing throughout a game. Players will want to bet at the right time to maximize their wager.

The Belgian government provides licenses to betting sites they approve. It is important to select a licensed site to ensure the best and most secure betting experience. Licensed Belgian betting sites often provide better odds, give bigger payouts and provide winnings faster than unlicensed sites.

In addition, Belgians are allowed to play on foreign-based sites. This gives them more choices if a particular game or event is not offered on Belgium betting sites.

Attributes Of The Best Belgium Betting Sites

The best Belgium betting sites provide fast and accurate payouts. Unfortunately, some betting sites, especially those that are unlicensed, provide slow payouts or skip payments altogether. The best betting sites always stick to a set schedule for their payouts.

In addition, the best Belgium betting sites have been around for many years. Sites that have been in existence for a long time are likely to have fewer glitches. They are more likely to provide fast payouts and have a big selection of events to bet on.

The best Belgium betting sites provide bonuses and reward programs. Usually, players receive a sign-up bonus the first time they deposit money in their account. The best Belgium betting sites match a large percentage of this initial deposit. Sites that offer reward programs are preferred. These programs give players extra money to bet with for playing a certain number of games or winning a certain amount of money.

To get money into your account, the best Belgium betting sites give you many deposit options. More deposit methods give you a better chance of finding one that is compatible with your bank or credit card. The best betting sites offer encryption to make sure any information provided in a transaction is secure.

Licensed Belgium betting sites provide a trustworthy, reliable gaming experience. They are more likely to offer accurate payouts and quality customer support. It is important to know someone is available 24/7 to address your concerns.

Gambling Laws

Online gambling is legal in Belgium, but this is one of the most heavily regulated markets in the world. Only licensed gaming sites may operate in Belgium while those that don’t have licenses face internet censorship. As such, players are pretty tightly restricted in where they may play online.

It is also important to note that citizens are prohibited from patronizing unlicensed betting sites. Players who are caught placing wagers at unauthorized gaming websites face legal prosecution and fines. Nearly 80 people were fined €200 in 2015 for placing wagers at one such site.

Amazingly, those players got off easily. Belgian gaming laws provide for punishments as severe as €150,000 fines and 3-year prison stays. It is also illegal to promote, advertise for or process payments for unlicensed gaming sites in Belgium. To put it simply, almost any financial association you could have with an unlicensed operator is illegal.

The good news for players is that online gambling is well-regulated and there are plenty of legal sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites to choose from. Unlike some other countries, Belgium does not try to enforce a government monopoly over gaming. A handful of major, international betting sites have valid licenses and provide high quality experiences for their customers.

The Belgian Gaming Commission is responsible for overseeing online gaming in all forms. The commission monitors licensees, watches for illegal gaming sites and maintains a blacklist of sites that must be censored by Belgian ISPs.

Belgian Gaming Act

Today’s legal landscape is the product of the Belgian Gaming Act. The act was updated in 2011 to cover online gaming and it put in place the strong regulations that we have today. The act clearly laid out how Belgium will regulate online gaming and what happens to those who don’t comply.

One of the most noteworthy provisions in the act is the requirement that anyone seeking an online gambling license must either already operate a brick-and-mortar casino or partner with one to be considered for licensure. This places an upper limit on the number of sites that can potentially operate in Belgium and makes for a difficult, expensive process.

The requirement for a physical presence in Belgium has been challenged in court. In 2010, three entities challenged the constitutionality of several aspects of the Belgian Gaming Act. Most noteworthy of these was their claim that the requirement for any potential licensee to have a brick-and-mortar license is unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court eventually ruled against the plaintiffs, but it shows that not everyone is happy with Belgium’s strict gaming laws.

Horse Racing Betting in Belgium

Belgium takes a similar approach to horse racing betting as it does other forms of online gaming. The government only allows bets to be placed in-person at the track or online at licensed betting sites. However, online betting sites may only offer fixed odds wagers. In other words, the oddsmakers set the price ahead of time and pay exactly the agreed-upon amount – just like in sports betting.

True, parimutuel style horse betting may only be done in-person at the track or online at the one website authorized to host real money parimutuel wagers: Eurotiercé. The payout odds in parimutuel wagers are determined by pooling all wagers taken on a race and then dividing out payouts based on the amount of money put on each horse.