A Full List of Online Bookmakers and All Betting Sites in Belgium

If you are after the best place to discover everything you need to know about Belgian sportsbooks then this is the page for you. Read on to discover everything you need to know about selecting the best Belgian sportsbook for you as well as discovering a full list of all betting sites in Belgium. So if you are wanting to learn more about sports betting in the home of the EU this is the page for you.

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All Betting Sites in our Bookmaker List

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Betting Bonus PayPal Live Streaming Cash Out Rating Website T&C’s
Betway Boost Yes Yes Yes 97/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Daily Boosted Odds Yes Yes Yes 96/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Best Odds No Yes Yes 95/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

As you can see from the extensive list above this is the page to come to find the best Beligan betting sites in one place. With insights into what the best betting sites are and how to pick the right one for you, this page really is a one stop shop for potential sports punters.

All Belgium’s Betting Sites List: Online Bookmakers with a Valid Licence

We promise you that all bookmakers endorsed on this page are fully legal and licensed with the relevant local authorities. In that vein we have pulled together a list of all sportsbooks currently operating in Belgium with valid licences in the section below.

The list above has been put together by our team of experts who have ensured that each of the bookies above are fully approved by the relevant local Belgian authorities – so you can rest assured that you and your capital are not at risk of being taken advantage of when you gamble here.

Our Top Picks Amongst All Bookmakers

It’s important to note that each bookmaker has varying strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to find a balance that works for you. For instance, certain bookies aren’t great option for someone who enjoys live betting, but for someone who makes prematch wagers they’re great fits. See our Belgium sportsbook list below for the top options by category:

Our Top Betting Sites List by Category:
Best Betting Site Betway
Best Betting Bonus Betway
Newest Betting Site Betway
Top Football Betting Site Betway
Best PayPal Betting Site Unibet
Ultimate Market Selection Betway
Best Live Betting Site bwin
Great Payment Options Unibet
Top Payout Levels Unibet
Best Mobile Betting Site bwin

How to Pick your Bookie from Amongst All Belgium Bookmakers

Now for the important information we have no doubt you are dying to know – how to pick the right bookie for you out of the list of Belgian bookmakers. To assist you in making this decision we have pulled together a list below of the main categories you should take into consideration when choosing your bookie.

The Bonus Amount and Type

The betting bonus amount is always something you should look out for when deciding which sportsbook to bet with. Bonuses vary in nature and can come in the form of free bets, enhanced odds or even money back promotions – so if you already know what you want out of a bonus this can be a good way to whittle down the bookies.

Bonus envelope

The Mobile App

With online betting becoming increasingly more popular on mobile devices – considering a sportsbooks mobile website or app is another good way to check out and see if it is the right one for you. When looking at the sportsbooks mobile sites take into account the site’s user experience plus how easy it is for you to place a bet.

Mobile phone and a small football

The Payment Methods

One other element you should investigate when choosing which sportsbook to place a bet with is what payment methods they offer. With a plethora of payment methods now on offer across online gambling as a whole, be on the lookout for a sportsbook that offers you multiple ways of paying. Think not only debit and credit card payments but e-wallet and bank deposit payments as well. All betting sites tend to work with different payment providers, so it’s important to find one you’re comfortable using.

Bank cards

Live Streaming

Increasingly important in the world of online sports betting is whether or not the sportsbook offers live streaming of the games they are taking bets on. Ensuring the sportsbook is a live betting site is crucial if you want to be able to bet and watch what you are betting on at the same time.

Television screen with live streaming

The Cash Out Option

The cash-out option is a recent development in online sports bets which has helped to revolutionise online wagers. Cash-out basically means that punters can cash out their bets on a match while it is still being played. All good bookies should have this on offer so make this an essential requirement of your sportsbook search.

A bank card

All of the information provided in the table above is important to consider when weighing up which online sportsbook to choose. However, this list is by no means exhaustive and it only represents a small section of the criteria you could consider when choosing your online bookie.

The Additional Criteria We Used to Rate All Sportbooks

On top of everything we already covered, there’s a number of other factors important to consider when you choose a bookie. You should take these factors into account at any and all bookmakers you consider joining in the future.

Specific Sport Rankings

Like many European countries, Belgium is crazy about Football and this is the most popular sport to bet in the country. Other sports like cycling, tennis and hockey also get a look in, but they are all dwarfed when it comes to football. When considering which sportsbook to place a sports bet with it is always important to consider that some sportsbooks are tailored towards certain sports. The links below will take you to a list of Belgium betting sites for each sport:

If you have clicked through the table above you will have seen that some bookies perform better than others in certain sports – this information is crucial if you are wanting to solely focus on placing bets on one sporting code. When pulling together these lists we consider things such as odds on offer, potential bonuses and many more things, while also consulting our betting calculator in order to come up with the rankings.

Why Register at All Bookies?

We always advise you to register at as many bookies as possible. By registering at a lot of bookies you are able to take advantage of as many welcome bonuses as possible as well as ensuring you have the opportunity to bet the best odds on particular games or matches you want to bet on. Check out our top Belgium bookie list for the best ones.

As you can see through reading through the table above there are many benefits to being registered at multiple bookies. One of the best though is that you can take advantage of matched betting by weighing up the different odds offered by the multiple bookies you are registered with.

Quantity vs Quality?

One question you may be asking yourself is – what is more important when participating in sports wagers in Belgium, the quality of the sportsbooks or the quantity that you are registered with? We always recommend quality over quantity. However, there are some benefits to having more options available to you in some situations.

Most Famous Bookmakers that No Longer Operate

If you have placed sports bets in Belgium in the past and are now coming back to it after some time away, you may have noticed that some operators are no longer live in the marketplace. As in the case with any industry sometimes businesses are forced to close or pivot in their offering – so you know what has happened to operators you may have used in the past we’ve pulled together the list below of all betting sites in Belgium that are recently closed and the reason they did so.

Bookmakers That No Longer Offer A Sportsbook
Bookmaker Reason Inactive Since
BetBright Taken over by 888sport 2018
FantasyTote Lack of customers 2018
Sun Bets It’s financial backer pulled out 2018
Premier Punt Closed 2020
MoPlay Went into liquidation 2020

Sites to Avoid

As we have said a couple of times already on this page, we only ever endorse operators who are regulated by local authorities and are fully licensed to offer online wagers. You should never ever place a bet with a bookie that is not fully licensed. So you know which bookies are operating in Belgium without proper authority take a read through the unlicensed bookmaker list we’ve pulled together below.

The Blacklisted Bookies
Bookmaker to avoid Domain Reason
www.allhorseracing.ag This site does not have a bookmaking license by the Belgian Gaming Commission.
www.riverbet.ro This site does not have a bookmaking license by the Belgian Gaming Commission.
www.digibet.com This site does not have a bookmaking license by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

When looking for your Belgian online sportsbook you now know to avoid the sites listed above. Placing a bet with an unregistered bookie is so risky due to the fact that you are putting your capital in the hands of someone who isn’t licensed or regulated, which means that your money could be stolen from you through many ways such as, the operator not paying you your winnings, withholding your winnings or not offering you an easy way to withdraw your money.

How to Exclude from All Betting Sites

We understand that sometimes individuals may want to self exclude from placing sports bets online, so we have pulled together some extensive information about self-exclusion from gambling and the best software to use to do so in the sections below. In these sections, we will highlight software such as Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS) that can be used to block access to gambling sites on both desktop and mobile devices.

Self Exclude Yourself from All Gambling Sites

As mentioned above there are many ways in which you can self exclude yourself from gambling sites. If you are only looking to self exclude yourself from one specific gambling website, each site should offer a way in which you can block access to it or simply take a ‘pause’ from gambling on it. Should you want to take a more holistic approach to self-exclusion there is plenty of software at your disposal to help you do so – we highlight some of the best below.

Belgian Gaming Commission Logo

Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS)

Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS) is a system developed by the Belgian Government that bundles all excluded problem gamblers together and bans them from accessing any virtual gambling website. The EPIS is installed on all gambling websites operating in Belgium and operates as a gateway to accessing gambling pages and content online.

Blocking All Bookmakers on Your Browser or Phone

If you want to block all forms of gambling online via any digital device be this desktop or mobile, the sections below are for you. The sections will help show you the different ways in which you install software to self exclude, as well as explaining what each piece of software is specifically designed to do.

PC Tools to Help You Self Exclude

There are many desktop software tools available that will help you block access to online gambling websites and content that you do not want to be able to have access to. We have outlined the software that we recommend below.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny blocks site content that you do not want to be accessed rather than blocking specific URLs. The software was initially designed to block and filter controversial or adult internet content on desktops. The software is often marketed to parents and is marketed as a tool that protects vulnerable users.


CYBERsitter is a Windows-only software program that acts as a content filter. The software has been designed for businesses, schools, libraries and homes to use. Its main use is as a blocker of inappropriate content.


Gamblock is a software that has been specifically developed to target all types of online gambling by actively blocking websites and content from being accessed, it can be used privately or commercially.


Betfilter is another popular anti-gambling software that has been developed solely to offer a way in which to block access to gambling websites and content.The software acts as a filter and removes any access to online websites, servers and applications that are associated with gambling.

Phone Apps/Tools That Can Assist with Self Exclusion

As mobile gambling is now the most popular form of online gambling it is no wonder there are also several pieces of software that have been developed to block access to gambling websites on mobile devices. Below we highlight two of the best.


Qustodio is a content filter app for your phone – much like NetNanny this software is generally used by parents who want to protect their child’s online usage and limit exposure to questionable sites. Due to the fact that the software is so wide-ranging in its blocking abilities, it can be used to block any form of gambling site.


Gamban is a piece of software that allows mobile users to impost a self-exclusion ban via its app. The app was developed with the sole focus of blocking access to gambling sites.

A List of All-Important Gambling Organizations

Like any popular consumer industry the online gambling market in Belgium is regulated by a few key organisations. These gambling organisations keep the online gambling market fair and safe for anyone who wants to place a wager. As mentioned many a time on this page, if you are looking for a site to place a wager with always make sure to check if they are regulated by one of the official organisations listed below.

Belgian Gaming Commission

The Belgian Gaming Commission is a governmental body in Belgium that is tasked with regulating and overseeing the gambling laws within the country. Reporting into the Federal Public Service for Justice, this commission is the authority on gambling law in Belgium.

Organisation Belgian Gaming Commission
Founded 1999
Headquarter Cantersteen 47, 1000 Brussels
Function Government agency
Website www.gamingcommission.be
Contact Online Contact Form

Global Gambling Guidance Group

The Global Gambling Guidance Group is a group of international gambling experts with specific knowledge of problem gambling and responsible gambling. The purpose of the group is to encourage responsible gambling worldwide in order to minimise the harm caused by problem gambling.

Organisation Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4)
Founded 2004
Headquarter Pieter Calandlaan 317 – 319 1068 NH Amsterdam the Netherlands
Function Group of international experts in the field of problem gambling and responsible gambling with staff and board members from different parts in the world.
Website www.gx4.com
Contact Online Contact Form

International Betting Integrity Association

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) describes itself as the “leading voice on integrity for the licensed betting industry”. Based locally in Brussells, IBIA has developed a monitoring and alert platform that acts as an anti-corruption tool for online gambling through detecting and reporting suspicious betting activity.

Organisation International Betting Integrity Association
Founded 2005
Headquarter Brussels, Belgium
Function Promote Sport Integrity
Website ibia.bet
Contact info@ibia.bet

European Gaming and Betting Association

The European Gaming and Betting Association is another local regulator based in Brussels. The association represents operators and describes its mission as promoting a safe digital environment for punters in Europe. The association works directly with the EU and has helped develop EU gambling policies. While not a requirement, pretty much all bookies with a strong reputation work with this organisation.

Organisation European Gaming and Betting Association
Founded 2007
Headquarter Brussels, Belgium
Function Industry Body
Website www.egba.eu
Contact egba@egba.eu


We hope that this page has provided you with all of the information you need to be able to make an informed decision as to which Belgian sportsbook(s) you would like to place your wagers with. We’ve given you not only a list of all gambling sites in Belgium but we have also given you a list of the top ten Belgian sportsbooks.

If you want to know more about a specific sports betting site, feel free to click on its link to read our review for it. We break down the sportsbooks for you so you can choose the right one for you. We also hope that this page is now part of your betting arsenal and you will refer back to it when you need information on online bookies in Belgium.

Sports people


Our best-rated bookmaker!

We want to reiterate that all bookies listed across our site have been fully vetted by our expert team, and we ensure we only ever share with you the most up to date and relevant information. We only endorse regulated and trusted operators and Betway listed in the section above is our top-rated bookmaker for Belgium.


We hope that this page has been informative, and now feel fully informed on all bookies operating in Belgium. However, if you still have any outstanding questions take a read through our answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

👌 Is there a list of all betting sites in Belgium?

Yes, there is a list of all of the betting sites in Belgium it can be found on this page. Take a read through our list of Belgium’s best betting sites above.

❓ How do I pick a bookmaker from your List?

We don’t think there is one catch all consideration to make when picking a bookmaker to wager with from our list. We would instead recommend that you use our selection criteria as the basis for making your choice - this list allows you to work out what is the most important things to factor in when making your decision without dictating what you should and shouldn’t be looking for.

🏆 How do you choose the best sportsbook from all betting sites?

You can make your decision on what the best sportsbook is in Belgium by using our selection criteria just mentioned above; or you can simply go with the one we personally think is the best betting site in Belgium.

🛡️ What ensures online gambling sites are not rigged?

All Belgian gambling websites are regularly monitored by local and international bodies of gambling organisations. These organisations sole purpose is to regulate gambling and ensure they are legally allowed to operate.

⚖️ Are all bookmakers legal in Belgium?

Bookmakers in Belgium are considered legal if they are registered with the relevant local gambling governing authorities. You can take a read through our full list of bookmakers with a valid licence operating in Belgium above.