Our In-depth Unibet Review

Unibet leapt onto the Australian sports betting market back in 2012, and with its great odds and a huge selection of markets to bet on, has been making waves ever since. Throughout this page we’ll take you through a detailed Unibet review, from market types to payment methods to company info, to help you make an informed decision about whether Unibet is the right choice for you.

Our Rating of Unibet - AustraliaAustralia Flag

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Sports to bet on 27
Avg. markets (AFL) 125
Live streaming Yes
Payout rate (AFL) 95.24%
Partnerships AFL NRL
Languages offered English
Customer service Live Chat/Phone/Email
Gambling Licence Northern Territory Racing Commission
Fantastic Odds
Website www.unibet.com.au
Overall Rating 4.7 / 5
Unibet Australia Highlights:
Sports Rank Top Greyhounds Betting Sites
Payment Rank Best Mastercard Betting Sites
Players must be 18+ to join. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

There is what seems like an endless stream of sportsbooks to choose from in Australia, and this competition means that each of them has to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. Unibet does that in a range of ways, notably great odds and a wide selection of markets, so with that in mind, let’s take a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of the bookmaker.

An Introduction to Unibet Sports Betting

Unibet has been on the global sports betting market for close to 25 years, so it’s little surprise that they know what they’re doing. This experience enables them to know exactly what punters want and how to deliver it, and deliver it they do. The superior odds and range of markets give veteran punters an all-important edge, while the ease with which one can place a bet makes them an attractive option for newbies. In this Unibet review, we will go into detail about all this information and more to bring you up to speed with all you need to know about the bookmaker.

Huge Range of Sports Markets and Betting Types

As we mentioned earlier, one of the strengths of this sportsbook is the wide range of markets on offer. Unibet sports and leagues include all the biggest names – the likes of the AFL, NBA and of course various major soccer leagues – with hundreds if not thousands of markets available at any one time for each of them.

But it’s not only the most well-known leagues that you’ll find here. Punters looking for value in obscure places will have no problems doing just that, be it in the less popular soccer leagues, snooker, yachting – or even politics. Unibet has cast a wide net with their market selection, and can legitimately claim to cater for punters of all kinds.

The Most Popular Sports Markets at Unibet Australia
Soccer (45) Basketball (14) Australian Rules (2) Tennis (20) Golf (10)
EPL NBA AFL Australian Open The Masters
Serie A NBL AFLW Wimbledon The Open Championship
A-League Euroleague VFL US Open US Open
La Liga NCAAB WAFL French Open PGA Championship
Ligue 1 CBA SANFL ATP Finals Ryder Cup
Bundesliga KBL NAB League WTA Finals Presidents Cup

Undoubtedly the most well-represented sport available is soccer. At the time of writing, there are over 70,000 markets available on all manner of leagues, though a major focus is, of course, on the Premier League. Unibet has upwards of 300 market types available on every game in the world’s biggest league as well as a range of different futures bets, so those who enjoy soccer will have no shortage of markets to choose from.

Of course, while there’s no doubt the range of markets available on Unibet is better than most, no bookmaker is perfect. There are a lot of betting options for each individual match across a number of sports, but one area in which the agency falls a little short is in player props. This is a growing area in the sports betting industry and while some bookmakers have embraced it with open arms, the individual player options with Unibet still leave a little to be desired, and this is certainly an area in which they have room for improvement.

Bet In-Play and Stream Sports Live

If you’re someone who likes to place a bet on an event after it’s begun, Unibet Australia has plenty of options for you. Their selection of live betting markets is comprehensive, though as with all bookmakers, the selection after an event has begun is more limited than prior to kick-off, the first bounce, the tip, or whatever it may be.

Still, it’s a valuable resource for many punters and one which will allow you to take advantage of the swings and roundabouts that inevitably occur within a sporting event. Members will also be able to access Unibet’s live match updates which accompany the relevant markets. Australian regulations dictate that punters can no longer place in-play bets online so a call to Unibet is required, but this is a streamlined process which is well and truly worth it if you have a good sense of how an event will unfold.

Unibet also offers a host of live streaming options, and is one of the best bookies in Australia in this regard. Over 30,000 events annually can be watched live as long as you have money in your account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours, including selected soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket and horse racing. Of course, these aren’t generally the biggest games – you won’t be able to find a stream of the Australian summer of cricket on Unibet, for example – but there is still a wider selection of events than most bookmakers offer.

Multis With Unibet

Multis continues to be one of the most popular types of bets for punters, with the ability to combine multiple bets into one and the enhanced odds that come with it a major part of the attraction of all bookmakers. Unibet is no different. They will allow you to combine up to 12 outcomes from different events into one mega-bet, and the Unibet sports which can be added into a multi includes most markets available on the site.

Another option – one which is becoming increasingly popular and is a determining factor from many punters on where to bet – is to include a same game multi. This bet type allows you to include up to 12 different outcomes from the same event in one bet. Alternatively, you can combine a same game multi with bets from other events into a single multi – for example, you may have four legs of your multi relating to outcomes from one single event, and four more legs relating to different events. For the time being, however, same game multis with Unibet are limited to top-tier soccer and ice hockey games. This leaves them a little behind certain other major bookmakers, but they do intend to roll out over more sports in the near future.

Multiple selections can also be combined into what are called system bets. Essentially, this means that you can choose multiple outcomes and bet on a certain number of them happening. For example, if you have four bets in your betslip, a ‘doubles’ bet would require two of them to occur for you to win – in this case you would essentially be placing six bets, as there are six ways this can manifest. As a result, if you outlaid $60, you would have $10 on each possible outcome. This type of bet can be placed on Unibet all the way up to ‘twelvefold’, which is the maximum number of bets you can have in your betslip.

Bet and Win Limits With Unibet Australia

Unibet does, of course, have some limits on how much punters can win from an individual bet. For sports this is set at $200,000, though there are certain sports with different limits which vary from $30,000 through to $300,000. For racing, this limit is set at $100,000 for Tote win bets and $25,000 for Tote place bets. For both racing and sports, however, these limits can be restricted by Unibet for certain clients – though this will only happen if you’re doing a good enough job of winning, of course!

These relatively high limits mean that Unibet is a good option for punters of all kinds. Those more inclined to put on a $1 place bet probably don’t fret too much about which agency they use regardless, but the excellent odds on offer with Unibet mean they will have a slight leg-up, while the aforementioned payout limits make it a suitable option for higher stakes players too.

Competitive Odds Throughout8

The odds available are a foundational piece of any sportsbook, and often they are the determining factor in where a punter will choose to bet – particularly a high-stakes one. If you’re placing a $1 bet, the difference in payout if you get odds of $1.95 compared to $1.92 is relatively minimal. If you’re placing a $100,000 bet on, however, this difference is a little more significant. Unibet odds are comparable with the best bookmakers in Australia, and it’s arguably the most compelling reason to bet with them.

Of course, data is needed to back this up, and fortunately we have some for you. A recent bookmaker survey found Unibet’s average margin to be 5.0%, below the nationwide median of 5.2%. This is calculated by determining the interpreted probabilities from the odds – it’s a complicated process, but basically the lower the percentage the better for the punter, so this is a good number for Unibet users.

Odds Levels for the Largest Sports Markets
  • .
  • Soccer96.88 - 97.33%
  • Basketball95.79 - 98.51%
  • Australian Rules 95.99 - 97.22%
  • Cricket95.42 - 97.54%
  • Golf95.34 - 98.49%
  • Tennis96.50 - 98.63%
  • Football94.06 - 96.18%
  • Rugby97.61 - 98.73%
  • ..
  • .....
  • Return to Player (%)

The above data is figured out using what we call an odds level calculator. This handy tool calculates how much cash is returned to the gambler as compared to the bookmaker themselves, enabling you to quickly determine how much return on your investment you can expect at one sportsbook as compared to another.

What it tells us for Unibet is that, essentially, the odds compare well with competitors. It’s not an industry leader in Australia and there are other bookmakers which offer superior odds, but on average the payouts are better than the median you’ll find on offer with Australian sportsbooks.

Payment Options with Unibet

Another important factor when choosing where to bet is the payment options you have available to you, both for deposits and withdrawals. The below table outlines all of the options available to you with Unibet.

Payment Methods Withdrawal Limits Deposit Limits Withdrawal Time Deposit Time Fees
Visa Unlimited Unknown Up to 48 hours Instant Free
MasterCard Unlimited Unknown Up to 48 hours Instant Free
POLi Unlimited Unknown N/A Instant Free
PayPal Unlimited Unknown Up to 48 hours Instant Free

Generally, the options available for deposits and withdrawals with Unibet are fairly standard. As with most betting agencies, deposits generally appear in your account immediately while withdrawals will take a couple of days. Visa and Mastercard are probably the most straightforward methods for both deposits and withdrawals, but POLi and PayPal are good alternatives if required.

The High-Power Platform

We’ve covered a lot in this Unibet review, but now it’s time to look at the nuts and bolts of the site – the user experience. You’re welcomed to Unibet with a dark green and white interface which is, in many ways, reminiscent of most bookmakers. Upcoming racing and major sports events take pride of place, while links to further sports and racing markets, as well as promotions and other features, can be found at the top of the page.

It’s a relatively easy platform to navigate, with sports categorised in alphabetical order with a few featured sports at the top, but one shortcoming of what is otherwise an excellent bookmaker is page loading times. The site has something of a heavy feel; it takes longer to load all elements of a page than one would expect, and a lag between what you click or hover your mouse on and a response is a little more common than we’d like.

Overall the website is not a bad one. It’s straightforward to find what you need to find and different sports and racing markets are ordered as you’d expect, but the slower loading times can certainly make Unibet betting a little frustrating if you’re in a rush.

How to Place a Bet

The next step that we will cover is how to actually place a bet with Unibet – after all, without knowing how to do this the rest of the information we’ve provided is somewhat redundant. Placing a bet on Unibet sports is a quick and easy process, and there’s little that you need to do once you decide on a bet in order to place it.

As the table below shows, once you’ve located your desired market all you need to do is click on the odds, and the bet will appear in your betslip on the bottom right of your screen. From here, just type in your stake, your potential payout will be shown, and you can click place bet.

  • [1] Select Your BetUnibet Select Your BetStart off by locating the market you wish to bet on and clicking on the relevant odds.
  • [2] Choose Your StakeUnibet Choose Your StakeNext, type your desired stake into the relevant box on the betslip.
  • [3] Click Place BetUnibet Click Place BetComplete the process by clicking on the ‘Place Bet’ button at the bottom of your betslip.

Live betting is a bit more of a process, as it is with all bookmakers licensed in Australia. Finding your desired market is easy – simply click the ‘live betting’ tab at the top of your screen and all the available markets will appear. This time though, clicking the market on which you wish to bet will bring up a screen telling you to phone Unibet – something which is required by law for Australian bookmakers. Unlike some other agencies you don’t receive a reference number so you do need to tell the agent on the other line which bet you wish to place – this can slow the process down somewhat but for the most part, it is still a fairly streamlined process.

It’s also worth noting that odds can and do fluctuate fairly rapidly, so your price may change between when you first click on the market and when you place the bet. If this is the case, a banner will appear alerting you when you try to place the bet, and from there you can confirm whether or not you still wish to go ahead with it.

Information About Unibet

The name Unibet Australia first entered public consciousness back in 2012, when Unibet purchased Betchoice. Betchoice was quickly rebranded, and the green and white colours of the larger Unibet company became an important part of Australian punting. Below we’ll take a look at the details of the company in a little more detail.

The Business Under the Microscope

The owner of Unibet Australia is, of course, Unibet, an online gambling company whose headquarters are based in Malta. Unibet was founded way back in 1997, 15 years prior to the entrance into the Australian scene, and since then their success has seen them purchase bookmakers around the world.

This experience on a global scale meant they were well-positioned to make an impact when they arrived on Australian shores, and a knowledge of what makes punters tick is a clear strength of Unibet Australia. Over the past eight years they have become a trusted part of the betting landscape down under, and they are an approved betting partner of the AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, PGA Australia, Netball Australia, Australian Rugby Union and the UFC.

All About the Unibet Australia Business
Company Support Security Player Protection
Name:Unibet Live Chat:24/7 Encryption:128-bit Secure Socket Layer Deposit Limits:Adjustable
Head Office:Level 9/207 Kent Street, Millers Point NSW 2000 Phone:1300 246 673 Licence Number:N/A Betting Limits:Adjustable
Owner:Anders Strom Email:service@unibet.com.au Testing Agency:eCOGRA Self Exclusion:Available
Employees:number of employees Fax:N/A Audit Organisation:eCOGRA Child Protection:Guaranteed
Registered Players:Unknown Other:FAQ, Blog, Responsible Gaming tools Anti Money Laundering Controls:AML/CTF Act 2006 Partner Organisations:N/A

The company’s Australian headquarters are located in Sydney, while the international company is based in Malta. The above table details this company information and more, including customer service options and the type of encryption they use to protect your data.

Customer Support and Service7

Unibet provides a few different customer support options. As with most bookmakers, the most popular of these is the live chat option, which allows you to speak to a customer service representative online. This is available 24/7, while their customer service numbers – which are available both within Australia or internationally – are available from 9.00am-2.30am AEDT. Alternatively, you can send them an email, though this will take a little longer to get a response.

We have personally spoken to the customer service agents for this Unibet review and for the most part found them to be willing and able to help. Be it on live chat or via the phone, they does a good job of being contactable, and representatives are both friendly and appear to know how to resolve most requests.

No matter how comprehensive a website nor how efficient a company, sometimes customers need assistance. For a betting agency, customer support serves as the medium between company and punter, so it’s vital that it’s readily available. Without it they can quickly lose the trust of their customers, so it’s unsurprising that a company as successful as Unibet has ensured that theirs is up to scratch.

Licensing & Security8

Given that people are entrusting their hard-earned money to betting agencies, it’s no surprise that many punters want to know a little more about the security of both their funds and the details that go with them. Unibet sports betting website has a high-quality encryption process that ensures your information is safe, and you can also take comfort in the fact that they are licensed by the Northern Territory Government. This means you can be sure that all their activities are above board, and all of your important details will remain just that – yours.

Unibet also offers a number of useful responsible gambling tools in case you feel like you’re punting is spiralling out of control. The first of these is the ability to set deposit limits, meaning you can manage your deposits over the period of a week or longer, while if things are a little more dire you can either take a time out – meaning your account will be blocked temporarily – or opt to exclude yourself entirely from the site. You can also reach out to a number of different gambler’s help agencies which are listed on the site.

All in all Unibet’s commitment to safety and security for their customers is at a high level, and they have been recognised for that with numerous awards in recent years. Given they are licensed in Australia they operate under Australian law – though the international branches of Unibet are subject to the jurisdictions in which they operate – so you can sleep soundly knowing they are as safe as any other Aussie bookmaker.

Bonus Points5

There are a handful of added bonuses that come with a Unibet account, not least the ability to access sports statistics and in-depth racing form guides on the site. This is becoming increasingly common across a range of betting agencies, and Unibet is no exception.

The below table gives us a chance to offer marks to Unibet Australia for certain elements of their performance which we consider to be a bonus. They score highly on live streams courtesy of the range of sports offered, though they do have some room for improvement in a couple of other areas.

  • Live Streams.3/3
  • Sponsorship.1/3
  • Awards.1/2
  • Extra Markets.0/1
  • Bonuses.0/1
  • Bonus Points.5

All in all, Unibet betting agency does a decent job of providing what we’ve deemed to be important bonus elements of a sportsbook. There is certainly room for improvement but given they already perform the fundamentals to a high level they’ve done reasonably well.


This Unibet review has found the operator to be a well-rounded sportsbook in a competitive Australian market. It performs well in most key areas, and of particular note is their wide range of markets and highly competitive odds.

As noted earlier, their average odds come in below the median average in Australia, and they offer markets in all areas that you would expect as well as plenty of areas that you wouldn’t. The below table highlights in graphic form these strengths and a couple of others, while also mentioning some areas for improvement.

If you liked our review but aren’t sure Unibet is for you, check out some of the other top betting sites in Australia. We have thorough guides on all the major sportsbooks, so you can compare them and decide where you want to play before you create an account.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Unibet
  • Major Strengths
  • Wide range of markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Site tends to lag
  • Lack of promotions
  • Minor Strengths
  • Commitment to responsible gaming
  • Safe and secure
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • Minimal deposit and withdrawal options
  • Mobile app not well advertised
Players must be 18+ to join. Full Terms and Conditions apply.

Unibet odds are competitive and their markets broad, but one area in which they could perform better is in the usability of their website. Though the layout is fairly standard and things aren’t difficult to find, the site does tend to be a little slower than one would hope and can feel a little clunky at times. An improvement here would make the sportsbook tough to fault.


We hope that with this detailed review, you’re able to find all that you need to with regards to Unibet. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to send them to info@bestbettingsites.com. Take a look at our most commonly asked questions below.

✔Is there a Unibet mobile app?

Yes! The Unibet mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows you to access all of the markets and live streaming, and do virtually everything you can do on the website. You can find more information about the whole platform in the dedicated section.

❓Who owns Unibet Australia?

Unibet Australia is part of the global Unibet group, which is owned by a larger company called Kindred Group. Kindred Group also owns various other betting operators. Check more details about this famous brand.

⚽ Can anyone sign up to Unibet Australia?

Yes – as long as you are in either Australia or New Zealand. Residents of any other country need to head to the international English site in order to register. After that, you can enjoy betting on many sports and markets.