Our Complete Bethard Review

The Nigerian sports betting landscape welcomes another fantastic addition; throughout this Bethard review, we’ll guide you through each corner of the exciting new “betting purist’s” bookmaker. The following sections contain an in-depth round-up of pay-out rates on the most popular markets, instructions on how to efficiently place a bet & much more. If you’re ready to jump into the Bethard sportsbook and claim your new customer welcome bonus, follow the link below!

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Sports to bet on 28+
Avg. markets (EPL) 112
Live streaming No
Payout rate (EPL) 92.55%
Sponsorship N/A
Languages offered English
Customer service Live Chat / Email
Gambling Licence UK Gambling Commision Number: 49386
Play Here Visit Site!
Website www.bethard.com
Overall Rating 4.5 / 5
Bethard Highlights:
Live Rank Best Live Betting Sites
Payment Rank Top PayPal Betting Sites
Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

It goes without saying that the selection of a bookmaker to entrust with your sports wagers takes a lot of consideration across a variety of factors. If you are a serious gambler who is purely driven by profit margin, then pay-out rates take priority, the more casual gambler will probably be interested in payment options and platform user-experience. Bethard is well-balanced, and demonstrates strengths in a variety of categories. In the following sections we’ll go into detail on each strength and weakness of this new sportsbook.

The Bethard Sports Betting Interface

Bethard have invested heavily in their operation, and the large range of betting options, sports markets and bet types are testament to this. For the casual and professional gambler alike, having a wide range of options is always the universal marker of a quality bookmaker. You won’t be disappointed with the offering at Bethard, with a wide range of sports, and lots of options within each and every hunch and inclination a punter could have will be adequately fulfilled at this bookie.

Sports Markets, Leagues and Competitions to Bet On

As you can imagine, the major sports are very well represented at this sportsbook. Bethard have packed their platform with the favourite categories for punters everywhere. But the intrinsic strength of this bookie lies in the range of betting options outside the popular markets. For users of Bethard, you’ll have the option to bet on emerging markets such as E-sports, and established classics like horse racing. With such a diverse range of sports to bet on, you’ll be able to execute a multitude of different betting strategies, all under one roof!

The Most Popular Sports Markets at Bethard
Football (44) Basketball (7) Ice Hockey (6) Tennis (29) Golf (13)
EPL NBA NHL ATP Masters The Masters
Serie A NCAA NCAA Wimbledon PGA
La Liga Liga ACB KHL US Open US Open
Bundesliga Turkey Super Lig MHL French Open Bermuda Championship
MLS Bundesliga VHL Australian Open WGC-HSBC Champs
Eredivisie Elite Ligue AHL ITF British Open

Upon further inspection, it is easy to see why this bookmaker is the considered a pioneer of football betting, especially for the Premier League. For each fixture you can expect over 150 betting options, and that is just considering lower grade fixtures. When it’s blockbuster match there can be almost 300 wagering options at your fingertips. This type of variety is largely unmatched across the industry and strengthens this bookmakers appeal to football fans, who are unequivocally the largest customer base of sports betting.

The positive range of market curation continues throughout the majority of sports on this platform. One area that was outside this correlation is tennis. If Bethard is to truly establish themselves as one of the serious players in this industry, then nailing this market is an absolute necessity. With that being said, the majority of tennis competitions are accessible, it’s only the fringe tournaments that are a bit light on the market offerings.

Top In-Play Betting But No Live Streaming

The biggest aspect of modern sports betting is the live arena. Punters are increasingly demonstrating that in-play betting is the favoured medium for sports. Bethard NG customers are of course of the same inclinations, preferring to wait for a sufficient period of play to surpass in a fixture before choosing to place a bet on the market is one of the main aspects of sports betting.

When we turn our gaze specifically to the offering of Bethard at the live arena, it is not hard to see why this is a bookmaker that has increasingly been touted as one of the up-and-coming online bookies of the NG. The market offerings and in-play graphics quality rival some of the leading platforms in the country. Across the majority of individual sports markets, each fixture comes equip with a plethora of statistics, graphics and real-time odds movements. A point of further assistance is the recent instalment of cash-out, punters don’t need to go all or nothing when analysing engaging in Bethard betting in the live capacity.

A minor point of criticism is the absence of live streaming. A feature that has become all too familiar for punters who have frequented the range of online options available to them. If Bethard is to maintain its reputation amongst the elite of Nigeria, then this will be an area of improvement to invest in.

Excellent Multiples Betting Implementation

For multiple bets on the Bethard sports betting interface – there is a few interesting points of discussion. Due to the high-quality engineering of the bet slip, customers are able to break their bet into a series of denominations of popular system bet types. The ever increasingly popular deployment of system bets has forced operators to act. Bethard have been incredibly pro-active in this regard, and offer their customers the chance to bet on a range of systems including Heinz’s and Goliath’s. If you just fancy a straight up accumulator bet, then that is also possible.

Compared to the leading online sports betting sites in the NG market, the multiple wagering capabilities of Bethard are very much to the standard we would expect. Players can submit up to 15 selections to an accumulator or system bet, and depending on your stake and market selection, you will be able to cash out this bet at any moment throughout the duration of the bet. No more panicky moments in the last 5 minutes of the deciding leg of your accumulator then.

Bet & Win Limits for Bethard NG Players

The beauty of a well-balanced sportsbook such as Bethard is its intrinsic ability to attract both fiscally conservative and high-roller players with its range of bet and deposit limits. Whilst there are plaudits to having a tightly controlled platform that only allows for a narrow range of deposits, the benefit of freedom and flexibility is definitely something the punters have responded well to on Bethard’s journey so far.

The specifics of the bet-slip are important to understand before opening an account at any bookmaker. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your bets are restricted to an amount that is significantly less than your operating betting budget. Yet these limitations are in place for a reason, bookmakers do not want their short position to exceed an extreme level of risk. In order to remain economically sustainable as a business, limitations are automatically set and adjusted with the rise-and-fall of liquid cash inside the operator’s portfolio of equity and assets.

Competitive Odds Throughout

There is no need to beat around the bush with this one. In short, we are thoroughly impressed by the odds and pay-outs that Bethard has offered to its NG players. For an operator so new to the industry this is an incredibly encouraging sign. As the market for sports betting becomes increasingly over-saturated with new and old operators, only the strong can survive. In the eyes of the customer, there is perhaps no other metric more crucial to bookmaker selection than the customer pay-out to risk ratio.

As a generalisation, sportsbooks have two choices when they establish themselves. Either go down the product optimisation route, offering a splendid range of additional features, slick platform that both looks amazing and is expertly engineered, or decide to be a pure betting enthusiasts’ operator, focusing on high pay-outs with a very low margin of profit. The trade-off between investment in the platform and pay-out value to the customer is a delicate dance that quantitative experts and computer scientists working for the operator wrestle with on a daily basis.

Odds Levels for the Largest Sports Markets
  • Football 93.12 - 94.89%
  • Basketball 91.87 - 92.75%
  • Ice Hockey 91.95 - 93.32%
  • Tennis 91.31 - 93.76%
  • Golf 92.53 - 94.03%
  • Boxing 92.78 - 94.14%
  • Rugby 93.27 - 94.89%
  • Cricket 92.31 - 93.30%
  • ..
  • .....
  • RTP (%)

When conducting our analysis of the Bethard platform we applied a variety of statistical tests from a wide range of samples. Using the betting odds pay-out formula, we were able to derive the exact returns to the players on average across a range of sports in both pre-game and in-play betting situations. The strength of odds levels at Bethard in-play arena was a key area of concern for us prior to researching this review. But as the results prove, this bookmaker is by no-means short in its pay-out algorithm. In fact, Bethard remains one of the strongest platforms in our entire library of sportsbook reviews for Premier League football betting, and International Rugby.

High-Value & Low-Budget Platform

In terms of the platform design and intrinsic quality as a piece of software, we are not going to over-sell you here. There are many betting sites out there that you can turn to if you’re looking for an all-encompassing and feature packed betting arena to conduct your betting. But, as previously stated, that is not what makes Bethard betting so fulfilling.

Due to the high pay-out and low investment into the platform development trade-off – you won’t have a betting experience that rivals the likes of bet365 or Betway. Despite this, you won’t feel disappointed with the approach here. Bethard has done an excellent job of categorising their betting options into sport, date and format (live or pre-match) directories. These can be effortlessly navigated allowing the user to discover matches that they may have previously not known, enhancing their multiples bet-slip and winning some more money in the process. Moreover, sport analytics / statistical information, betting news and business news are only a couple of clicks from the homepage.

How to Place a Bet

If you’re considering opening an account with Bethard then understanding the bet placement process is an important pre-requisite. This section is aimed at newcomers to sports betting, so if you’re a seasoned sportsbook veteran, continue scrolling down to discover some more useful information on this operator.

The first step is the research phase. As a punter you need to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance possible to make some long-term gains at a sportsbook. The only way to achieve this is by doing effective pre-bet research, drawing a conclusions from your analysis, and making a choice based on a shortlist of potential value betting options. The seamless navigation features at the Bethard sports betting platform make this easy. So have a browse around and choose one or more markets that appeal to you the most.

The second part to the process is accessing the financial risk you are will to take on the position. If you are using a wagering points system, or just betting from your bank balance, have a long think about this. Assess the potential returns for your stake and if you are happy with the risk to return trade-off, execute the bet order by confirming at the bet-slip. See the three step process in the diagram below.

  • [1] Choose Your Bet The Bethard sportsbook market options The first step of the betting process is to navigate the sportsbook, find a suitable market and add it to your bet slip.
  • [2] Lay Your Stake The Bethard sportsbook bet slip stake selection Then you must decide the financial risk you want to take, have a think about your stake and enter it into the bet slip.
  • [3] Confirm On Your Bet Slip The Bethard bet slip confirmation The final stage of this integral process is to give a final confirmation to the bet you want to make by clicking “Place Bets”.

The process for live betting is almost identical. The key difference being these are real-time odds that can drift by a huge margin at any given second. If you want to bet Team A to win in an in-play scenario and before you confirm your bet Team A scores, the new Bethard odds available to you will be drastically lowered. Timing is important when it comes to in-play betting, and so is understanding the momentum of a game. Make sure that you are actively following any game prior to placing an in-play bet, as your chances of a win will be significantly greater if you can apply some contextual knowledge to your bet selections.

Background Info on Bethard Group

After receiving their Malta Gaming License at the end of 2016, Bethard have gone from strength to strength as a sports betting company. With quarterly growth in terms of active players and gross revenues since their initiation into the industry, they are by all measures a healthy and thriving business. The door to the NG market was unlocked in mid 2017 when Bethard received their license to operate, and with it a whole host of new growth objectives.

The Business: Under the Hood Analysis

Since 2017, the Malta based sportsbook has been offering a high-value gaming experience to NG players. The marketing efforts have been creative and effective. This was highlighted by the recent ambassador deal that the firm has made with legendary Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović. With such a high-profile footballer as brand ambassador, the upward trajectory of Bethard has accelerated in the last 12 months to a position where they are beginning to disrupt the status quo.

All About the Bethard Business
Company Support Security Player Protection
Name: Bethard Group Live Chat: Available 24/7 Encryption: Sectigo RSA Deposit Limits: Adjustable
Head Office: St Julians, MALTA Phone: N/A Licence Number: 000-049386-R-327558-003 Betting Limits: Adjustable
Owner: Bethard Group Email: support@bethard.com Testing Agency: eCOGRA Self-Exclusion: Available
Employees: 90+ Fax: N/A Audit Organisation: IBAS Child Protection: Guaranteed
Registered Players: Unknown Other: Betting help FAQ Anti-Money Laundering Controls: KYC Partner Organisations: GamStop & BeGambleAware

As the company grew, merged and divulged into its parent organisation, the size of the operation has increased. With over 90 full time staff working for Bethard, they are able to double-down on their efforts to advance in a technical and business sense. The recent improvements in the platform security, deposit and registration protocols are a testament to that. As this operator continues to grow, we thoroughly expect to see a greater emphasis on engineering improvements to optimise and improve the playing experience for their clientele.

Effective Customer Support

When it comes to the trust you place in a betting company, nothing gives you more confidence than the care to demonstrate toward issue resolution. The Bethard approach to customer service is unequivocally professional, and committed to assisting customers with any problems they may have when using the service. This Bethard review is written in English and is for customers residing in Nigeria. The customer service team, however, will answer questions in 16+ European languages.

Bethard has two primary avenues for customers to take when they have a problem. The first and most efficient method is the 24/7 live chat helpline, the ultimate tool to quickly resolve problems that just cannot wait. Here you will be connected with a customer support agent who has the capability and authority to assist in a whole variety of different issues faced by customers at the platform. Alternatively, if you have an issue that is less urgent, you can send an email to the customer service inbox. You can expect to receive a response to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Cyber Security and Protections

In the modern age, cyber security is absolutely mission critical for any online business. This is especially relevant in the online gambling space, where vast amounts of sensitive data including, passport photocopies, banking details and personal information are stored in cloud servers. The underlying technology supporting the majority of the Bethard Group infrastructure is robust, tested and developed by the likes of Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon. Despite this, every single web application has bottlenecks and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by adversaries that have the knowledge, resources and determination to do so.

Without going into a deeply technical description of SSL certificates, the particularSSL certificate authority used by Bethard is Sectigo, one of the biggest and most trusted certificate authorities around. The choice of certificate authority is important as the certificate ensures the integrity of the client / host identities in a TSL handshake. There have been several instances in the recent past where certificate issuers integrity has been compromised, opening up the possibilities of man-in-the-middle, session hijacking, cookie stealing and packet sniffing attacks.

In a policy sense, Bethard enforces KYC processes, works with outside auditors, and adheres to the strict regulations of the gambling commission. The firm also promotes safe gambling internally, working to ensure that players suffering with addiction can seek the help they need to self-exclude should it be necessary. The combination of all the above results in a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for each and every customer of the Bethard platform.

Bonus Points

Now that we have discussed the key factors that make Bethard a positive addition to the NG gambling industry – it’s time to look at the bonus points this bookie has scored. As we do for every bookmaker in the review series, a final score out of 10 is awarded to bookmakers that can score well in a number of bonus categories that you can view below.

Bethard impressed us enormously with their purist approach to sportsbook betting. However, a key feature in live streaming is absent from the platform so naturally we cannot give any points there. Teaming up with Zlatan Ibrahimović speaks volumes to the strength of this organisation, and their ambition to grow into a global sports betting brand, so full points for the ambassador of choice. As for market selections and bonuses – they notched up a full-score and miss out on an additional 2 points by having no awards to show.

  • Live streams 0/3
  • Sponsorhips 3/3
  • Awards 0/2
  • Extra markets 1/1
  • Bonuses 1/1
  • Bonus points 5

The Bethard betting experience is something we believe every serious Nigerian punter should discover – it makes sense the awarding bodies should recognise the quality soon enough. The EGR shortlisted them in 2017, and we believe they will be the winner of a major award soon enough if the current progress continues.

Conclusion: Ideal Sportsbook for Betting Purists

We’ve reached the end of our Bethard review, and we have covered the entirety of this disruptive bookie from top to bottom. As Bethard states on their business model overview: “Our aim is to become the biggest betting company in the world”. A tall order by any means, but this feverously ambitious group of betting experts have created something truly remarkable. This platform will surely stand the test of time and rightfully occupy a niche gap in the market. The home of the betting purist.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Bethard
  • Major Strengths
  • Multitude of betting options
  • Ibrahimović as brand ambassador
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Limited range of payment options
  • No live streaming
  • Minor Strengths
  • Easy navigation options
  • Live chat available 24/7
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • No phone customer support
  • Limited live betting markets
Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

The only thing left to mention is be sure to sign-up with our exclusive link above to earn yourself a hefty welcome bonus. We continuously update this page with the latest information on all our top Nigerian bookmakers, so be sure to check back for latest Bethard odds, markets and business information.


Thank you for reading our Bethard review. We would like to invite you to direct any further questions or inquiry to info@bestbettingsites.com were we will reply promptly.

Does Bethard adhere to industry regulations properly?

The UK Gambling Commission awarded an operating license to Bethard in 2017. In order for this to happen, Bethard has been heavily scrutinised in a variety of criteria. From player safety, bet dispute resolution to KYC enforcement. You can be assured in the knowledge that this bookmaker sets an outstanding example in its professionalism, ethical responsibility, and security.

Does Bethard offer live-streaming?

Unfortunately, at this moment in time there are no live streaming options in place at the Bethard sportsbook. However, the brand is growing and scaling their technological capabilities rapidly – we doubt it will be long until live streaming is integrated into the sportsbook. If you can't bear to wait, check out our rundown of the best live sportsbooks on the market.

Who is Bethard's brand ambassador?

Bethard scored a major coup at the end of 2018 with the acquisition of Zlatan Ibrahimović as a brand ambassador. The towering Swede is heavily aligned with the firm’s values of being brave, taking risks, and pursuing excellence.