A Complete List of Online Bookmakers and All Betting Sites in Philippines

Finding a comprehensive betting guide on all Philippine sportsbooks is hard. You find a resource that appears detailed only to discover it lacks quality information. From our thorough research and study, we have put together the most resourceful piece available on all betting sites in the Philippines.

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All Philippine Betting Sites in our Bookmaker List

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Betting Bonus PayPal Live Streaming Cash Out Rating Website T&C’s
100% up to €50 On First Deposit Yes Yes Yes 99/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
100% up to PHP7,500 on First Deposit No No No 98/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Play with $60 Yes Yes Yes 97/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
Bet €10 Get €10 Free Bet No No Yes 96/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+
100% up to €25 + €10 Free Bet No Yes Yes 95/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

The table above gives succinct but detailed information about each of the bookmakers in the Philippines. From the table, you can find features, bonuses, payout rates, and more. We have put together all you can see on this table on one page. From this page, you can access, register, and enjoy the services of the best Philippine betting sites.

All Philippines’s Bookmakers List: Online Bookmakers with a Valid License

There are lots of bookies in the Philippines, but not all of them are fully legal. It is important that operators are licensed and backed up by the law. This way, their operations are regulated and watched; bettors can be confident that a sportsbook list features fair gameplay when operators are licensed. Below is a complete list of only fully legal and licensed bookmakers in the Philippines.

Above, you have the complete list of bookies that have been approved by relevant betting authorities in the Philippines. We arrived at this list through research andvalidated information with legal authorities and licensing authorities. Only the operators from the above-mentioned bookmakers list are recognized as fully legal by the betting authorities in the country.

Our Top 5 from All Bookmakers in the Philippines

After studying and watching operators in the country for a while and ranking each of them through the same standard, we decided to sieve through all bookmakers and narrow down the list to 5 operators. These bookies match and surpass the standard every good sportsbook should have. In the table below, these 5 betting sites are ranked by their performance in varying categories.

Our Top 5 Betting Sites List by Category:
Best Betting Site TonyBet
Best Betting Bonus 22Bet
Newest Betting Site Betfair
Top Football Betting Site Matchbook
Best PayPal Betting Site TonyBet
Ultimate Market Selection Betsafe
Best Live Betting Site 22Bet
Great Payment Options Betfair
Top Payout Levels Matchbook
Best Mobile Betting Site TonyBet

How to Pick your Bookie in the Philippines

In the earlier section, we narrowed down the list of all bookmakers to 5. We thought it wise to give you an insight into how we picked the top-ranking bookmakers. In the table below, you’d learn how to pick your operator based on definite standards rather than emotional attachment or careless decision-making.

The Bonus Amount and Type

The bonus amount and the type of bonus are some of the standard criteria through which we rank bookies. Bettors should get the best bonus available, and any bookie in the bonus category who does this right deserves to be patronized. Check out the best betting bonuses available in the Philippines for bookmakers who fall under this category.

Bonus envelope

The Mobile App

This is another interesting category we use in our standard for ranking bookmakers. Bookies in this category all have their mobile betting sites. Not many features are as sleek as being able to bet through a mobile app on your phone. It reduces the strength and makes betting accessible anytime.

Mobile phone and a small football

The Payment Methods

Payment method is another important standard used to judge operators. This category simply entails the ease of payment and payment options available on a betting site. The payment method on betting sites determines to a large extent who patronizes a bookmaker. The more payment methods, the easier it is for the punter to place the bets, and one of the best options punters can consider is PayPal betting.

Bank cards

Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the features changing the betting experience very fast. You get to watch the match live and place bets as the event proceeds. The advantage of betting live is it affords you to make more accurate bets given that you know what you are doing. Check out all available live betting sites in the Philippines and worldwide.

Television screen with live streaming

The Cash Out Option

The cashout option allows you to withdraw a certain amount on your bet before the bet closes. While the event proceeds, you can pull out your money from the bet. This feature has revolutionized the online betting experience. All bookies should have this offer as it ensures your betting choices

A bank card

There are various categories bookmakers fall into, and this is what each section in the table above addresses. Every bookmaker who makes it to the top list has a blend of features across all categories, but some are just so good at their delivery in a particular category. Well, this is a small part of our ranking process.

The Additional Criteria We Used to Rate All Sportsbooks

We don’t just rate sportsbooks by sentiments. This explains why the earlier paragraph accounts for one of the criteria we used to rank bookmakers in the Philippines. Beyond categories, we use odds, offer, customer service, market, security, extra features, and license, amongst others, to rate the Philippines bookie list. In the table below are essential criteria we don’t overlook.

Specific Sport Rankings

There is a range of sports you can place bets on in the Philippines, and all betting sites accept bets for these sports. Nevertheless, during our research and understudy, we found out that some bookmakers perform better for certain sports than others. In the table below, we enumerate a list of operators and the sports they excel at.

Each of the operators in our sportsbook list has been ranked per category and the essential criteria. On average, each of the betting sites in the table above has excellent, reliable, and dependable service. The essence of this list is to provide reliable information. Take a look at our betting calculator we created for your convenience.

Why Register at All Bookies?

As contrary as it sounds, there’s an advantage to registering with all bookmakers. You get to have more information on the bonus, prices, and offers of other bookies for a sportsbook. This information cannot be exploited to your advantage when you are not registered with the operator.

The good news is you would always find events you want to place bets on any betting site in this resource. Aside from taking advantage of the prices and offers on multiple events when you register with all bookmakers. You get to employ matched betting to take advantage of existing bonus offers, and prices. See what matched betting looks like in the Philippines.

Quality or Quantity?

There has to be a caution to the practice of registering with bookies. You should only register on bookmakers that offer quality service and operations. Never should the number of operators be a precedence over their quality. Only legal, licensed, and customer service efficient betting sites deserve to be your partners, and our bookmaker list consists only of such operators.

Famous Bookmakers that have ceased Operations

Find in the table below a list of famous bookmakers who have ceased to operate. For one reason or the other, they have shut down their services to users. Beware of people who mask behind their popular names to scam bettors through fake betting sites and services. Take a look at the betting sites list in the table below:

Bookmakers That No Longer Offer A Sportsbook
Bookmaker Reason Inactive Since
Ball2win Bankrupted 2016
Betdna Bankrupted 2017
Bet247 Bankrupted 2019

Sites to Avoid

The reason we pointed out famous operators who have ceased operations is to make you wary of scammers. Going further with that motive, we have put together a comprehensive and complete list of all sportsbooks you must avoid. These operators fall short of the standard of being legal and licensed to operate in the Philippines.

The Blacklisted Bookies
Bookmaker to avoid Domain Reason
www.digibet.com Not Licensed
www.riverbet.ro Not Licensed
www.getabet.net Fraudulent

Add to your list of sites to avoid such betting sites that do not pay out bonuses or cheat bettors cunningly. The truth is, any operator who does this is not regulated or watched by the legal authorities that control betting in the Philippines. You must avoid these bookmakers!

How to Exclude from All Betting Sites

This resource will be incomplete if we do not branch by the subject of self-exclusion from betting sites. Sometimes, we all need time away from betting, maybe you made too many losses, or it has become addictive. Whatever your reasons are, they are valid so long as self-exclusion can give you time away from betting. In the successive lines, we would discuss the various self-exclusion sites and applications you can make use of to block betting sites. You may not know it, but there are many tools available for bettors who need to self-exclude. Even better, there are tools that your loved ones can use to keep you in check for accountability. A good example is the Responsible Gaming Player Exclusion website.

Self Exclude Yourself from All Gambling Sites

It is indispensable that every operator offers self-exclusion to bettors when they need it. Typically, the period of self-exclusion should afford you enough time to recuperate from your addiction or get the best of your break. Every now and then new tools are being developed for self-exclusion, one of them is discussed below.

GamStop logo

GamStop – Free Online Self Exclusion

Usually, self-exclusion excuses you from gambling for a period you set. You could get as much as 6 months to 5 years off betting. During this period, you’d be denied physical and online service by your operator. Gamstop is a tool that restricts your access to all online legal betting.

Blocking All Bookmakers on Your Browser or Phone

Apparently, our phones are easy to access at any time of the day, and there is very little we can achieve every day without our mobile phones. Whether serious or fun activities, the world has tilted towards facilitating lots of operations through our phones. Being the most accessible gadget, bettors must block all betting sites on their phone when they want to self-exclude.

PC Tools to Help You Block

It is not enough to block betting sites on your mobile device. You must also block them on all devices/gadgets you have that can access the internet. Your PC is one of those devices you must block from betting sites. In the table below, we enumerate a number of PC tools you can use to block betting sites.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny, like other self-exclusion tools blocks access to sites and apps you do not want to access for a while. Even better, you can use it to set a screen time for yourself. With a Net Nanny app, your family can oversee your betting habits and keep you in check of your resolution to take a break from gambling.


This tool made by Solid Oak Software allows you to filter content on websites and webpages. Even better you can restrict access of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), newsgroups, and FTPs. With the CYBERsitter tool, you can enhance your protection from every unwanted content and filter what you want and what you do not want.


GamBlock blocks access to all betting and gambling sites. It has an inbuilt algorithm that analyses websites and blocks betting sites and software. This means you do not need to worry about blocking new sites or operators you didn’t block. It automatically fishes them out and blocks them


Betfilter is both a mobile and desktop app that restricts your access to betting sites. Using the Betfilter tool, you can restrict access to betting sites for a longer duration. This way, you can fully remove the odds of been tempted to bet while you focus on healing and recovery.

Phone Apps That Can Assist with Blocking

In the table below is a rundown of tools that can help you self-exclude and block betting sites. Some of these tools have an inbuilt algorithm that keeps blocking new sites, and related sites. These tools can filter contents and employ parental guide control features to help you stay accountable to your family.


With Qustodio your family and guardians can oversee your engagement with bookies. Aside from blocking your access to betting websites, this tool could regulate your screen time and serve as a filter. You can trust this Qustodio to filter out any content you do not want to see.


This app helps you fight the urge to place bets or partake in other gambling efforts. On installation; it blocks out access to all website and webpages that facilitate betting. Aside from blocking your access to betting websites, this tool can regulate your screen time and serve as a filter. You can trust this Gamban to filter out any content you do not want to see.

Gambling Organizations in The Philippines

Gambling organizations secure the integrity of bets in the Philippines. Aside from regulating the market and operators in the country, they also provide help for people struggling with gambling addiction. These organizations take the form of legal authorities, government authorities, and NGOs that help bettors recuperate. The table below discusses a number of betting organizations in the Philippines.

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is an online organization that provides support for struggling gamblers in the Philippines. Their services range from online support groups, forums, email support, and other online aid for struggling gamblers. They also offer a research database for individuals who are doing such on gambling-related issues.

Organisation Gambling Therapy
Founded 1971
Headquarter 400 Civic Center Way, Ste B, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33411, United States
Function Gambling Support Group
Website gamblingtherapy.org
Contact help@gordonmoody.org.uk

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is an NGO and a fellowship of gamblers who share their experience to comfort and help struggling bettors. Usually, a good number of them have overcome their addiction, and now offer support to addicted gamblers. There are no hard rules to be part of this fellowship; all you need is the willingness to quit your attachment to gambling.

Organisation Gamblers Anonymous
Founded 1957
Headquarter 4981 Irwindale Avenue, Suite 700, Irwindale CA
Function Gambling Support Groups
Website www.gaphilippines.org
Contact info@gaphilippines.org


GambleAware provides gambling information to gamblers. The information is provided to the end that undertake gambling safely while understanding the risks of gambling. They are a grant-making charity commission committed to treating people seeking recovery from addiction to gambling. This organization also sponsors researches to find more proactive measures for addicted gamblers.

Organisation GambleAware
Founded 2008
Headquarter Charing Cross Rd, London, UK
Function Independent Charity
Website www.begambleaware.org
Contact info@gambleaware.org

European Gaming and Betting Association

The European Gaming and Betting Association regulates licensed operators in the country. They guard against unfair market environment for those who place bets with licensed operators in the country. They also represent the legal framework for determining legal and criminal activities in the betting market.

Organisation European Gaming and Betting Association
Founded 2007
Headquarter Brussels, Belgium
Function Industry Body
Website www.egba.eu
Contact egba@egba.eu

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

IBAS adjudicates disputes between licensed operators and customers. They find legal grounds for these disputes and use common sense in the absence of relevant laws to judge the case. IBAS panel consists of independent experts who have no bias for either the customer or the bookmaker. Since their inception in 1998, they have received 75,000+ requests to adjudicate, and 6,500,000 pounds have been awarded to customers.

Organisation Independent Betting Adjudication Service
Founded 1998
Headquarter United Kingdom
Function Gambling Dispute Resolution
Website www.ibas-uk.com
Contact adjudication@ibas-uk.co.uk


We have no doubts about the comprehensive nature of this piece. It gives details about all betting sites in the Philippines and arsenal bettors need to place winning bets. We recommend that you frequently check back for updates we would make to this read as we uncover more useful information. Check the best gambling sites worldwide.

Sports people standing with their hands on their hearts


Our best-rated bookmaker!

Our choice stands out amongst the list of betting sites in the Philippines. They deserve our recommendation as the best bookmaker in the country. Their customer service, market, offers, bonus, and payouts cannot be compared to the competition. They perform well in all the categories of bookies in the Philippines.


We answered all questions on the list of Philippine betting sites and other related inquiries. Our response reiterates what has already been said at one point or the other in this guide. Click the hyperlink to read a piece of more detailed information about your inquiries. Here is our response to your frequently asked questions.

👌 Is there a list of all betting sites in the Philippines?

Yes. You wouldn't normally find many resources with a comprehensive list of betting sites. But here, we have a complete list of all betting sites in the Philippines. Also included are fully legal and licensed operators plus bookmakers you must avoid. Check out the list of all Philippine betting sites.

❓ How do I pick a bookmaker from your List?

We have put together a list of betting sites we recommend you should place bets within the Philippines. Added to this resource is an insight into our selection criteria used for ranking bookies. These criteria include operators offers, bonuses, markets, customer service, and more.

🏆 How do you choose the best sportsbook from all betting sites?

The best sportsbook is picked first by ranking the operator like we do for every operator. If they are fully licensed, have efficient customer service, good bonus offers, and make payouts, then we find out the sports they perform for better than others. Check our top choice for best betting site for the Philippines.

🛡️ What ensures online gambling sites are not rigged?

Gambling organizations secure the integrity of operators in the Philippines. They do this by regulating, watching, and implementing laws that ensure fair play at every point in time. These organizations also fish out illegal bookmakers and mete out punishments where necessary.

⚖️ Are all bookmakers legal in the Philippines?

No. Not every bookmaker in the Philippines is fully licensed to operate. Take a look at list of bookmakers with a valid license. Any bookie who doesn't make this list has questionable licenses and is not recognized by betting authorities in your country.