Max Bets and Payouts of All the Best Betting Sites

max bets and payouts
Running into the upper limits of action that a betting site is willing to book or the maximum amount it is willing to pay in a single day is not a problem reserved exclusively to the highest of high rollers. Even normal, everyday punters can run into this issue and it can result in a serious loss of value if you’re not prepared.

Maximum bet limits are certainly the domain of high rollers, but max payouts can affect just about everyone when you throw accumulators into the mix. Today, we will discuss how maximum payouts can impact everyday gamblers and then provide a big list of max bets and max payouts for all the best betting sites.

How Max Payouts Affect Average Punters

For the average punter, the issue of maximum payouts will almost always be related to accumulator bets. Accumulators (or parlays if you wish) offer the biggest payouts in all of sports betting and it is very possible to run into a payout limit with an accumulator bet that is not all that extraordinary.

This is doubly true for niche sports markets with lower maximum payouts. An online bookmaker may be comfortable paying out £2,000,000 on Premier League markets, but restrict smaller leagues (such as the Scottish 3rd Division) to maximum payouts of £100,000 or less.

One of the bookmakers I use occasionally enforces a maximum payout limit per bet of £250,000 for boxing. While writing this post, I put together a 3-fold accumulator at that betting site consisting entirely of large underdogs or draws and ended up with an accumulator offering odds of 19,651/1.

A bet of just £25 at those odds would return £491,300, completely blowing past my bookmaker’s maximum boxing payout. Placing that bet destroys any value I had for no good reason. I could have just as easily bet £12.71, saved the extra £12.29 and stood to win just as much (about £250,000) due to the maximum payout rule for boxing.

This issue is not limited to the bookmaker I used in that example. Every betting site has upper limits on payouts that vary by sport and by league. If you have a thing for big accumulators, use the charts lower on this page to find the betting site that best suits your needs.

One last word of warning: online bookmakers almost always have a line in their terms and conditions that says if an accumulator includes a mix of sports or leagues with differing payout limits, the lowest limit will take precedence. So if you place a 4-fold accumulator consisting of three Premier League bets (with a maximum payout of £2 million) and one boxing match (with a max payout of £250,000), the entire accumulator would have a max payout of £250,000.

Maximum Bets and Payouts by Betting Site

The following charts show the maximum single bet or maximum payout for all the biggest betting sites. In many cases, online bookmakers do not establish a maximum bet; they simply state a maximum payout instead. Bookmakers do not worry so much about how much you bet; they are more concerned with how much they pay.

Additionally, know that each bookmaker has specific rules regarding the payouts for individual leagues and markets. For example, English Premier League payouts at one betting site might max out at £2 million while the Belgian Pro League might max out at £100,000. I have only included the largest possible payout for each sport as a whole in order to make these charts legible.

I have included links to each bookmaker’s max payouts rules page so you can view all the details. These charts will get you off to a good start as far as forming a general idea of maximum winnings, but you should also check the rules pages for details regarding individual leagues and competitions. Max Payouts

Sitewide maximum of £100,000 per day via any combination of bets. See section 13.14 here.

William Hill

Full details for max payouts here

SportMax PayoutSportMax Payout
Horse Racing£1,000,000Greyhound Racing£500,000
Snooker£250,000Rugby League£250,000
Rugby Union£250,000Boxing£250,000
Baseball£250,000Ice Hockey£250,000
Motor Sports£250,000Athletics£25,000
Virtual Sports£250,000


Betsson does not limit maximum winnings by sport or league. Instead, the site imposes sitewide single bet, daily total and weekly win limits. These limits vary by currency as shown in the following chart.

See this page for confirmation.

CurrencySingle Bet Max PayoutDaily Win LimitWeekly Win Limit
Euro (EUR)100,000250,000500,000
British Pound (GBP)100,000250,000500,000
Swedish Krona (SEK)1,000,0002,500,0005,000,000
Norwegian Krone (NOK)1,000,0002,500,0005,000,000
Danish Krone (DKK)900,0002,250,0004,500,000
US Dollar (USD)120,000300,000600,000
Canadian Dollar (CAD)120,000300,000600,000
Brazilian Real (BRL)70,000175,000350,000
Turkish Lira (TRY)200,000500,0001,000,000
Polish Zloty (PLN)300,000750,0001,500,000
Czech Koruna (CZK)725,0001,812,5003,625,000
Hungarian Forint (HUF)8,000,00020,000,00040,000,000


Betfair sportsbook applies the following limits to net winnings based in sterling. Wagers placed in other currencies are subject to the same limits based on current exchange rates. See the full rules here for a complete breakdown of limits by league and competition. This chart simply shows the maximum possible win for each sport.

SportMax Daily WinSportMax Daily Win
Football£1,000,000Horse Racing£1,000,000
Non-F1 Motor Sports£25,000Cycling£50,000
Ice Hockey£100,000Winter Sports£25,000
Rugby Union£25,000Rugby League£25,000
Aussie Rules£10,000Basketball£100,000
American Football£100,000GAA£10,000
Overall Daily Win Limit£1,000,000


Ladbrokes enforces the following maximum daily payouts across each sport. One thing that’s nice about Ladbrokes is if you’re in the sportsbook and adding wagers to  your betting slip, the betting slip will show the maximum amount you can bet in order to stay within that sport’s maximum payout.

Full maximum payouts broken down by league and competition can be seen here.

SportMax Daily WinSportMax Daily Win
Horse Racing ToteUnlimitedGreyhound Racing ToteUnlimited
Horse Racing Fixed Odds£1,000,000Greyhound Racing Fixed Odds£500,000
American Football£500,000Baseball£500,000
Basketball£500,000Ice Hockey£500,000
Rugby Union£500,000Rugby League£500,000
Motor Racing£250,000GAA£250,000
Bandy£100,000Beach Volleyball£100,000
Cycling£100,000Field Hockey£100,000
International Rules£100,000Indoor Hockey£100,000
Skiing£100,000All Other Sports£100,000
Irish Lotto and 49's£1,000,000Other Lotto Betting£250,000
Virtual Sports£250,000Politics£250,000


BetVictor applies the following payout limits on a per-day basis for each sport. A full breakdown of payout limits by league and competition is available here.

SportMax Daily WinSportMax Daily Win
Horse Racing£500,000Greyhound Racing£500,000
Financials£250,000Virtual Sports£25,000
All Other Sports£100,000Non-Sporting Events£10,000


The 888Sport terms and conditions state that the site reserves the right to limit the net payout on any bet or combination of bets by one account holder to £250,000. This limit, however, may be lower depending on the sport, league and type of bet.

Here are the sport-specific limits imposed by 888. Remember there are also limits for lower-level leagues and competitions within sports, so check the terms and conditions for all the details.

SportMax PayoutSportMax Payout
Ice Hockey£100,000Handball£100,000
American Football£50,000Baseball£50,000
Australian Rules£100,000Cricket£100,000
Rugby League£100,000Rugby Union£100,000
Snooker£100,000Motor Sports£50,000
Trotting£40,000Winter Sports£40,000
Non-Sport / Novelty£10,000

Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s maximum payout rules can be found here. Below are the single bet win limits imposed for each sport’s highest-profile leagues and competitions.

SportMax PayoutSportMax Payout
Horse Racing£1,000,000Greyhound Racing£50,000
Motor Racing£50,000Novelty£20,000
Tennis£200,000American Football£100,000
Ice Hockey£100,000Basketball£100,000
Baseball£100,000Virtual Sports£20,000
Virtual Greyhounds£50,000All Other Sports£50,000 enforces a maximum weekly win limit of £100,000 across the board in addition to the following limitations based on bet type and race type. These are some of the lowest win limits in online horse racing betting, which is a shame for a site named

It should also be noted that the terms and conditions state that these are the maximum winnings possible even if the bet slip shows a higher potential payout. I tested this myself by choosing a random horse from an upcoming race at 66/1 and input £5,000 as my bet. The betting slip showed potential winnings of £335,000 even though the T&Cs clearly enforce a weekly limit of £100,000.

Bet TypesCategory ICategory II
Win, Place
Ita, Trita
Bet TypesCategory IIICategory IV
Win, Place
Ita, Trita


The terms and conditions explain that the largest accepted bet is $2,500 per transaction. Additionally, individual racetracks may impose their own restrictions.

The thing to remember with US-based horse racing sites such as TwinSpires and BetAmerica is they do not offer fixed-odds betting; all wagers placed online are commingled with wagers taken at the track. Smaller races therefore tend to be restricted to smaller bets while larger races can handle just about anything you can throw at them.


BetAmerica does not publish maximum bets or win limits anywhere online, but we can deduce that their limits are similar to those of TwinSpires due to TwinSpires’ parent company purchasing BetAmerica earlier this year.

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