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Finding the best high limit betting sites can be a challenging process. Many online bookmakers accept large wagers, but there are many considerations to compiling accurate list of high-quality options. Safety, deposit limits, and win limits, and payout methods should all be considered along with the general trustworthiness of the operator. Ultimately, the key to finding the best high stakes gambling sites is to identify those that provide the best all-around experience for high rollers.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at out opinion of the top high stakes betting sites, and explain what we look for in any potential site. If you’re going to be risking large amounts of money, it only makes sense to do business with reputable and competent operators. Let’s begin with a list of recommendations for high stake betting websites and continue the discussion below.

Betting Site
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Maximum Bet and Max Payout

Listed in the table above are maximum bet amounts and single bet win limits. Both are equally important because they are closely related.

Max Bet

Maximum wagers are usually determined on a sport-by-sport basis. Oddsmakers usually accept the highest limit wagers on the most popular sports, those that generate the largest handle. Sports such as football, baseball, cricket and rugby tend to have higher limits offered because they generate the most action.

This also explains why bigger, more popular betting sites have higher limits. They attract the most betting handle and have more room to breathe in offsetting wagers placed on each side of any individual match. That’s why you may have noticed I only recommend well-known bookmakers on this page.

Furthermore, oddsmakers spend more time on bigger sports and are more confident with the lines they set. For example, operators are very efficient at setting lines on major football matchups and have a thorough understanding of each side’s changes. Niche sports are more susceptible to savvy punters with a deeper knowledge.

Max Payout

Maximum payouts at betting websites refers to how much winnings a punter can be paid for a single winning wager.

It is also important to be aware of maximum payout limits when selecting your bet size. Occasionally bookmakers list no maximum wager and instead let the maximum payout limit their exposure. This is especially important for markets with high odds.

For example, let’s say your account has a maximum single wager payout of £250,000 and you’re considering a bet with a 10/1 payout. The most you would want to wager in this case would be £25,000.

The only time you will find no maximum payout limit is at a site in which you bet against other players. For example, parimutuel racebooks and fantasy sites pool the money taken in from gamblers and use that to pay the winners. There’s no risk to the betting site so it doesn’t care how much you win. The amount you can win is limited only by how much money comes in from other punters.

Large Deposits

Maximum deposit amounts for all betting sites are also listed on this page so you can make sure you select one that works for you. Most sports betting sites won’t let you wager on credit, so you need to fund your account beforehand. This can be a challenge if you are a high limit player.

Additionally, I recommend carefully choosing the right deposit method to limit fees. Credit and debit cards are typically not good for large transactions due to the percentage fees they impose on bookmakers for accepting deposits. Sometimes those fees are passed on to the customer. A “small” 2.5% fee can end up costing you a lot.  VIP players can often have deposit fees waived depending on the relationship they have with their account manager.

The best methods for large deposits are instant bank transfers, wire transfers and sometimes e-wallets depending on the amount of funds you need. Bank transfers and wires can usually handle transactions of any size and usually charge a small flat fee. E-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal have limits in the range of £25,000 to £100,000.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

One last piece of advice: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Quality betting sites love all their customers, but high rollers are especially valuable for obvious reasons. Remember that you hold the power as the customer.

If you have any questions about depositing, placing a bet or getting paid, don’t be shy. Give your bookmaker a call or send an e-mail with your question. We reached out to a couple high limit betting sites today for clarification on their policies and received quick answers. You can do the same. Remember, they want your business.

As a side benefit, you can use any responses you receive as a gauge of the site’s competence. If they fail to reply quickly or send a canned response that doesn’t answer you question, consider that a red flag. There are too many high quality alternatives out there for you to trust your hard-earned money with a second-rate operator.

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