Entertainment Betting Sites

Entertainment betting is one of the newest and fastest rising forms of wagering online. Novelty betting sites give players a chance to bet and win cash money prizes on the shows and television events they love watching. Award shows, beauty pageants and reality TV series are some of the most popular entertainment bets available.

Entertainment Online Betting Information

Players can choose from a number of television shows, award shows or other special events to bet on. Some of the most popular include:

  • American Idol
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • America’s Got Talent
  • Survivor
  • The Biggest Loser
  • The Grammys
  • The Academy Awards
  • Miss American Pageant

Once a show or event has been selected, players must look at the odds offered. There are usually a number of bets possible for a single television show. For example, players can bet on whom they think will be voted off of their favorite reality show that week. Each contestant on the show has odds for how likely it is they will be kicked off. Players should select the contestant they think has the best chance of being voted off.

A lot of the most popular shows and events that receive bets have large female audiences. Consequently, there are a lot more women making entertainment bets compared to sports bets, which are dominated by males. Women are estimated to make up almost half of the wagers on entertainment betting sites.

Choosing Where To Make Novelty Bets Online

The best entertainment betting sites offer players a secure environment alongside a convenient and easy to use platform. Sites allow players to transfer funds to their account using credit cards, bank transfers or eWallets. They should provide encryption to make sure personal information is safe during the transaction process. Additionally, the best novelty betting sites allow players to deposit and make bets in many different currencies, using various languages. This opens the site up to a wider audience.

Bonuses And Other Promotions

Entertainment betting websites often entice new players by advertising a bonus when they make their first deposit, usually offering to match a large percentage of an initial deposit. Other incentives may include a no risk wager or “money back” if  your stake loses on a certain event, enhanced odds, or even a free bet.  Rewards programs, otherwise known as VIP or loyalty programs cater to frequent players.

Trust Factor

Recommended novelty betting websites have a reputation for paying players accurately and on time. Because entertainment betting is a rising industry and hasn’t been around a long time, players should choose a reputable brand with a long trusted and well-established history.

Usability And Quality Of Experience

A simple and easy to use interface, accessible on all devices including desktop, mobile, and tablets ensure an enjoyable, hassle-free betting experience.

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