The best Switzerland betting sites and the guidelines that regulate them have become more relaxed as of 2010, thus increasing the growth in Swiss based betting. This has allowed Swiss gamblers and poker players to participate in online casinos and has opened up the betting arena much more on a world wide scale. The best Switzerland betting sites offer a variety of gambling, as well as benefits to their online customers.

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The Best Switzerland Betting Sites

The best Switzerland betting sites offer a number of notable benefits and bonuses to loyal patrons who sign up. Members are regularly given opportunities to win prizes and cash, as well as chances to build up their status and reputation among other players who use the sites. Many sites recognize the earned accomplishments and advancing progress of a player’s record and will reward him or her with points, prizes, or invitations to otherwise exclusive gambling opportunities.

The best Switzerland betting sites range in size from being quite large to very small. This gives you the opportunity to choose whether or not you would like to engage in an extremely competitive betting atmosphere with higher odds among thousands of other players, or a lower intesity in gambling with a much smaller number of participants. Payment options that are offered on the best Switzerland sites are also fast and easy. Many allow you to use your credit card, debit card, or a third party banking and payment method.

Attributes of the Best Switzerland Betting Sites

Much like most other betting sites based in other world locations, the best Switzerland betting sites offer a number of appealing qualities and bonuses to their members. These benefits and gains include:

  • Cash bonus matches with first time deposits that can be used on the site for betting.
  • Tips on betting money in online poker, sports gambling, and casino games.
  • Rewards to loyal customers and VIP programs.
  • Opportunities to participate in poker tournaments.
  • Secure payment options and readily available customer service.

The best Switzerland betting sites provide a variety of solid betting entertainment choices and many perks to skilled and loyal customers. Swiss betting sites are open to most countries and accept or convert many forms of currency. However, it should be noted that Swiss sites are somewhat scarce in offering membership to the American gambling population.

Gambling Laws

Switzerland does not yet have an effective means for regulating online gambling. Current laws prohibit citizens from placing bets online, but a lack of an enforcement mechanism renders those laws toothless. As such, we have free reign to bet online without no legal risk.

However, things will change in the near future as Swiss authorities have made clear their intention to implement a regulatory framework for online gambling. Draft proposals recently made public indicate that Switzerland is considering allowing existing brick-and-mortar casinos to extend their services to the internet. Online poker, casino games and sports betting may all be legalized if these proposals are enacted.

Current gaming laws in Switzerland only deal with gambling in the real world. Brick-and-mortar casinos are licensed by the government and operate in large numbers relative to the population. According to some reports, Switzerland has one of the greatest densities of land-based casinos of any nation. The nation’s 11 horse racing tracks also allow parimutuel horse racing betting.

Casinos were first legalized with legislation passed in 1993 that allowed them to offer games on a limited basis. Further legislation passed in 2000 eased those restrictions and removed betting limits for games hosted by casinos. The existing gaming laws are effective in dealing with actual casinos, but legislation regarding internet betting is long overdo.

A bill submitted to parliament in 2015 seeks to allow Swiss casinos to finally expand to the internet. The Swiss Federation of Casinos noted at the time that the brick-and-mortar industry is declining in direct proportion to the rise of online gaming. With no legal mechanism to address online betting, foreign operators are poaching profits from the industry to the tune of 300 million francs per year.

If enacted, the legislation would create a new regulatory body responsible for overseeing online betting and issuing licenses to operators. The bill would officially end the prohibition on placing bets over the internet. As The Local reported back then, the Swiss Federation of Casinos welcomed the legislation although with some reservations.

The federation noted two sticking points that cause some concern. One of these is the bill’s proposal to allow foreign operators to also apply for licenses. Naturally, the federation does not like the idea of increased competition coming from foreign betting sites. Furthermore, foreign gaming operators already have extensive experience in offering online sports betting and casino games while Swiss casinos have been prohibited from moving to an online platform all these years.

Their other objection relates to the timeline of implementation. If passed, the legislation would not issue its first licenses until 2019. The federation calls this “far too late” given the massive profits already being diverted to foreign operators.

Lastly, the proposal would eliminate all personal taxes on gambling winnings paid by players. Current law assesses a tax on lottery winnings and sports betting, but not on winnings derived from casino games. The law would do away with all personal taxes in an effort to boost the industry. The intent is that any loss in tax revenue collected from players would be replaced with taxes and licensing fees paid by operators.