Best Austria Betting Sites

Betting has long been a popular activity in Austria. All types of betting, including online forms, are completely legal in the country. Because it is legal, Austrian betting sites are free to offer as many activities to place bets on as they want. European league football matches tend to attract the most attention. Although the government licenses these betting sites, they do nothing to regulate them.

Austria Online Betting Information

The two most popular sports in Austria are football and ice hockey. Naturally, these are also the most popular events to bet on. Austrian betting sites also allow players to place bets on Basketball, Baseball and special events like elections.

Austrian players are also free to place bets on foreign-based betting sites. This opens players up to even more variety. The official currency of Austria, the Euro, is accepted on most betting sites. Because of this, Austrian players will not have to worry about converting their currency when playing on sites based in other countries.

All forms of gambling have long been legal in Austria. This created a gambling tradition in the country that is now spreading to betting. However, unlike casino gambling or poker, the government does not regulate betting. Online betting sites do have to be licensed. But after awarding a license, the Austrian government does little to make sure betting sites are offering respectable services. Because of this, it is important to thoroughly research a number of betting sites before you register with one.

Attributes Of The Best Austria Betting Sites

The best Austrian betting sites offer players bonuses, rewards and promotions to help increase their winnings. In addition to sign up bonuses, players should look for sites that offer rewards for achieving a certain amount of winnings. The best Austrian betting sites have promotions offered throughout a month that give players extra money to bet with for simply depositing funds on a certain day.

The best Austrian betting sites give players several options when depositing money. These options include bank transfers, credit card and paybox deposits. Paybox deposits allow players to add money to their account with their mobile phone. These make it easy for players to deposit money to bet on events even when they are away from their computers.

After depositing money and winning some bets, players should receive their winnings quickly. The best Austrian betting sites deliver money to players almost instantly. Players will want to pay attention to their betting records to make sure their winnings are being delivered correctly.

Good customer support is also important. Players don’t want to run the risk of losing their winnings or deposits because something was unclear on the site. The best Austrian betting sites provide 24/7 customer support to answer questions and help with any problems that might arise.

Austrian Gambling Law

Austria’s complex gambling and sports betting laws are a result of government regulation run amok. Although the government tries to restrict us to only dealing with the sole state-authorized monopoly provider of gambling (Casinos Austria), the reality is that we can play online almost anywhere we want without restriction.

Our gaming laws have been a source of tension between the Austrian government and the European Union for years now. In 2014, the EU found Austria in violation of EU treaties that are supposed to ensure free trade across EU member states. In short, the EU feels that Austria’s gaming laws are designed more to protect the government monopoly than to actually provide consumer protections.

That battle is ongoing to this day, but the situation on the ground is simple for gamblers. If you want to play online, you can join any number of international betting sites that accept Austrians. The government does not censor the internet or otherwise attempt to stop citizens from playing online.

In the real world, gambling is divided into two general categories. Small stakes games with wagers of 50 cents or less are mostly unregulated and legal. In most places, you can play poker and low stakes slot machines at will.

To further complicate matters, individual Austrian states also impose their own rules and regulations over gambling. Thus, what is legal in one region may be outlawed just across state lines in a different region.

Games with higher stakes are strictly regulated and may only be legally offered by casinos under the Casinos Austria group. This group operates 12 brick-and-mortar casinos across the country as well as a gambling site that you can find at Win2Day is the only full-fledged gambling site that has the endorsement of the government. Only Austrian citizens are permitted to sign up and play there, so traffic has been an issue – especially for Win2Day’s online poker room.

Not surprisingly, many Austrians choose to do business with foreign operators headquartered in other countries. Many of the world’s biggest names in online gambling accept Austrian customers despite the government’s insistence that citizens only play online at Win2Day. However, players are not obligated to do so because there are no laws that make it a crime to play at foreign betting sites that accept Austrian players.

The government’s inability to effectively regulate online gambling comes down to a simple problem. Rather than complying with EU treaties and allowing companies based out of EU member states from competing within Austria, the government has opted to instead make it as difficult as possible for foreign operators to do business with or advertise to Austrian citizens.

If Austria wanted to ban all online betting outright, the EU would have no problem. Member states are given plenty of autonomy to approach online gambling however they see fit. What the EU rejects is any country’s attempt to protect local operators while making it exceedingly difficult for international companies to compete.

Sports Betting in Austria

Interestingly, sports betting is subject to fewer restrictions than other forms of gaming. The state monopoly does not extend to sports betting, so you’ll find hundreds of local betting shops located across the country. These bookmakers are not licensed at the federal level; each state is responsible for oversight and the issuance of licenses.

Online sports betting is subject to tight regulations within each state, but punters are not forced to stick with local operators. None of our gambling laws target citizens, there is no internet censorship program and payments to operators are not blocked.

Only local bookmakers are permitted to offer online sports betting, but foreign bookmakers can be found in great numbers as well. Even though they lack the proper licensing and may not advertise in Austrian media, they continue to operate in Austria to this day.

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