Betting Sites By Compatibility

Compatibility is an ever present issue for those of us who run anything other than standard Windows-based PCs. Although sports betting is largely operating system independent, other forms of wagering such as online poker and casino gambling are still very much impacted by the computer or mobile device you use to access the internet.

If you’ve had problems finding the right place to play online with your operating system, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of what I like to call “compatible betting sites.” These sites are the most flexible when it comes to placing bets from your PC, Mac, Linux or mobile device.

The good news for those of you who run nontraditional operating systems is that most gambling sites today offer multiple compatibility options. In some cases, it’s as simple as offering no-download instant play software. In others, you can actually download software designed specifically for your OS.

Compatible Bookmakers

Every online bookmaker that I’m aware of requires no download to view, place or manage wagers on sports and horse racing. If you have a computer and a web browser, you’re all set. All you have to do is visit the bookmaker’s website and sign up for an account. Sports betting is easy from any internet-enabled device.

However, mobile compatibility may still be an issue at some sports betting sites. Most of today’s smartphones can display just about any type of website, so this likely won’t be a problem if you have a modern iPhone or Android. However, some online sportsbook go the extra mile with mobile friendly websites that make it easier to view and place bets given the limited screen real estate on some devices.

Many of the betting sites listed on BBS also offer apps dedicated to apple and android users.

Long story short: online sportsbooks work on pretty much every operating system and mobile device. If you plan to place bets from your mobile device, you may want to find a site with mobile compatibility but it’s not a requirement.

Online Poker

Compatibility plays a much larger role in online poker due to the complexity of displaying tables and everything else that goes into hosting real money poker games over the internet. Even today, there are many poker sites that still only work with Windows. If you don’t have a standard PC, you’ll need to select the right poker site.

There are two methods by which compatible poker sites make themselves accessible to everyone. One option is to host instant play games that display the tables in your browser with no download necessary. The other is to design system-specific software for PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Download vs. Instant Play

The ideal solution for anyone with a Mac or mobile device is software or apps built just for your operating system. As a Mac user myself, I can tell you without a doubt that downloadable Mac software is the way to go. The software installs cleanly on the hard drive and functions just as well as the normal download does for PC users.

A few online poker sites also have apps that you can install via the Google Play or Itunes App stores, free of charge. Mobile apps change the layout of the lobby and each table to make each easier to navigate on small screens. Larger buttons and simpler table graphics make it easier to see what’s going on and choose your wagers on touchscreens.

If you have the option to download compatible software for your Mac or an app on your smartphone, that’s definitely the best way to go.

Instant play software has the advantage of wider compatibility. If you have a Linux or other OS that isn’t supported by default, the no-download option is the next best solution. The downside is that instant play software doesn’t run quite as smoothly. You’ll still be able to play and sometimes even multi-table, but the games run a bit slower and features are limited.

Long story short: Some compatible poker websites allow you to choose between software designed just for your operating system/mobile device or instant play software that runs in your browser. Both work well, but go with the full download if it’s available for your system.

Casino Gambling

Online casino games are simple enough that instant play software will get you by just fine, unless you prefer live dealer tables. In fact, many online gambling sites are now instant play only – they don’t even give you the option to download the casino software. No download casino software has improved in recent times.

instant play casino gameModern instant play casino websites are surprisingly aesthetic yet quick to load. For example, take a look at the screenshot I took just this morning from a game hosted at BetVictor. It’s attractive, the animations are smooth, and it loads quickly.  It’s an impressibe experience.

Mobile users can choose between apps for their smartphones or instant play versions of each game. I have yet to find online casino sites with 100% mobile compatibility. What most sites do is take their most popular games and either design an app with those games or offer specific games via a no-download instant play option. If you visit any of the compatible betting sites recommended above, it will detect that you’re on a mobile phone and show you a list of games that are available right now.

Long story short: Compatibility isn’t an issue at big name casino sites. If you have access to the internet, it doesn’t matter which operating system you use. Mobile support is available as well with both instant play games and app downloads.