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The Smarkets Terms and Conditions and Other Usage Details

Whilst it isn’t the most exciting aspect of the process, looking over the Smarkets terms and conditions is a necessary measure that must be taken by all new players seeking to open an account with this platform. As for any online business where you’ll be spending money, it is highly recommended that you conduct some preliminary research, looking at other customer experiences and reading the terms of usage thoroughly. The document discussed here is the entirety of this operators legal obligations to its customers, to get the most out of your betting experience with this exchange, first read the Smarkets terms and conditions, and then head over to our Smarkets main review to learn more context on this exceptional operator. Read on for further analysis of the T&C’s.

Smarkets Bonus Terms & Full T&C’s

Below you’ll find brief annotations from the full Smarkets terms and conditions document. Each point represents a significant statement from the document, and we have tried to select the points that provide the greatest general interest to our readers.

1. Introduction

2. Account Rules

2.2 “Persons who are residents of; or persons who are located in countries where betting with Smarkets is prohibited (including, but not necessarily limited to Australia, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, China, South Africa, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan); cannot register as account holders with Smarkets. United States residents cannot register an account with Smarkets, even if they are located in another jurisdiction. Smarkets may refuse access to its services from any particular jurisdiction at any time.”

Comment: Smarkets is a multi-national operator that can be downloaded by customers across the world – however this does include some limitations as they have listen, importantly, U.S citizens no matter where in the world they’re located are not permitted to open an account with the operator.

3. Commission

4. Inactive Account

5. Deposits, Transfers and Withdrawals

6. Betting Rules

6.14 “You may cancel unmatched offers. You are reminded that not all of your original offer may remain available for cancellation; some or all may have already been matched with another customer. Please also note that once an order has been placed on the exchange, there is no guarantee that you will be able to amend, withdraw or cancel it.”

Comment: In the mechanics of betting exchange, customers back and lay against other customers – in highly liquid and popular markets this is simple, but in niche markets with low-liquidity, sometimes it may not be possible to match your bet, and you are able to cancel the portion of this stake that has gone unmatched.

7. Multi-Currency

8. Data Usage

9. Responsible Gaming

10. Copyrights

11. Liability

12. Privacy Policy

12.4 “You agree that your personal details provided to Smarkets as part of the account registration as well as documents provided to Smarkets as part of any identity verification process shall be kept on file on Smarkets’s servers and may be transferred to the relevant authorities if and when requested.”

Comment: The documents you provide to Smarkets in order to verify your account will be kept by the company for a prolonged period of time. Be aware that Smarkets is obligated to handover documents requested by authorities in the jurisdictions they operatre within.

13. Technical Difficulties

14. Complaints

15. Standard Terms for Promotions