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The Betfred Terms and Conditions

Here you’ll find the full list of Betfred terms and conditions as they appear on the website. They are true and applicable as from the 28th October 2015, and contain a number of useful guidelines and rulings that will help you gain a better understanding of the Betfred sports betting service. For more information regarding the terms and conditions, you can refer to some of our added comments below, or send us an email at info@bestbettingsites.com and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

The Complete Terms and Conditions Document

Below you’ll find the terms and conditions document in its entirety. There are also some extra added notes and comments where we feel as though there’s a need to pay special attention.

1. Opening and maintaining of accounts

2. Deposits, payment and withdrawals

3. Protection of Customer Funds: Petfre (Gibraltar) Limited.

4. How do I make a complaint?

4.2.1 Customers should be aware that certain ‘live’ feeds – be they on TV, radio or the internet – are subject to delays and as such they may be watching an event slightly behind or slightly ahead of other users. This includes live streaming provided by Betfred.com.

Comments: As is the case with every bookmaker, live feeds are subject to slight delays. The length of this varies from fixture to fixture, and is also dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

4.2.2 A ‘delay’ is placed on all betting in play bets, the length of which varies depending on the sport. If a price changes during the delay between clicking ‘bet’ and the bet actually being placed, the customer will be given the option of placing the bet at the new price or not placing the bet at all. Similarly, any live scores displayed on the site during a bet in play event are for guidance purposes only and betfred.com will take no responsibility for any errors.

Comments: This is another T&C that is common to the vast majority of UK betting sites. Should there be any fluctuations to the odds price in the live betting arena before you get round to confirming your selection, you’ll receive a notification on your bet slip informing you of the new price, at which point you can either choose to accept or decline offer.

5. Settlement of Bets/Double Result

6. Settlement of Bets

7. Enhanced Prices for Multiple Bets

8. Related Contingencies

9. Dead Heats

10. Rule Changes

11. Price Rigging

12. Promotions/Offers

13. Betfred cash out terms and conditions

13.2CashOut is available on various sports including horse-racing (both win and each way), football and golf, although it is not currently available on all markets. For pre-event markets, an icon will be displayed in the coupon alongside all such markets which support CashOut. The CashOut facility is also available on many bets placed in-play. All bets available to CashOut at any moment can be found in the CashOut Statement page.

Comments: Every bookmaker will have slightly varying terms and conditions concerning the availability and use of the cashout feature. At Betfred, it can be used on both pre-match and in-play betting markets, and across a wide range of different sports. At betting sites such as 888sport however, it can only be used on live single bets. As far as the Betfred T&Cs are concerned, the rules surrounding the cash out option are pretty lenient, and are extremely favourable punter. You should not assume however that all bookmakers will apply the same T&Cs as each will have their own specific ruling on how and when the feature is to be used. For more detailed info on the cashout feature and its general use, head over to the main Betfred review page.

14. Breach of these terms and conditions