Best Skrill Betting Sites

Skrill has long worked in the online betting space and is now one of the most widely accepted payment methods of them all. Instant deposits, multiple currency options and low fees all combine to make Skrill a popular deposit option in more than 200 countries. Almost every major betting site now accepts deposits by Skrill.

Betting Site
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You could call these the best Skrill betting sites, but really these are just the top sites in general. That’s one of the nice things about this deposit method; you can play pretty much anywhere you want. Just pick a site and the odds are it accepts Skrill payments.

If you already have an account with Skrill, well, now you know who I recommend. If you’re new to Skrill and came here for more information about the service, read on for all the dirty details.

What is Skrill?

To put it simply, Skrill is an e-wallet that allows you to make and receive payments online. Its purpose is to make it easier and safer for people like you and I to buy things online, send money to friends and receive payments from others. Skrill offers many other services in addition to those, but it’s core business model revolves around online payments.

It’s free to sign up, and then you can upload funds to your Skrill account any time you need to purchase something online or send money to a friend. Once you have money in your account, you can then make instant deposits to any betting site. You can also have your gambling winnings credited back to your Skrill account.

Here’s an overview of what you can do with Skrill:

  • Make deposits to betting sites
  • Receive payouts when you’re done wagering
  • Send money to anyone with an e-mail address
  • Make one-click payments
  • Get a prepaid MasterCard attached to your Skrill account
  • Withdraw your winnings at the ATM with your prepaid card

How to Use Skrill

1. Sign up for an account

You’ll find Skrill easy to use as the website walks you through the steps to complete any task you have in mind. The first ting you need to do is visit and then sign up for an account there. After you have an account, the website will ask you to upload funds so you can go play online and make purchases.

2. Verify your identity

You will also be asked to verify your identity at some point by uploading a photo ID and proof of address. Note that although this is annoying, it is required by the UK banking regulations. The good news is that Skrill will give you simple step-by-step instructions to get verified. Once you get past this part, it’s all smooth sailing.

3. Fund your account

Most people upload funds by way of instant bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and Paysafecard. There may be other local options based on where you live, and you’ll see those options listed inside your account area whenever you choose “upload funds.”

4. Make a deposit

Now that you have money in your Skrill account, it’s time to make a deposit at your favourite betting site. Head over to your site of choice, log in there and then visit the cashier. Choose “deposit” and then select “Skrill” as your payment method.

A new window will open and direct you to a secure page hosted by Skrill. This is where you log in with your existing Skrill account and confirm the deposit amount. Notice that at no time do you have to share your information with the actual betting site. Skrill handles the entire transaction on your behalf.

Your funds will be credited to your betting account instantly.


The remainder of this article will address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Skrill.

Is Skrill safe?

Yes. Skrill is a legitimate financial services company that has been processing online payments since 2001. More than 36 million accountholders have already used Skrill to make payments in 40 currencies. It is accepted by tens of thousands of online retailers, including the likes of eBay and Skype.

Even more importantly, Skrill is registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. This means Skrill has been deemed a safe and well-regulated payment processor for customers in the UK and abroad. You can visit the FCA’s website to see Skrill’s authorisation status here.

Who should use Skrill?

Part of the reason Skrill has as many customers as it does is its versatility. More specifically, I think almost anyone will find it useful for two reasons:

  • Skrill can be used to make fast deposits
  • Skrill can also receive withdrawals

The most important of those two is Skrill’s ability to receive withdrawals. Most deposit methods are pretty fast these days, but there are not nearly as many simple withdrawal methods. Once you have an account with Skrill, you can use it to get your winnings from almost any betting site.

I also think privacy-minded gamblers will find Skrill handy due to the way its acts as an intermediary between your bank and any betting site that you visit. When you deposit with Skrill, the recipient never sees your bank account information, credit card number or anything else. This is especially comforting for those who bounce around between multiple betting sites.

What happened to Moneybookers?

Moneybookers rebranded to Skrill in 2010, but it’s still the same company. Their reasoning for the name change was to appeal to a broader international audience. Moneybookers is a great brand name in English, but apparently it’s difficult to pronounce and translate in other languages. The logic makes sense considering Skrill now operates in 200+ countries.

Nothing else really changed other than the usual process of expanding to new markets, testing new products and streamlining the payment process. Years after the name change, Skrill is chugging along just as it always has.

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