All Betting Sites in America – Legal American Sportsbooks for 2021

America is home to several great betting platforms. It is a legal venture regulated by authorities in the country. Nevertheless, not all betting sites in America are legal, and you should try to avoid them. After in-depth research and studies about betting sites in America, we have put together a list of all American sportsbooks.

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All USA Betting Sites in our Bookmaker List

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Betting Bonus PayPal Live Streaming Cash Out Rating Website T&C’s
Up To $20Risk-Free First Bet Yes Yes Yes 99/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
Up To $500in Free Bets Yes Yes Yes 98/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
100% Up To $250Use code: 250MATCH Yes Yes Yes 97/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+
Bet $20 Get $100in Free Bets Yes Yes No 96/100 Full T&Cs Apply! New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 21+

There’s no need to go through the stress of clicking site after site. We have done the hard work by putting together all the above betting sites and other accompanying resources on one page. You get to do a lot on one site without opening too many tabs. Access this single page by checking out the best American betting sites.

All America Legal Betting Sites List: Online Bookmakers with a Valid Licence

We’re slowly building up the pace of this topic. It is about time that we delve into the subject of legal betting sites in America. This list only includes the name of operators who have certified legal licenses to operate in the American territory. A quick rundown on our sportsbook list includes:

Every sportsbook on the list is legally licensed by the necessary authorities in America, depending on the state. These authorities are the legal backbone as well as the regulatory body of all betting operations in the country. The bookmakers list is comprehensive, and it doesn’t leave out any bookmaker that is licensed to operate on American soil.

The Top Bookmakers List for America

There are several legal bookies in America. The tendency that we become confused when there are lots of options or varieties is human. This explains why we thought it wise to make further studies and research about all bookmakers and rank the top distinct bookies. In no order, the top bookies in America, specifically for New Jersey, are:

Our Top 10 Betting Sites List by Category:
Best Betting Site BetMGM
Best Betting Bonus Sugar House
Newest Betting Site Borgata
Top Football Betting Site 888sport
Best PayPal Betting Site Borgata
Ultimate Market Selection BetMGM
Best Live Betting Site Borgata
Great Payment Options BetMGM
Top Payout Levels Sugar House
Best Mobile Betting Site 888sport

Picking a Bookie from America’s All Bookmakers

In the earliest section we disclosed out top 10 bookmakers amongst all bookmakers in America. This section builds on the foundation of the previous one. It expounds on a number of criteria we factored in our research to draw accurate conclusions about who deserves the top spots. First, pick a bookie by considering the category. Here’s a list of bookies category in America:

The Bonus Amount and Type

Bookmakers in America fall into different categories. One of these categories is the bonus category. The bonus category comes with a variety of bonuses specific to each bookie. Bonuses are a good yardstick for picking which bookie you place a bet with. While you take a glance at the bonuses a bookie offers, also check the requirements to access the bonus. Take a look at the best betting bonuses available in America.

Bonus envelope

The Mobile App

A good way to narrow down your choice of a bookie from the many bookmakers is through the mobile app category. Usually, their mobile applications can facilitate most of the transactions you make physically with the bookie in their physical store. Bookies in this category usually have mobile betting sites.

Mobile phone and a small football

The Payment Methods

Some bookmakers use specific payment methods. Others use a wide range. The payment method a bookie uses can be what makes you opt-in or opt-out for their services. For example, when a bookie does not have many option you look elsewhere. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest PayPal betting sites as they are secure, safe, and offer fast money processing.

Bank cards

Live Streaming

Going further, bookies are also distinguished by the feature of live streaming. Live streaming allows you to watch a match then place bets on live events. You get to watch the sport and place your odds for the likelihood of any event. Bookmakers with live betting sites fall in this category.

Television screen with live streaming

The Cash Out Option

The cashout option is another interesting category. What’s the cashout category all about? Your operator allows you to withdraw a portion of your stake on the bet you placed before the event closes. This feature has revolutionized the online betting experience. Every legal bookmaker should have cash out option service for bettors.

A bank card

The categories above are a piece of the criteria we use to rate the performance of operators in America. Subsequent parts of this narrative would expound on a few more but not all of the criteria we use to judge operators. The end of reading the categories is that you have an insight about the best bookie for you.

The Additional Criteria We Used to Rate All Sportsbooks

Going further, putting more pieces of the puzzle together so you can have a grasp of how you should choose your bookie. There are additional criteria to the last criteria we discussed for picking a bookie. The extra criteria we used for our America bookie list range from odds on offer to customer service. A list of criteria and the strongest criteria is below.

Specific Sport Rankings

Operators for all betting sites feature several sports you can place bets on. In this section, we would highlight bookmakers who perform better for certain sports than their competitors. This way, you can further narrow down your bookmakers list, and find the best bookie to place a bet with for a sport or range of sports.

The list for specific sports rankings is a product of in-depth research and study of various operators in America over the years. Rankings were also influenced by the earlier criteria for picking a bookie; this way you get high-performing sports and a sportsbook list for your bets. Take a look at our betting calculator to see how we arrived at our rankings.

Why Should You Register at All Bookies?

You probably think you’re better off registering with only one bookie for as long as you bet. This is good, but it restricts you from enjoying certain benefits from other bookies. When you register with more than one bookie, you can enjoy the best bonuses and price available for multiple events. All bookmakers we suggest have great offers which you can sign up for.

From any legal bookmakers’ site, you can find and place bets for any events. There are no restrictions to the available events you can find as long as they are legal. All bookmakers offer a range of sports for all bettors in America; you’d want to employ a matched betting strategy to get the best from your bets.

Which Should you Pick: Quality vs Quantity?

In your bid to register with as many operators as possible, you must consider the quality and quantity rule. It is simple; you can choose quantity as long as quality has precedence over quantity in your bookmaker list. Always choose quality over quantity; quality invariably means legal, safe, and bets that can’t be compromised by the operators.

Famous Bookmakers that are no longer in Operation

We talked about choosing quality over quantity. During our study and research, we found out that quality could be deceitful. This explains why we decided to make this famous betting sites list and talk about the operators who are no longer in service. Be wary of whoever uses the brand names to scam or extort you. Here’s your list:

Bookmakers That No Longer Offer A Sportsbook
Bookmaker Reason Inactive Since
BetOnSports The CEO was arrested 2006

Sites to Avoid

To further reiterate the need to choose quality over quantity, we thought it wise to tell you betting sites to avoid in America. These sites, as well as their operators, have a questionable reputation and are not recognized by the legal authority that regulates betting in America. All sportsbooks you should avoid include:

The Blacklisted Bookies
Bookmaker to avoid Domain Reason Not Licensed Not Licensed

You may not be able to identify bookmakers without legal licenses or those with fake legal license. Nevertheless, there is a number of indicators you can use to test operators with questionable operators. One of these indicators is looking out for sites that do not pay out bonuses; these sites and their operators must be avoided!

How to Exclude from All Betting Sites or Block Them

Sometimes you find out that you are having difficulty taking a pause or break from betting. Betting can be addictive for some people.

How do you exclude or block out betting sites to regain your balance? There are a number of tools and decisive steps you can take to exclude and block yourself from all betting sites. This includes blocking off their promotions, filtering contents that comes to you, regulating your screen time, deleting your bet accounts, and using self-exclusion sites such as National Council on Problem Gambling.

Self Exclude Yourself from All Gambling Sites Now!

In the subsequent lines of this article, we would discuss how you can go about self-exclusion from gambling sites. Just in case you’re bothered about your betting habits, and you need a break. Self-exclusion alongside new tools and programs (one is discussed below) would be helpful. You must know that all operators must offer you self-exclusion when you need it.

New Jersey Self-Exclusion Program

New Jersey Self-Exclusion Program

This program seeks to help people struggling with their attachment to betting/gambling. It started off as a restriction from physical casinos in America and later included exclusion from online betting/gambling sites. During your self-exclusion, you’re denied physical access to casinos, and you’re restricted from betting online.

Blocking All Bookmakers on Your Browser or Phone

If you have a gambling problem, it is of necessity that you block all betting sites on your browser and mobile devices as well. The phone has become one of the important and indispensable devices we use in our daily living. It is always at our disposal especially when we have attained adulthood in the eyes of society. You can restrict kids, but everyone an adult should restrict themselves from their mobile device.

PC Tools to Help You Block Betting Sites

It isn’t enough that you lock out your access to all betting sites from your phones and browser. There’s another threat to be quarantined, your PC. Your PC can access the internet and give you the luxury your phone delivers, with the exception of making phone calls. Tighten all loose ends by making use of the tools below to block betting sites on your PC.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny, like other self-exclusion tools blocks access to sites and apps you do not want to view for a while. Even better, you can use it to set a screen time for yourself to achieve time away from your mobile phone. With a Net Nanny app, your family can oversee your betting habits and keep you in check.


This tool made by Solid Oak Software allows you to filter content on websites and webpages. Even better; you can restrict access of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), newsgroups, and FTPs. With the CYBERsitter tool, you can enhance your protection from unwanted content and filter what and what you do not want or want.


GamBlock blocks access to all betting and gambling sites. It has an inbuilt algorithm that analyses websites and blocks betting sites and software. This means you do not need to worry about blocking new sites or operators you didn’t block. It automatically fishes them out and blocks them.

Bet Blocker

Bet Blocker is both a mobile and desktop app that restricts your access to betting sites. Using the Bet Blocker tool, you can restrict access to betting sites for a longer duration. This way, you can fully clean the odds of your vulnerability to bet while focusing on attaining your balance.

Phone Apps/Tools That Can Assist with Blockin

There are a number of phone apps and tools that have proven useful for blocking your access to betting sites. Our phones are the closest gadget at our disposal from which we can access the internet and its components any time of the day. This poses a threat to your self-exclusion from online betting sites. Below is a list of apps/tools to block all betting sites on your mobile phone.


With Qustodio, your family and guardians can oversee your engagement with betting sites. Aside from blocking your access to betting sites, this tool can regulate your screen time and serve as a filter at the same time. You can trust Qustodio to filter out any content you do not want to see.


This app helps you fight the urge to place bets or partake in other gambling activities. On installations, it blocks out all betting websites and webpages that facilitates betting/gambling. Asides from blocking access to betting/gambling sites, this tool could serve screen time and filter functions on your mobile device.

A List of All-Important Gambling Organizations

You may not know it, but there are gambling organizations. These organizations serve as the legal backbone and regulator of betting activities. Their existence ensures the enforcement of the law, order, and fair dealings in the betting market. In this section, we talk about gambling organizations and how they weigh in on the market.

National Council on Problem Gambling

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is an organization established in 1972 to support the people experiencing problem gambling. They support individuals, corporate members, and even government agencies and administrators by organizing a list of events and classes to help the people with gambling addictions and organizations that want to address this issue.

Organisation Name National Council on Problem Gambling
Founded 1972
Headquarter 730 11th St, NW, Ste 601, Washington DC 2000
Function Industry Body

Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey is a non-profit organization that gamblers support. They help bettors and gamblers struggling with addictions to gambling. They execute their support by creating awareness programs and treating people who are struggling with addictions to gambling/betting.

Organisation Name Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey
Founded 1983
Headquarter 3635 Quakerbridge Rd. Ste.7 Hamilton, NJ 08619
Function Gambling Support Organization

Gamblers Anonymous

Founded in 1957 by two men that were troubled because of their gambling addiction. They started meeting regularly to avoid gambling, and during the years, the group grew and formed the present Gamblers Anonymous. These organizations support gamblers with addictions to find the most convenient meeting to attend and share their problems.

Organisation Name Gamblers Anonymous
Founded 1957
Headquarter 4981 Irwindale Avenue, Suite 700, Irwindale CA
Function Gambling Support Groups

Division of Gaming Enforcement

This gambling organization is one of the regulatory bodies of the gambling market in America. It protects the interest of bettors and ensures their operators are operating fairly while upholding the integrity of the system. It monitors operations of casinos and online betting sites, as well as investigates the application for the license.

Organisation Name Division of Gaming Enforcement
Founded 1977
Headquarter 1300 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Function Executive non-departmental public body


The resources alongside this list are indispensable to safe, successful, and responsible betting on all betting sites in America. Consider this a toolkit every bettor must utilize on gambling sites. We are frequently updating our resources and doing more relevant research to ensure we solve relevant issues of bettors. Stick to this page, and always check for updates and other relevant resources.

Sports people
Our best-rated bookmaker!

Among the list of betting sites, one site stands distinct for us. Being experts at discerning licensed operators and legal service providers. This site stands out above the others when we judged it by all our criteria. As much as you want to register on all possible sites, BetMGM should be your core service provider in America.


To wrap up the wealth of resources in this article, we shall provide answers for frequently asked questions. Of course, you can reference the article to get elaborate answers to the questions. These questions have their answers founded upon a wealth of research and studies we have made on the list of American betting sites.

👌 Is there a list of all betting sites in America?

Currently, all American betting sites are contained in this review. The article encompasses a comprehensive guide for all you need to know in the American betting market. It ranges from sites to avoid to how to self-exclude from betting sites, and of course depends on the state you are in.

❓ How do I pick a bookmaker from your List?

Our selection criteria ranges from markets, odds on offers, to customer service from the operator. To pick a bookmaker start by considering the category your bookie falls in. Afterward, pick a bookie by judging how well they perform when you rate them on the major criteria for picking a bookie.

🏆 How do you choose the best sportsbook from all betting sites?

The best betting site for America is BetMGM. In the conclusion of this article is the resource you need to start betting on BetMGM. They rank above all other bookmakers when judged side by side with the standard criteria.

🛡️ What ensures online gambling sites are not rigged?

Gambling organizations represent a legal framework that sustains the integrity of the bet market. They fish out illegal betting sites and regulate the affairs of the betting sites in America to ensure fair-play. They also issue licenses to operators in the country.

⚖️ Are all bookmakers legal in America

We have collated a list of bookmakers with a valid licence in America. It contains all the information you need and more. Any operator that doesn't make our list has a questionable license and is not legally recognized in America.