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The FansBet Terms and Conditions and Bonus Details

Certainly not the most thrilling aspect of the online sportsbook experience, but reviewing the FansBet terms and conditions is an essential step that must be taken before making a real-money deposit to the bookmaker. Be certain to read the terms and conditions in full, and pay close attention to the FansBet bonus terms as well as any areas of the platform you feel you’ll be spending the majority of your time. The first step will be to read the terms and conditions document in full, and then head over to the FansBet main review to understand just how this operator does business. Keep reading for the full overview of the T&C’s with annotations attached. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bestbettingsites.com.

FansBet Bonus Terms & Full T&C’s

Below is a table of contents detailing each of the topics listed in the FansBet betting terms and conditions document. We’ve picked out a few interesting points and provided a further explanation on each.

1. Acceptance of Terms

2. Other Policies and Rules

3. Changes to the Terms

3.1 “The Operator reserves the right to periodically update, modify or amend these Terms (and any additional rules or policies). All such revisions, upon being posted on the Website shall take effect immediately provided that where such revisions are deemed to result in a material change to the Terms, such changes will be notified to you via your Account email address. Any such update, amendment or modifications will also be published on the Website.”

Comment: The bookmaker reserves the right to change and modify fundamental aspects of the terms and conditions document. If there is a significant change in the FansBet terms of use, all customers will be notified by email and any such changes will be published in an updated version of the terms and conditions document online.

4. Description of Services

5. Pre Conditions for Account Registration

6. Registration Information

6.5 “The Operator is obliged to comply with applicable Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) legislation for the time being in force. The Operator reserves the right at any time to request satisfactory identification documents from the User for verification purposes. We reserve the right to use third party verification services to authenticate your Account information and identity, and to conduct any necessary checks relating to potential fraud or to ensure compliance with our anti-money laundering protocols and obligations, and you expressly acknowledge and agree that we may confirm the accuracy of any information you submit against government-issued ID.”

Comment: One of the key areas of friction and problems between new players at a sportsbook is to do with account verification. You’ll need to make sure that identification documents are able to confirm the details that you input into the platform when registering with the operator. Withdrawals and account winnings will be forfeited if you’re not able to provide adequate proof of age and address.

7. Account Deposits, Withdrawals and Betting Limits

8. Placing a Bet

9. Responsible Conduct

10. Errors or Mistakes

11. Account Closure and Dormant or Abandoned Accounts

12. Dispute Handling

13. Breach of Terms and Termination

13.3 “If, as a result of any action taken in accordance with these terms, your Account balance becomes negative, you expressly acknowledge and agree that such negative balance shall constitute an incontestable debt payable by you to us, due and payable immediately. The Operator reserves the right to offset any positive Account balance held by you with any other of our other websites in settlement of such debt. You expressly acknowledge and agree that, in the event of non-payment of such debt, we may assign such debt to one or more collections agencies, who shall have the legal right to pursue such assigned debt using any or all available legal remedies. Note that following the assignment of such debt to a collections agency, the resolution of such debt and any legal processes associated therewith are not within our control and must be negotiated or resolved directly with such collections agency. ”

Comment: The possibility that due to action taken in the terms and conditions document that your account enters a negative balance, then FansBet reserves the right to offset the debt by taking funds from other accounts under the control of FansBet or it’s affiliates. Also, they reserve the right to pursue the debt through collection agencies.

14. Indemnification

15. Intellectual Property Rights

16. Disclaimers

17. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law