Best Boxing Betting Sites

Betting on the outcome of a boxing match for profit has been popular for decades. Now with boxing betting sites available popularity continues to grow.

Betting Site
Get up to $50 matched instantly on your first deposit18+ to Play, T&Cs Apply
Refund Your First Contest Entry Fee18/21+ to Play, T&Cs Apply

Boxing Betting Basics

There are a couple of steps that are necessary in order to place a bet on a boxing match online:

  • Compare boxing betting websites and choose one that works for your needs. Consider when the brand was established and the different bonuses offered.
  • Set up an account.
  • Select a payment method and deposit funds into your account.
  • Decide what boxing match you want to bet on and how much you wish to wager.
  • Monitor the outcome of the fight and withdraw any winnings from your account.

Players should also be familiar with how boxing betting works before starting an account. Boxing uses the money line method of wagering. This method informs the bettor of the odds of each boxer winning the match by putting a plus or minus sign next to the player’s name followed by a number. A minus sign indicates a favor to win and a minus sign indicates the player is likely to lose. Players will usually have to wager more on a boxer that is favored to win.

Choosing Where To Bet on Boxing Online

The best boxing betting sites have long established reputations and are trusted by it’s customers.

Compare different sites and the bonuses they offer. Sites that have rewards programs or offer bonuses for placing a certain amount of bets each month are best if you are a frequent bettor.

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