New platform will help operators to better monitor affiliates

A new customer relationship management (CRM) platform launched by has been designed to help operators keep a close eye on the behaviour and activities of their affiliates.

The platform uses AI technology to automate the previously manual process of tracking affiliates’ compliance with rules and regulation. The comprehensive programme allows operators to manage all aspects of their affiliate relationships on one interface.

Through the dashboard, operators can manage the relationships, find data on how their affiliates are performing, watch their websites to ensure compliance, and get full reports on all data and performance.

Speaking about the platform, CEO, Roo Wright, said:

The writing is on the wall for operators who can’t, or won’t, comply with this new reality. The simple fact is that operators now bear primary responsibility for observing the non-broadcast advertisement rules under CAP and failure to do so will result in heavy fines. We recognise that it’s impossible for affiliate managers to keep an eye on the hundreds of affiliates on their books and each action they do to keep it legal, decent, honest and truthful, which is why we developed Wright, CEO of

Increased pressure on operators and their affiliates

The interface offer comprehensive affiliate management via one single interface. ©

The app comes at a crucial time for gambling operators. Currently, there is increased pressure from both regulators and government on the behaviour of affiliates in the online gambling world.

Many operators have relayed this pressure onto their affiliates, promising much greater scrutiny and stricter guidelines, or even a zero-tolerance approach. Others, such as SkyBet, have cancelled their affiliate programmes altogether. This approach is a response to the sanctions and fines placed on multiple operators by the Advertising Standards Authority due to miscompliance from affiliates.

Particularly in regards to advertising, the pressure is being firmly applied on affiliates. New guidelines by the Advertising Standards Authority published this month refer specifically for more regulation of affiliates by operators and for more responsible practices by affiliates when advertising.

By allowing much closer scrutiny of affiliates’ behaviour and a single interface to better monitor activities, the platform should help operators to avoid fines and penalties, all while maximising profit from their business relationships with affiliates.

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