Bet365 to Provide Manchester and Stoke With New Tech Jobs Boost

British bookmaker Bet365 is investing heavily in the company’s sports platform with news that the firm will be introducing a new DevOPs team.

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Based at Bet365’s Manchester and Stoke offices, the division will help with supporting the in-house platform as well as focusing on product development. The team will be running out of its technology business, Hillside Technology, with a remit to speed up IT operations.

The structure of the team will consist of staff from Software Release, IT Operations, Problem and Incident Management and Service Delivery teams and the company believe that by investing in and bringing these specialisations together, the company will see shorter concept-to-delivery timeframes.

The recently appointed head of the DevOps team Steven Briggs said the changes to the structure of the company were needed to keep pace with the expansion of the business, he said;

As the scale and scope of our business, increased, so the underlying technologies and platform that support it have become more complex. The critical question is how to keep pace with the consistent need to release software, while ensuring the platform remains stable and secure? Steven Briggs, Bet365 DevOps head.

Briggs added that “Modernising our approach to operational and release activity is imperative, and we believe a DevOps approach can help with this.” Bet 365, who are the world’s largest online gambling company and is owned by British billionaire Denise Coates, has enjoyed great success with the innovations that the bookmaker have introduced to online gaming. Designing, building, and owning its platform has allowed the company to offer products such as partial pay-outs and bet builder, which have proved popular with sports bettors.

Earlier this year, Bet365 revealed that its long-term goals of achieving containerisation had taken a small step towards realisation after its first Kubernetes cluster went live. The company’s next-generation sports betting platform ensures changes made by one area of the business do not impact on other departments or user experience.

James Nightingale, Principle Infrastructure Architect, Hillside Technology said the new technology the company was working on had to potential to be a “game-changer for bet365. Saying it promised to increase the speed at which they can spin up production environments, while at the same time, “delivering a highly malleable deployment mechanism that will enable Sports Development to release code rapidly.”

Currently in its first phase of development, the Kubernetes platform consists of a simple set of production clusters that are running the authentication module for the streaming of Italian Horse Racing. This small scale test was able to test the platform’s ability to react to real-time challenges and issue fixes to resolve problems. The company hope to reduce the time for repairs to be deployed to seconds, an industry first.

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