Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

The Kentucky Derby is the first race in the three race event that determines if there will be a Triple Crown winner for the year. In order to win the Triple Crown, a horse must first win the Kentucky Derby and then continue to win the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes in the same year. This race is the end of a two week horse racing festival at Churchill Downs race course in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is run every May (the 2nd Saturday) and is open to all 3 year old thoroughbreds, both male and female. While horse racing has long been synonymous with live betting at the horse track and is completely legal in the United States, the best Kentucky Derby betting sites offer a variety of betting options for the horse race.

Kentucky Derby Betting Information

In essence, there are 6 different bets that players can make on the Kentucky Derby with three straight bets and 3 combination bets. There are additional bets allowed but the first six are the easiest to understand for the beginner. The first straight bet is the win wager where you bet that your chosen horse will be the first to cross the finish line, thus winning the race. The place wager is a bet that your horse will finish in either the first or second place in the Kentucky Derby. If you make a place bet and your horse wins the race, the pay out is no different than if they finished in second. Finally, the show bet is a wager that your horse will finish at least third. Like the place bet, the pay out does not change if your horse finishes better than third.

The best Kentucky Derby betting sites will offer all of the popular straight bets on the horse race in addition to a few combination bets that offer higher pay outs. The exacta wager is a pick of both the winner and second place finisher of the race but your picks must finish in the exact order that you pick them. Continuing on from the exacta are the trifecta and superfecta with pick the 3 and 4 top finishers for the race, respectively. The superfecta offers one of the largest pay outs available at the best Kentucky Derby betting sites as it is very difficult to correctly predict. On all of the combination bets, you can apply a box for a lower pay out. The advantage of this at the best Kentucky Derby betting sites is that the order in which you pick the horses to finish does not have to be correct.

Attributes of a Kentucky Derby Betting Site

It is important to remember that the Kentucky Derby is only a single event each year. This means that the best Kentucky Derby betting sites must excel in offering software and promotions that allow you to wager on other events throughout the year. If you are taking advantage of a bonus or promotion, winning a Kentucky Derby wager may still require you to place additional wagers to clear your money for a withdrawal. It would be unfortunate to have to wait until the next year to make your next wager. So, the best Kentucky Derby betting site must be the best overall online betting site to keep you wagering all year long.

Of all the horse races that occur around the world each year, the Kentucky Derby is the most popular event with the highest attendance and betting volume. The best Kentucky Derby betting sites feature special promotions like free bets and bonuses when you make a wager on the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is one of the longest running horse races in the United States with its first running in 1875. The most famous horse to win the Kentucky Derby and then go on to win the Triple Crown was Secretariat, who won the 1973 race in 1:59.40, still holding the course record as of the 2010 running.

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