Best Tennis Betting Sites

Originating in Great Britain during the 19th century, tennis has become a hugely popular recreational and spectator sport worldwide. Following this worldwide trend is the spread of tennis betting. This phenomenon is further fueled by the emergence of online betting, which is an unprecedentedly efficient way to bet. Tennis betting sites give fans interesting options because of the multifaceted nature of tennis. Diverse tennis court surfaces as well as matchup disparities make tennis odds much less predictable than those of other sports. As such, the best tennis betting sites offer many wagering options and promotions that cover matches and major tournaments.

Betting Site
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Online Tennis Betting Information

The most popular form of online tennis betting is called Outright Betting. Outright Betting is betting on the overall winner of a tournament. Often, Outright Betting is associated with Each Way Betting. If you select Each Way Betting, bookkeepers will pay if the person you choose comes in first or second overall, paying odds for a second place finish.

Another popular form of online tennis betting is called Match Betting. Match betting is choosing the winner of an individual match within a tournament. Although odds are almost always short for the favorite, factors such as each players ability to play on a particular type of tennis court surface, recent injuries and comparable strengths and weaknesses often lead to upsets.

A third type of online tennis wagering is called Set Betting. Set Betting is predicting the scores of each set within a match, or To Win First Set. As the name implies, To Win First Set betting is predicting who will win the first set within a match.

Choosing Where to Bet on Tennis Online

The popularity of tennis betting websites has led to the emergence of many bookmakers that cover the sport.  By far, the most important factor in finding the best tennis betting sites is determining a site’s financial status and overall reputation. Before anything else, ensure that the site you’re considering pays winners promptly. A good indicator of a reputable status is the number of years that a site’s been in business. Operators that don’t pay winners will quickly obtain a poor reputation and won’t be able to retain enough customers to stay in business.

Beyond financial status, choosing the best tennis betting site comes down to finding a site that best suits your interests. For example, if you are most interested in Set Betting, ensure that the site you choose offers it.

While there are many available forms of tennis betting and websites available, look before you leap. Choosing the best tennis betting site for you is a decision to take seriously.

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