Luke Andrews Betting Industry

Ever since the days of dark, smoked-filled rooms where eager punters used to watch odds prices roll in via a wire service, and then etched out on an old-school blackboard with chalk, Luke has been at the very heart of British gambling culture. After the government relaxed legislation that had kept betting shops hidden away in dusty backstreets and in the shadows, Luke was at the forefront of the revolution in the late 1980’s that saw the gambling industry transition into the mainstream, overseeing a number of corporate mergers and working tirelessly to develop PR strategies that would transform the perception of sports betting in the British psyche. Now Luke sits on the board for a major gaming company.

In his spare time, Luke likes to race drones, attend major sporting events – usually in style in press boxes and receiving VIP treatment – and write articles for various sports publications, including of course his sports betting news articles for this website.

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