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5 Incredible Sports Bets That Actually Paid Off

5 Incredible Sports Bets that Actually Paid Off

Trying to explain to someone who just doesn’t get it why you love sports is a tall order. We know we connect with the players in some primal way, but it’s not easily put to words. There is also something to be said for the way we can relate to the soul-crushing defeats and extreme highs that accompany every team over the long run. Continue reading

Can I make money betting on sports over the long term?

making moneyI suspect many of us go through a similar process early in our handicapping days. We finally win a couple bets or have a big week and wonder if maybe we have what it takes to make money over the long term betting on sports. It’s an attractive idea, making a living on your own through sports betting. There’s no boss, you’re not chained to a desk and it certainly beats filing TPS reports all day in some cubicle. Continue reading