Basketball, a game with a global appeal, is one of the most popular sports to place bets on. Forms of Basketball betting have been around since the 1950s. As betting increasingly moves online, it is becoming easier for people to wager on the sport. With the NCAA, the NBA and international leagues, we recommend joining only the best basketball betting sites.

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The world is full of professional basketball leagues fans can wager on, our growing list of coverage is below:

Basketball Online Betting Information

The most popular bets on Basketball betting sites are point spread wagers. Basketball is a high scoring game and the point spread provides an easy way for potential bettors to judge games. If you place bets on the favored team, they must score more than the spread for you to win. If you choose the underdog, they must win the game or lose by less than the spread for you to win.

In addition to point spread wagers, users can place money line basketball bets. Moneylines are based strictly on the outcome of the game with no concern for the point differential. Teams are still chosen as the favorite or the underdog.

To have success on Basketball betting sites, you will have to do research to learn important information about the Basketball league you choose to bet on. Randomly betting on games will not be profitable. You will want to know player statistics, team tendencies and matchup advantages before placing a wager.

Choosing Where to Bet on Basketball Online

The best Basketball betting sites offer a variety of wagers, competitive odds, and cover all major leagues. In addition to point spreads and money lines, sites should allow you to bet on individual quarters or place prop bets. Basketball prop bets allow you to wager on how individual players on each team will do in comparison to each other.  The brands we recommend will offer promotions tailored to major events such as the NBA playoffs, and March Madness.

The best Basketball sportsbooks give players many options when depositing and withdrawing money. You are generally able to make deposits by bank transfer, with a credit card or by using an eWallet service. Transferring this money should be easy and secure. The best basketball bookmakers provide encryption to make sure no information is stolen during the transaction process.