Best Preakness Stakes Betting Sites

The Preakness Stakes was first run on Pimilco Race Course in 1873 – two years before the first running of the Kentucky Derby. The Preakness Stakes is around 1 3/16 miles and allows entries from 3 year old horses. The most common wagers on the Preakness Stakes are on male horses as female horses, also known as fillies, have only won the Preakness Stakes 5 times in the 134 times the race has been run. The best Preakness Stakes betting sites offer multiple straight, combination and exotic wagers on the race with competitive odds and wagering limits. Next to the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes is one of the most popular horse races each year with the 2nd highest attendance and betting volume.

Preakness Stakes Betting Information

The Preakness Stakes is often considered to be the most important horse race in determining the Triple Crown winner (if there is one) for the year. This is because, if the winning horse from the Kentucky Derby also wins the Preakness Stakes, they must only win the third race – the Belmont Stakes – to receive the Triple Crown. Due to the race’s importance, it is a popular attraction for horse racing bettors. Wagers on the Preakness Stakes must be placed before the race begins. There are a few straight bets available on the Preakness Stakes and many exotic and combination bets available. By far, the straight bets are the most popular and common at the best Preakness Stakes betting sites.

A win bet placed on a horse in the Preakness Stakes is one of the easiest wagers to understand. You are simply betting on a single horse to cross the finish line before any other horse does. If you make a place bet, you are wagering that a horse will complete the race in either first or second place. Finally, the show bet wagers that your chosen horse will finish in one of the top three positions. A combination bet features a large pay out but requires you to list a series of horses as they will finish the race and you must get all of your choices right in order to win. The best Preakness Stakes betting sites also offer jackpot wagers where bettors are permitted to choose a series of winners in 6 races for a chance at a portion of a large jackpot prize.

Attributes of a Preakness Stakes Betting Site

The best Preakness Stakes betting sites offer a wide selection of available wagers including straight, combination and exotic bets. As the Preakness Stakes is a major horse racing event, the best Preakness Stakes betting sites also typically offer free bets or sign up bonuses when you place wagers on the event or any other race in the Triple Crown. Also, remember that the Preakness Stakes only happens on one day of the year. The best Preakness Stakes betting sites should offer a wide variety of other wagers on horse races and sporting events that you enjoy so that you will have wagers to make all year long. Finally, the best Preakness Stakes betting sites should allow for large deposits and high wagering limits to accommodate the typically high bets on horse races.

Due to the popularity of the Preakness Stakes, the best Preakness Stakes betting sites are also often the best sportsbooks and racebooks on the Internet. Betting on the Preakness Stakes is exciting as the race is short and many options for wagers are possible depending on your personal preferences. For players that do not live close enough to Pimilco Race Course to attend the Preakness Stakes, betting online at the best Preakness Stakes betting sites is typically the only option.

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