YouGov publishes 2018 FIFA World Cup betting data

Research group YouGov have released the findings of a study into betting during this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Russia. Chief among the findings is the staggering fact that six million adults in the UK placed a bet during the competition.

FIFA 2018 World Cup

Over 6 million adults in the UK placed a bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. © Russian Football News.

Over two million new accounts were opened at online betting sites throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which shows just how effective the World Cup is in creating excitement and enthusiasm that translates into profits for gambling companies. Furthermore, over one million of these were new gamblers who had not bet on the sport previously.

YouGov believes that the new account offers most operators offer were key. One third of those that bet on the World Cup said they opened an account online to take advantage of a free bet or new customer offer.

Of the six million that placed a bet on the tournament, most preferred to go online. Bets online outnumbered retail outlets by three to one, showing how online continues to dominate the high-street when it comes to sports betting.

The big winner among the operators was Sky Bet. With 30% of World Cup bettors using Sky Bet, it beat Paddy Power and bet365 to be the UK’s most popular operator throughout the tournament. Sky Bet also had the most new, unique sign-ups, with 25% of the total.

YouGov interviewed 2,061 people to complete the study.

Speaking about the results, James Mundell, Head of Consumer Research at YouGov, said:

The challenge for gambling brands is to sustain interest in the industry now that the hope and hype of the tournament has dissipated. With the next World Cup an agonising four years away, gambling companies can’t rely on the ‘Three Lions’ to bring customers in, so marketing campaigns concentrated on new but infrequent consumers are crucial.James Mundell, Head of Consumer Research YouGov

Betting not just at the bookies

But it wasn’t just the bookies who won and had fun.

Around 7 million people took part in a World Cup sweepstake, either at the office, or with friends and family, which is one in seven people. Almost a quarter (24%) of full-time workers in the UK took part in a sweepstake.

After England went much further in the tournament than most expected, a feel good factor around the country, football, and perhaps even gambling has emerged.

You can read the report in full at YouGov’s website.

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FIFA 2018 World Cup

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