UK Tote Group Seals Racing Post Partnership in New Deal

The UK Tote Group continued its push to rebrand itself by securing a new deal with the Racing Post, with the latter providing content services and commentary for the Group.

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Back in October Alizeti completed the acquisition of UK Tote from Betfred. They do so on the back of the promise of developing a new Tote website and returning the Tote Ten in a new modern way. This deal signifies their intent, and have shown that they can back up their words.

The UK Tote Group rebranded itself, in an attempt to modernise the 91-year-old product. It’s headline new offering is the Tote Ten to Follow game, which once over was a favourite. It hasn’t been available to play for five years but will see a return for the 2019/20 national hunt season.

The Tote Ten asks each punter to select 10 horse for the National Hunt season. Each horse accumulates points depending on where they finish, and those with the most will win £175,000 at the end of the season. The website for this offering has been developed with Racing Post, and the Managing Director of UK Tote said:

We are excited to be working with the Racing Post again as we bring back Tote Ten to Follow in a modern digital format with the new Tote brand. Mark Kemp, UK Tote Group.

It is imagined that the new website will provide punters with unrivalled stats, coverage, and information about the different stables in order for them to make the best and most informed choice possible when it comes to choosing which horses to include.

Under the new group the future of Tote betting looks brighter than ever, however, it remains to be seen if interest in this type of betting can be rekindled.

Currently, the Tote only accounts for 4% of betting on the horses and in today’s day and age, the punter loves a quick hitter. However, through this partnership with the Racing Post it certainly seems that they will reach a wider audience. They saw that they needed to modernise to stay with the crowd, and they are attempting to do that. No matter the outcome, this is a valiant attempt to save something with such a rich history and holds a respected place in British horse racing history.

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