Google Play Store UK allow real money gambling apps.

In the information age, of which this period is often referred to, it is common, heck a procrastinational pastime, to sometimes sit and just browse through apps on the Google Play Store. You may do this whilst walking down your local high street and bumping into passers by. Perhaps you stop at the traffic lights on a crossroads of your main high street which is now littered with pound shops, cash converters and betting shop after betting shop. During this endless and utterly fruitless exercise many minor thoughts will come and go in your mind. They will appear in your head and, if hard hitting enough, even force a raised eyebrow or if shocking enough, a grunt from you mouth, only to disappear into the abyss like a funny homemade gif sent on Snapchat.

One of those momentary thoughts might have been “Why aren’t there more sports based real money gambling apps on here?” The odds of that being true aren’t exactly going through the roof but in case you are one of those people to wonder where they are then wonder no more my friend. They are here.

In early July Google alerted firms that changes will come into effect in August allowing real money sports based gambling apps onto the Google Play Store. These changes will only occur in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and France with other countries and territories falling into line later in the year.

The reason behind the original ban was the lack of genuine verification able to prove the age of the person downloading the app onto his or her phone. Google haven’t yet said how they are going to be able to verify people’s age in a concrete fashion but the giants of the tech world have nonetheless announced to wide fanfare that these apps have been made available.

Back in July Google announced a u-turn in their decision to stop real money gambling apps from being available on your phone. Now the wait is over

Google has reversed its decision in July to ban real money gambling apps on its Play Store

The ramifications of Google’s change of heart will see Android consumers targeted by iGaming operators via advertising and promotional deals. It is a huge opportunity for operators in terms of growth and revenue as Android has close to 50% of the market share of mobile devices across the United Kingdom.

Before this potential watershed moment in online gambling it was a lot tougher for gambling operators to distribute their apps on Android devices. Companies usually offering apps such as 888 Sports, PlayOJO and Leo Vegas had to use their own method or third party portals to allow Android users to access their apps.

Thus making it both expensive to maintain and update the app and simultaneously making it more difficult for the player to get ahold of the app.

It’s not all fun and games for the gambling operators as Google have said that certain requirements must be met, including specific documentation needed for the application process of previously mentioned apps.

Other requirements are as follows:

  • The app must be free to download and install from the store.
  • The app must be rated AO (adult only) or IARC equivalent.
  • The developer must have valid licenses for the countries they’re seeking to target.
  • The app must comply with all applicable laws and industry standards for every country in which the app is distributed.
  • Developers must prevent under-age users from gambling in the app.
  • Google payments services, including Google Play in-app billing, is not permitted to be used in the app.
  • The app and its listing must clearly display information regarding responsible gaming.

The managing director of UK based tech company Degree 53, Andrew Daniels, whose customers include BetFred and 888 holdings among others, said on the Degree 53 blog:

“This process will likely be similar to Apple’s, taking slightly longer to approve to make sure everything is done correctly and legally”.

Sporting Index has wasted no time and already has an app on the Google Play Store. With almost 100 downloads in less than two weeks expect more and more in the coming weeks.

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